Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Happiness is a half wig

Hello all of you Lovelies! I hope you are all wonderful!

You are a thoughtful and kind bunch, thank you for all of your sweet comments on my last post *MWAH*  
you are Divine!

What I wore for the orthodontist today, not for me of course.  I did have braces though, I was gifted with too many teeth, actually Mr F was too.  Our poor children have inherited our teeth........ bless them.  It's extractions ahoy at the moment.
Edit; I forgot to mention, because I forget things, like sometimes I find what I need in the fridge, I digress, we are lucky the girls braces are funded by the NHS, i.e. free, thank goodness.

Posing Academy Lesson No.1
Be Natural

Posing Academy Lesson No. 2
Oh who am I kidding?
 I'm an old ham, 
point a camera at me and I turn into William Shatner

Chocolate the rabbit
'Feed me'

A small corner of our house

Beautiful sunshine and filthy windows

100% synthetic, it's as fake as my eyebrows

My hair is rather pitiful, it falls out and misbehaves constantly. 
Which is why I like to buy it instead.

Box fresh hair

Linking in with Sacramento Share-in-style; Tartan/Plaid
Anne @ Spy Girl - 52 Pick-me-up; Hat Trick

I made this,
I know!!
it looks so.......... professional (I jest)
it's a comfort fit for my ginormous head

I'm rather fond of an extravagant finale 

My Hammy 
William Shatner - Common People
(this is actually rather good, it's on my playlist)

I'm on my way round to visit
See you soon!
I'm bringing wine
let me know and let's have a party!


  1. You look terribly ladylike, Sandra, especially with your box fresh hair! Chocolate gets an ahhhh from me, and the orthodontist gets an eugh - we're about to bite the very expensive bullet and book an appointment (and finance plan) for Claudia's braces. It's HEINOUSLY expensive, makes me want to cry, but I'd feel like a Really Bad Mum if I said no, we can't afford it. Even though we can't. Hey ho - kids, eh, no one said they were going to be cheap... xxxx

  2. Hello Sandra,

    No need for us to get dressed up for the dentist as his surgery is just across the landing in our apartment house. And, Dental Tourism is big business here in Budapest. Inexpensive and a very high standard......all dentists are doctors first in Hungary......treatment here will give you a Hollywood smile for less dollars. Think about Easy Jetting here next time and have a holiday too!

    But, we do love your look and the handbag is fabulous. It is good to see you back to your usual self......all smiles and naughtiness.

  3. Love that half wig! And oh, that bunny! So cute! :)

  4. hair fresh out of a box ... like that. your grey outfit mixed with the tiny wee bit of tartan -holding your fresh hair- is just gorgeous.

    ... common people - i like the original version much better by pulp. jarvis cocker was so fabulous back then in the 90s ... when i was a brit pop girl, i had a big crush on him.

  5. Ha ha I love that version of common people.

    Love your hair hanging on the doorknob too.

    I think my pug would love your bunny.


  6. Great hair! And great hairband, you talent! I laughed at the William Shatner bit. Heh. He can make the boringest sentence a Shakespearean show. So that's a good thing. The demure outfit gets huge points. Filthy windows are a safety feature so you don't bump into them thinking they're not there. Don't eat your bunny. Glad to see you smiling.

  7. Red, white rose, I drink it all! LOVE your hair. LOVE Chocolate Bunny! Both look cuddly. Cute tartan hair band. I think I need to make myself one. Braces-twice! Big teeth, too many teeth, small mouth. Lucky me! Apparently I am a bit spare with the words today. I'll be generous with the hugs though. XO

  8. HA ... it's kind of surreal seeing your hair hanging off the door handle like that ... but looks fab on. I must get me some hair in a box.
    My windows match your windows but much, much worse ... It's a miracle we can see out of them at all :0)

  9. Love your outfit, especially the jacket, and that tartan hair band is divine! xx

  10. Ugh - washing windows. A thankless job. Seems like every dentist says that every kid needs braces over here. Huge money grab for no good reason except they all have extravagant lifestyles they need to support, I suppose. Except if you have extra teeth, then I could see it. :)

    Doesn't matter what the inside of the hairband looks like - nobody sees that! Oh, and I drink Apothic Dark. Well, I did right up until November and had a tad too much. Now I can't even look at wine. Hope that goes away soon because I bought an entire case of the stuff! LOL

  11. That's a rabbit? Looks like a bear!

    I wish William Shatner would really give lessons in posing, and elocution, and which fork to use, and how to behave. He would be the best teacher and then I could pretend that I wasn't a common person. (I want to write 'like you' at the end of that, just to match the song, but that would be rude. And you are not even close to common - you are extraordinary!)

  12. We had to do the old braces for our eldest, bloody expensive exercise that one was, nothing for free here!! Love your bunny, far to gorgeous!! I got a hairpiece in the post today, a fake pony tail!! Totally loving it, long and wavy and wolf whistle worthy if I don't say so myself. Your hair looks so real, maybe not hanging on the door knob, but so bloody prefect on your dear head. I am a white wine girl, and I will bring the chips, ooops I mean the CRISPS and some dip, chips/crisps need dip. Maybe some crackers and cheese too. When are we meeting up????? Your place or mine, mine is sunnier than yours at the moment, so maybe mine!!

  13. Hi There, So good to check up on you and see what is happening in your world. My knee is gradually getting better --but since the doctor did extensive work in there, she said it would take quite a while to get well totally. SO--I'm being patient (which is not my strong suit)... ha

    Love you in that cute head band... NEAT... Amazing how little things like that can add so much to a wardrobe.....

    How are the kitties???? Still in charge in your home???? Ha


  14. I love your poses! The hair piece looks so realistic, I love it!

    We're so lucky to have the NHS.

    Chocolate is so cute and cuddly looking! I miss having bunnies. Our last one used to have hours of fun chasing poor Cobweb around the garden.

    I love the selection of books in a corner of your beautiful home. xx

  15. It's the week for hairpieces it seems, Sue's got one too :D Looks good :D The only time I wore a wig it was for a fancy dress birthday party, it was a magnificent wine red, with long, curly tresses, I went as a Victorian tart and afterwards at the lock in at the pub did a very saucy rendition of Oom pah pah from Oliver! Bring that wine and crisps over here, it's my birthday at the end of the month and we're gonna have a shin dig in the barn :D

  16. PS Meant to say, about you finding things in fridges....years ago my mum was wandering around the house looking a tad confused (nothing unusual there) then she asked us if we'd seen a cucumber, erm nope! Anywho it was a mystery and forever lost...or so we thought, when 3 months later she opened the freezer and voila! There it was, rock solid and totally useless! Oh and another quick one, we kept getting a waft of something, it wasn't unpleasant but wasn't good either, a slightly sweet burning smell, after a search of said smell we found a half eaten banana on top of a radiator...half cooked! That was years ago, she's not much better now lol

  17. It is really rather boring dealing with my same old boring hair every day. Every time I try to change it there it some sort of sob inducing disaster. Maybe I should just buy some. Then I could flaunt some Sandra loveliness. William Shatner. Ha ha. Wherever did you come up with that?

  18. you look so lady like and beautiful...and I do like that tartan headband you made:)
    boxy hair looks cute....
    and my I must go to see a dentist soon.


  19. I greet you warmly with cold Poland!

  20. Ugh, I had braces for four years and when I got them off, everything just shifted right back where it was... ooooh poo. I need to get me some new hair!

  21. Sandra you look lovely both with and without the box fresh shiny hair. Love the rabbit too. I have spent many rushed after work/school appointments at the orthodontist which seemed to be happening every five minutes but really were every five weeks. xxx

  22. Bunny! Love the headband, super cute.

  23. I just remembered a funny story...my sister in law has a similar clip in wig that she wears when to weddings and such occasions. My husband once put it on and scared the hell out of me and my nephew:) we were laughing so hard afterwards!

  24. I tought of sometime to get hair in a box...having hair so short i could wear some sometimes, would be perfect for me
    Nice headband and you are as usual looking so lovely!



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