Saturday, 7 February 2015

14 day carnations

Hello All! I hope you are well!

Mr F is in Seattle, which is nice! he does a fair old bit of travel as part of his job.  We were so organised we finished packing approximately 2 hours before he had to leave (ahem).  I suppose we were in denial over the trip which, so far is his longest away from home.   He bought me 14 day carnations, the length of his trip.  He's a romantic sod.

I'm dealing with it wonderfully well.

'Are you going to miss Dad?'

There has been maniacal lipstick application

Coherent conversation

A bientot Mr F!
I know you will be reading this!!

You know my motto
however for the period I'll refer to;
'Suaviter in modo, fortiter in re'
my school motto
resolute in action, gentle in manner

and for you Mr F
Luceat lux vestra 

'While my guitar gently weeps'
The White Album
The Beatles

Thank you all for all comments on my last post
they are always much appreciated



  1. Plusses of hubbys being away (been there done that ;-D) You get the bed to yourself, you can eat what you like, you can drink what you like, you can watch what you like, You are in charge! :D

  2. Amazing post Sandra! Kisses.

  3. Bloody hell, you look like teenagers in that photo! Hope everyone survives the fortnight apart; you never know, you might even enjoy it! xxx

  4. Thats a lovely photo of you two. Enjoy your (work) trip to Seattle Mr F - I'm sure you've lots to keep you busy while he's away Sandra - keeping the water topped up in those carnations for a start . . . xx

  5. Ahhhhhh---I can tell the you are missing him so much... Too bad you can't travel some with him. Got any parents/grandparents around to help watch your girls, so that you can travel some with him??????

    Well---I'm sure you will be fine. Just stay BUSY and keep staying positive. Life moves on--doesn't it?

    P.S. Love that last picture of your two... Adorable.

  6. Oh Seattle, the lucky dog! I love it there. I was wanting to go down for a little girlie weekend, but our Canadian dollar is currently worth about 70 cents so it's probably not the best time. I'm sure he'll have a blast, although I bet he misses his girls. Did you have to take Latin in school? I've always wanted to learn Latin. Another completely useless goal, right? ;)

  7. I totally get this! Bushy has done a mass of travel in the past. One reason we returned from NZ. I did NOT cope as well as you!!
    Seems like there is some good advice here. Skype is fabulous...especially for the kids. Bushy always tries to connect before bedtime.
    Feeling for you. MASSIVE hugs from Australia (and me)! xo JJ

  8. The carnations are such a sweet idea! Hopefully the time will fly by quickly! :)

  9. Oh you two lovebirds … two weeks will fly by … and just think of the reunion!!!!!
    My Hubby travels for work all the time … and I LOVE it ;0)

  10. Hello Sandra,

    You are definitely the last of the great romantics and how wonderful is that.

    The time will simply fly by and, then, there will be the meeting up again, and how wonderful is that!!

    Take care and treat yourself. You have not been well of late and this is a good opportunity to really pamper yourself......

  11. Time apart is hard but as already said it does have it's advantages. Personally, I rather like having the whole giant bed to myself for a few nights. And best of all is when it's over and you're back together again. The missing each other can be nice too when there is an end in sight.

  12. You are too cute, you and Mr Foxy. TOF is off again for about three months but I think he comes home on the weekends. Like Sue W I am used to it and quite enjoy the alone time. Fourteen days will be gone before you know it, and you do still have your lovely girls to keep you busy. I wonder what he brings you home??? Do tell won't you sweet pea.

  13. Aw you're missin your dude and speaking through GIFs. So sweet!

  14. Well, maybe sometime when Mr. F comes to Vancouver you could come too...? Meanwhile, partay, with a big sad face I suppose. Two weeks will fly by, especially when you have flowers to count the days. I hope you don't run out of lipstick. I love that photo of you two together.

  15. What a sweet, adorable husband you have, if he comes to Montreal, one day, maybe you could come too...?

  16. Aww, you pair of love birds! Just think two weeks of having control of the TV remote and the bed to yourself - sounds fun! xxx

  17. How romantic, sweet and sad! I can't stay away from hubby for long, though sometimes he is SO annoying! Great school motto, I'm going to adopt it. So did you study Latin too? Take care doll, by now hubby should be back!
    Coco et La vie en rose - Valeria Arizzi


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