Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Posting while cooking should be banned

Hello Lovelies! I hope you are having a wonderful start to the week!

My younger children are off, it's half term! I seem to have agreed to a sleepover despite having no recollection of the conversation.  Kids are very clever.  They will ask questions/make requests/bother me when I am doing important things like trying to think or when I am immersed in domestic nonsense. It's all typical kid stuff.  I remember some of my tactics when I was a child, I was an absolute horror!

Awww! My Mum created a romantic date for us Gals!

Fixing drawers on a Saturday night,
I know how to party, ha!

what I wore 

wearing clothes

and hats

Off to visit the Eldest at University for coffee,
curly hair clearly makes me ridiculously happy

'Fame' the movie seemed to have completely impacted my opinion of Uni canteen life,
which is daft,
this isn't a performing arts Uni,
or the 80's,
nonetheless I was desperate to see someone in spandex, it didn't happen
the students oozed elegant insouciance 

Joining in with Sacramento - Share-in-Style; Japanese Inspiration

Bag of goodies for the sleepover
so much sugar
bad, bad idea

Now I have to go, Littlest's friend is round in 40 minutes,
the house is a disaster!!
and I've written this post whilst cooking,
the kitchen is a fright, I use every utensil/pan/surface area
I got skills!
(am excited about my next post, just to let you know, it involves serious fabulousness, I'm not saying anymore!)


  1. I love that you are wearing...clothes. How original!

    How nice of your Mom to make a Galentine's party for you.

    I like to cook like that and then leave all the mess with my husband. Today he is at work...so no chance of that happening.

    Later : )


  2. Hi there, You are one busy crazy lady!!!!! Can't believe you can post a blog and cook and clean house all at the same time.... HA HA-----I used to be able to multi-task---but no longer. One thing at a time is about all I can do.... ha

    Love love love that photo of you with the red blouse on. Your best one YET. Love your hair like that...


  3. Wearing clothes has a lot to recommend it, I find. And you look most fetching in yours, love!
    Yep, half term here too, but I am Bad Mum and refusing all sleepovers. My poor kids are deprived, I know.
    Your multitasking is impressive, and I'm looking forward to the serious fabulousness coming up next! xxx

  4. How sweet of your Mum to create a date for you girls! You look beautiful in all your outfits - gorgeous in red (is it your "fix drawers on Saturday night" look? wow!!), inspired in Japanese kimono-style top, and my favorite here - the gray outfit, you look so fabulous!

    You always make me smile, so much loveliness in one person, such a talent! Can't wait for the next post!!!! xxxxx

  5. Cute pics Sandra and lovely kimono! Kisses.

  6. Hey Sandra, looking fab in your clothes and can't wait for more fabulousness in your next post xx

  7. Ah, my tweens / early teens involved a lot of sleepovers. Looking back now, I honestly don't know how parents put up with ten hyper giggling girls, still hyper at 3 / 4 in the morning. It's enough to drive anyone crazy! Well done, you! I love the grey coat you're wearing, and your little Valentine's Day table is adorable! xx

  8. Love your crazy Valentines day! You definitely know how to party! :)

  9. YES, My Dear. You have MAD SKILLS!!!

  10. You're very brave, Sandra ... all that sugar at a sleepover! I do remember how they always asked those questions when you were busy doing something else. Little tricksters! LOL

  11. Don't clean the kitchen; it will just get dirty again.
    You look fabulous in clothes. Especially these ones. And your curly hair is sproingy wonder.
    And your mum is a dream to have made such a splendid party table for you.
    I'm glad you got a visit in with Eldest.
    But what's the new fabulousness!! Show me show me.

  12. I'm finding it hard to wear clothes again especially hats and boots and gloves, they seem really odd!
    Hoe sweet of your Mum to create such a pretty feast.
    Yes, its half term so I get to hang out in Wetherspoons for boozy lunches with my on-holiday teacher friends. Yay! xxx

  13. You gorgeous multi tasking mum! Cooking while blogging? I would fail miserably with the cooking part, I have to give cooking my total focus or it dies in the kitchen!! Curly hair, oh yeah yeah yeah, I hear you sister!! Now I cannot wait for the next post oozing fabulousness!! Please do not leave me hanging in suspense for too long.

  14. Ooh, I love the pic of you with your hair extension in. Red is definitely your colour!

    The Valentine's table looks gorgeous, too.

    I don't think I could blog while cooking. Not a fan of multi-tasking to be honest. I get confused.

    You're really brave to provide so much sugar at a sleepover. I hope the girls had fun xx

  15. I am awaiting the serious fabulousness with bated breath ... so don't take too long ... you wouldn't want my untimely death on your conscience ... now would you ;0)

  16. Good luck with the sleepover, just lock yourself in your bedroom with the gin (can you tell I don't have children??) Looking forward to the exciting fabulousness next post x x x

  17. Hahaha, I can just see you, crazily cooking away, food flying everywhere, pots and pans clashing about!
    That red lace number...ooo, looks DIVOON!

  18. Sleepovers? You're a clothes wearing saint. With beautiful hair. And skills. And you look like an angel in that photo with the red lace dress. Stay fabulous Sandra! xxxxx

  19. Nice to see you again :) You look lovely! Thank you for wishing me to get better

  20. you look so cute with curly hair...and curly hair makes me really happy too!
    adorable photos...and yes I remember applying the same tactics to my mother, asking her things when she was distracted.
    I'm sure my future kids will do the same to me some day:)


  21. My daughter is 6 and she has had 1 sleep over so far, which means no way over the next 6 years!!
    Coco et La vie en rose - Valeria Arizzi


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