Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Clothing Constipation

What does that even mean?? well I have it! It's not my wardrobes fault, it's me.  I am really, really un-inspired with my clothing at the moment *whine, moan, bleurgh* I am also potty mouthed in this post.

My dress needed repairs
I tried a big ass bow to cover the hole in my dress
it was dire
So I created a faux brooch with my sew on gems

The sleeves (what on earth was I thinking? like I even know how to add sleeves to a dress)
became a hem
I know you are all impressed with my sewing skills hehehe!

the extra length in the dress works for me

I cleaned up yesterday
I have genuine evidence that my kitchen can look tidy
*this is for my personal reference purposes*

and my floors are clean

Eldest's joy over finishing her exams

They are such Daddy's girls
which makes me happy
I adore my Dad, I know I'm lucky to have a great one

Now, this picture
at first I was emphatically 'No' about it
it shows my stomach
No, no, no, no, no
which is fucking stupid
I have a love/hate relationship with it
Love it because I carried my children in it
if I am absolutely brutally honest, I don't like how it looks
So, fuck it, I owe it some respect.

The kimono is old
I made it into a top years ago

I hope you are all having a great start to the week!

I am what I am
Mitzi Mackentosh

Till next time you gorgeous bunch


  1. Hello Sandra,

    Fortunately we have someone who can do running repairs to our clothes otherwise we should never be able to leave the house unless dark outside! Believe us, your sewing skills are truly impressive in comparison with ours. We would make the holes larger.......that is if we could manage to thread the needle in the first place. A brilliant idea to make a faux brooch but we never seem to have faux diamonds just hanging around wait ing to be made into jewellery. This is rather like people who always have something delicious just waiting in the fridge ready to be made into a gourmet delight. We just have a light bulb.

    The gingham dress looks great on you. Such fun and we love it with the belt which resembles sweets! Combined with that darling red handbag which we saw lurking about we think that the dress is a winner.

  2. You and the girls are all gorgeous and total supermodels! I love your added bling and that gorgeous pink kimono top you made - I reckon you should make loads more, trim them with bastard massive bows and pom poms and never be constipated again!
    How clean and tidy is your house? I'm in awe! xxxxxx

  3. I love your fantastic looks Sandra and cute pics! Kisses.

  4. Such a gorgeous family - all you girlies are peas in a pod, aren't you? Lucky Mr Foxy, to be so adored by his family - and I'm sure he adores you all right back.
    I love both frocks. I am rather taken with the gingham one especially, and wouldn't even have noticed any belly if you hadn't pointed it out, you daft bugger! I know just how you feel; I know we are all supposed to be body positive and love ourselves, but I think that's quite tricky. I certainly don't love everything about my body, while I do of course appreciate that it works, it's healthy, and it grew three new human beings within it. I think it's perfectly acceptable to acknowledge we like some of our physical features more than others. It's boring and negative to go on about the bits we don't like, so I just privately make my assessment, and then dress to enhance and show the bits I do like and disguise/draw attention away from those I'm less keen on. Works for me!
    You are a beautiful woman. Sandra, and full of sass and personality. Who cares about a belly when you've got character?! The pink kimono top is fab, such a great colour on you. And you have a clean kitchen, which is a damn sight more than I can say for myself! xxxx

  5. I am very impressed with your sewing skills, even more impressed with the spotless house. Well done!
    You look absolutely gorgeous, and with your 3 gorgeous clones besides, how could dad be anything but thrilled with such luck?

    It's hard, I think, to see ourselves as other people see us. I understand the insecurity, but it's gals like you that have led me to wear things anyway and just say "Fuck it". Thanks for that.

  6. You and your girls and their sweet daddy are such a cute family! I can just feel the fun of your household leaping out of these photos!

    Both of these dresses are sweet and flattering on you, why can't you see that? The belt on your gingham dress is so cool! I think all women struggle with something about their body, I hate that I don't have a waist, but you know what screw it we both are not perfect but GURL we look mighty fine! Feel your beauty because it is there BIGTIME! The kimono top is happiness and needs to be worn more.
    LOTSOFLOVEandpink purses:)

  7. I am sitting here in my pig stye of a house feeling shamed by your gleaming floors! I love your gingham dress so much and the kimono top is ace.

    What gorgeous girls, no wonder you were worried about who they talk to on the internet! ;-)

  8. You are all just so gorgeous and adorable! That is one proud Daddy! I think both dresses look great on you and I love your creative courage. It's very bohemian spirited of you to cover up a hole in the dress with some fabulous sparklies. That kimono is so pretty and the colours so amazing on you. Do we get to see the top you made it into?
    Your home looks lovely and indeed very clean! I will drop by and eat off your floors. Then we will get out the bedazzler and bedazzle your tum. That's after we have a lot to drink of course.

  9. Sandra! I just love it how you call us, your readers, "you gorgeous bunch" - so fun and sweet! And it's YOUR bunch there at home who is truly gorgeous as well. Happy for your oldest - I remember how it feels to finish all the tests at school. FREEDOM!!! :) She is a beauty, very much like you.

    I loved what you've done to repair the dress, I really loved it. The pattern is beauuutiful, and sparkles are unexpected and whimsical. Gorgeous kimono top! As for the belly... I've got one too, and I totally understand what you fell. You and Curtise at least grew a bunch of babies in your tummies. I only grew one, so what;s my excuse? :) Oh I know! I looooove to eat! :))))) That will be my excuse, copyrighted.

    Love you! xxxxx

  10. Look at Stephanie Zwicky's today post! You could be sisters in your floral sparkly outfits! :)

  11. Clothing Diarrhea. No THAT would be a mess. Especially all over your nice clean house. The gemmy brooch is very smart. You are one creative gorgeous girl. And I know. We all have bod issues, don't we? I didn't even notice your tum so there. And you said it best. It carried your beautiful girls so Love that belly!!!!!

  12. You ladies are all so gorgeous. I love that you're all daddies girls. I'm lucky to have a good one too.

    "I grew my babies in it" I love that. I wish more women would remember that <3

    Another lovely post dear Sandra xx

  13. Lovely clean kitchen, photographic evidence for all to see on World Wide Web
    Exams are over hurray . . .
    Fabulous photos of your girls
    Love the kimono top. xx

  14. Number one rule ... if you don't like something about yourself ... never point it out to anyone else ... because you know what ... they don't see it.
    Love your "out of the box" sewing repairs ... am jealous of your spotless kitchen ... adore your kimono ... and your gorgeous family.

  15. Ha ha! Your sewing skills are at par or slightly above mine.

    It is like a convention of mini yous there.

    I adore the red gingham frock and totally didn't notice the belly thing. I had to go back and look after you pointed it out. ; ) I think we are all our own worst critics.


  16. Oh how I love it when you are a potty mouth!! You and me together would be bad!! You look more like the eldest sister not the mother to those gorgeous girls of yours.

  17. I love those last couple of pictures of you... You look great in those pants and kimono.... Very becoming!

    Your girls are gorgeous --and the oldest one looks like you I think...


  18. You are what you are, that is gorgeous!! And your girls are as beautiful as you! Are you in wardrobe crisis? With a full glass in your hand and the music on empty your closet completely. Then pick 3 fabulous outfits (I'm sure you own AT LEAST 3) and hang them back neatly. Now get rid of the garments you know you are not going to wear any more. Time for another glass. Put together unexpected combinations, add a brooch or a scarf here and there, and here you go! Ps. I've been hating housecleaning lately!!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook
    International giveaway: win a sparkle made in Italy

  19. Yes! you are what you are and let me tell you, you are so darn adorable!
    You girls are adorable too, they all look like you, those girls are lucky to look like their fab Mom!
    Always a pleasure to look at your blog, you put a smile on my face every time



  20. Gorgeous family! Your girls are so like you, they're your mini-me's! Love your kimono, and quite right to take a pic when everything's nice and clean, I do that! x

  21. Sandra there is one word when i think about you GORGEOUS !!!!, Love all the clothes and your beautiful girls !, isn't it great feeling when you have done all your house tidy ,i did mine today Knacked now ! where's my cup tea ( Lol ) have a great week xxx.

  22. you look like a very happy girl... Nice blog!

  23. Estas tan guapa y divertida como siempre, bonitas fotografias. Besos

  24. My gosh! Oldest girl is your twin!! They all look SO much like you but... really, is she your clone??? Is there something you'd like to share with us?

  25. You look awesome in all these pictures!!!


  26. You look like on of the girls, never old enough to have 3 daughters so grown up and BEAUTIFULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

  27. congrats to your eldest!

    love the dress with the sew on brooch ... love the gingham dress ... love your hippy blouse ... love to see your happy girls with their proud dad ... looks like you had a great time together. :)

  28. I just love your kimono top! Why don't I have kimonos? And why don't I have faux brooches sewn into my clothes so I'll never lose them? And how does your husband tell which female is which in your house? You're all so adorable! Congratulations on the clean kitchen and clean floor - I hope it lasted more than a day.


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