Wednesday, 18 June 2014

An insect stopped me in my tracks

Hey y'all!
Sorry I have been off the radar.................again.  Seriously, I am the worst Blogger ever.
Mr F and I have been working flat out.

Missy is 13 next week, which means we will have a little party. I am working to a deadline, everything has to be nice, tidy and clean. 
This happens 3 times a year for the kids birthdays, I suddenly do things like 'fridge management' and clean like I am supposed to.  

This is how tidy I want it


At the moment I have just 2 tidy rooms
things have been re-organised
almost every room has had something done/attacked/painted

Laying the the floor
I have come to the conclusion there are 3 stages to domestic DIY in our house

1.    Bicker – it goes like this – this piece doesn’t fit – it does –it doesn’t…..ok, you do it then – give us a hand – no, you said you could do it, so do it  – stop being childish – I’m not being childish (I cross my arms and pout)

1.    Be Competitive – I’m working harder than you, I’m laying the floor – I’m cutting the pieces, I measure everything – but I’m laying the floor (I ignore the fact we are both working together as I am laying the floor with my super floor laying skills, which means I am working harder as I am a floor laying genius)

           Double entendre’s and general filth – give me some wood – that’s as far as it will go in – make sure it goes in there, no! not there – it doesn’t fit – come on, bang it in 

 1 trip to the local Walk in NHS
I have a mangey insect bite
I'm on anti-biotics the size of anal pessary's
if it tracks I have to go to A&E
I don't have time for this

My Eldest insisted I sat down 
I now have time for visiting blogs
So, every cloud does has a silver lining

No-one likes my hat
Like I care hahahha

In 9 days
all will be back to normal
I can't wait

In the meantime
this is my face

and this is what I have discovered

Apologies in advance for my inconsistency in everything

and thank you for your most lovely comments on my last post

See you all soon 



  1. Haha, I'm quite literally taking a break from having a massive midsummer reorganisation of my room right now. *Everything* is on the bed and surrounding area and I've moved furniture around and I'm knackered. Where's Mary Poppins when we need her to click her fingers to get it all in place the way we want it....?

    You've got a nice big glam mirror to match the one in the first pic, that's a good start :) Just keep telling yourself how good it'll all look when it's done, and how satisfied you'll feel knowing you did it.

  2. Ouch! That's one bastard massive bite.
    I like your hat - it looks aces with that pretty frock. Your house looks a million times tidier than ours and you've got children! xxx

  3. Your stages of a DIY are spot on. Hubby and I have been there MANY times. It looks like it's coming along nicely though and just think how good it will feel when it's all finally done!

  4. You're a better woman than me. I do enough that I can look around and see that something looks done, then I pat myself on the back whilst on the front porch with a cocktail. Nothing ever gets all the way done, but it usually looks better than it started. Haha

  5. What kind of a huge MF insect did that to you? Yikes.

    I can't do DIY with my husband. It is much too painful. I'd rather fumble through it on my own that fight non stop while he claims he is doing all the work.

    I'm very jealous of your wicked floor laying skills!

    Hope you are feeling better soon.

    I love that last bit about stress ; ) gotta remember that more often.


  6. Oh poor you that looks nasty Sandra, what a brilliant post this is , hope you feel better soon with love xxx

  7. Oh my goodness I don't know whether to laugh till I pee myself or run over to give you a big hug. What kind of bug bit you? Clearly it was something stronger than the renovation bug. How I adore your double entendres and general filth. It's all going to look great and I cant' wait to see the finished room! I love your dress and that hat just makes it complete! I am picturing you doing genius floor laying in that beautiful dress and that sassy hat!

  8. Great post and cute dress Sandra! Kisses.

  9. Oh it's the doubles entendres that make the DIY bearable! Good on you and Mr F for getting laid. I mean, getting the floor laid. Sorry...
    The hat is adorable, what's wrong with it? But that is one big arse bite - are you sure it was an insect? And are you sure the antibiotics are oral, and not pessaries or suppositories? Just checking.
    Hope it clears up soon, hope all is well for the 13th birthday party, and yes, take that advice - it's always better not to give a fuck! xxx

  10. I need a new floor laid ... but I'm too lazy and too unskilled to do it myself. Can you and Mr F come do it for me ... I have a feeling it would be very entertaining to watch ... the floor laying that is ... I haven't ventured into voyeurism ... yet ;0)

  11. That must be one bad bite! I've been on those enormous antibiotics before and they're not nice. They tasted like nail polish remover to me. I hope you're feeling better soon. Your home mission sounds really stressful, but I'm sure it'll be worth it when you're finished! Good luck! xx

  12. Reality is so much more interesting. But ouch. That is a Big Bite! You must be very yummy. I love your telephone pillows. And only you could don a gorgeous blue flowered dress when you're in agony. Oh that last quote. Sooooooo True!!! Xxxxoooo hope you get better soon!

  13. Now I know the secret of combating stress ... I have to stop giving a fuck. Hubby and I manage to out-bicker you lot. We've got it down to a tee. We can bicker over the placement of a tea cup, which socket a cable needs to be plugged into, the EXACT angle a box should be placed. Seriously the room with the two chairs (the cushions of which will disappear when I pop over for a cup of sugar and a perve through your bathroom cabinet) is gorgeous and Miss 13's room is coming along a treat! I adore your hat love, when my lot don't like something I get all bolshie and perverse and wear it more. I'm so mature like that. Look after that sodding bite!!! xoxoxoxoox

  14. Well that is a bugger having a bug bite and cause you grief, hope you found the little bastard and squashed it!! But seriously keep an eye on the bite they can be dodgy. I don't have stress because I just don't give a big old flying F!! Our DIY generally just goes directly to filth, and your laying looks great. Good luck with the party and look after your arm, you need two arms to charity shop and blog you know!!

  15. Hello Sandra,

    Gosh, it is all go at your house at the moment. We are amazed that you can find time to type let alone take a picture whilst all this is happening.

    How brave of you to even attempt DIY and your combined floor laying skills do look to have produced an exceedingly professional result. Every attempt at DIY (usually we are only talking about replacing a light bulb) by us usually involves some extra hideously expensive cost for someone else to correct our mistakes.

    The hat is a great colour and works well with your delightful flowery, summery frock. Get well soon!

  16. Your house looks lovely Sandra, so much todier than mine, that's for sure!
    I'm glad you've managed to have a break and do hope that nasty bite gets better soon.

    Enjoy the rest of your day xx

  17. What is it about families and hats? I love my hats but no one else seems too, well except the nephew who was very happy when I gave him my sombrero!
    Ouch, ouch, ouch your poor arm. Just what you don't need on top of all the cleaning stress. I hope it behaves itself and gets better soon. x

  18. A house is never tidy with children. They are the priority.
    I cannot stop laughing, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Your post is better than the best of the good English comedy, hahahhahahha
    Tons of loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    I hope you are getting your gold ready for Saturday Share-in-Style
    Your weedding ring will do, jajjajajja

  19. I rather like you running around all mad:) The clown in a tin photo will have me laughing all day and then some and I'm with Vix I love the blue hat, keep it screw em! I think your house looks super tidy, do you own magical cleaning fairies or something?
    Take care of that massive bite, ouch!

  20. No apologies needed...ever!! In fact, I'm thanking you for being the perfect blogger. You have a knack for making me feel better about all my "imperfections" which are suspiciously like yours. Oh my God, do you think we might actually be HUMAN?!! Love your dress and hat. Hope your health is improving rapidly!!! Your doggie-in-front-of-the-fan pic is hilarious. It was 97 degrees here today and our AC unit needs replacing. Somehow I felt a kinship. XXXOOO

  21. Dear Sandra, I'm sure all your readers appreciate your blog because you show things as they are, that is not perfect :-) and that's why 1.I never show pics of my house 2. I throw my daughter's parties outside I love your hat!!! Are you allergic to insects doll? Look at your arm! Well I have learned a new phrase and I'm going to use it everywhere now "every cloud has silver linings", love it! Thank you for asking about the interview! It went well though I was very anxious.
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  22. God you make me laugh! The bickering and the double entendres. Funny!

    Beau and I are trying to set up our new (rental) house with a few impediments:

    1. We don't have any money. Single father plus disabled woman = poverty. Plus we just blew our money on bespoke engagement rings.
    2. I'm disabled so I can only lie on a divan looking elegant (read, completely dishevelled) and tell Beau he's doing things wrong.
    3. There are two children living with us. Need I say more?
    4. We have no idea what we're doing.

    So, yes, bickering. But it's slowly coming together. Sort of.

  23. this post made my day ... love the 'reality' picture!
    i never stop reorganizing our flat, because it's actually far too tiny ... for sure there are far too many clothes and collectables in here.

  24. I hope your bug bite doesn't turn into anything serious! I had a teensy little beetle fall down my shirt the other day and the little bugger bit me three times before I managed to get him out of my bra! Good thing there weren't any tradesmen around at the time, cause I ripped off my shirt so fast it would've made their heads spin... :)


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