Friday, 13 June 2014

I got the Shrug Bug

It's Friday! Yes! I hope you are all having a wonderful one!

I'm joining in with Anne, its the 60's pick me up! I'm missing my link in's with all of this being busy nonsense, my answer is 'Make Time', so I did.

Now, I don't own anything 60's
but I do have fake hair and a white dress

(*weep* she's so gorgeous)

and Raquel
(seriously! one hot woman!)
are my 60's inspiration

I do realise I am not their triplet hahahaha!

I know
50's glasses

Shrug Bug!
Vix and Krista's shrugs, fabulous! and Sue's too! awesome shruggage going on!
I had a go with my 'I didn't realise how extraordinarily large this scarf was and had to make several adjustments, as seen by my dreadful sewing' scarf
I adore it!

Dodgy Beehive
my hair is flammable

In honour of  Big Hair and Magnificent Voices
The Ronnette's 'Be my baby'

Dusty Springfield
'Son of a Preacher Man'

Have a Magnificent Weekend!!!
Thank you for all of your awesome comments on my last post
my shrug, hair and me adore you!

see you next week you gorgeous bunch!



  1. You look absolutely ravishing .. every inch a sexy sixties siren ... with gorgeous BIG hair :0)

  2. How much fun is a shrug! You absolutely nailed your photo shoot. You are totally inhabiting your beehive/shrug/60s look! Have a lovely week yourself :-)

  3. Looking gorgeous and thanks for reminding me about Dusty Springfield.

    I have a cd of hers in my car somewhere, I must dig it out. She is buried in Henley which is one of the places I like to go charity shopping and last summer when I was walking through the church yard to get tea and cake from the good ladies of Henley on Thames, I passed by her gravestone which had lots of flowers around it, so nice to see she is still loved and thought about. Enjoy your weekend xx

  4. Love the look, I grew up in the 60's watching my older sisters do their hair up in beehives! By the time I was old enough to sport one the fashion was long and straight. I've tried doing one on my hair now, but it's just too much work since my hair is so thin and fine. You look great in one! :)

  5. Hot hot hot! You are looking sultry my dear a true beauty inside and out! The shrug bug everything sounds cuter when you describe it:). Yours came out lovely, digging the shimmer in that fabric. I want to make another out of a tablecloth. So grateful Friday has arrived I took the day off to play with girlfriends and get my hair cut. Enjoy yours darling!

  6. I LOVE that song : )

    Also with your new hair you do look like one of those gals! Sex-hay bab-bay!


  7. What do you have beautiful hair! You look great :)

  8. You're looking very Bobbie Gentry (not Boobie Gentry, which I typed first, oops), which put her song Morning Glory into my head, but the weird thing is that as I was typing that, a different song called Morning Glory has just come up on iTunes (but that one's by Chairmen of the Board).

    Also, weirdly, when my granny died, we used the same undertaker that later did Dusty, it was so odd seeing him on the news on the coverage of her funeral. (He was one of the funniest men I've *ever* met, and totally obssessed with Subbuteo. We came out of the undertakers in really loud fits of giggles!) It's a bit weird to think about but I I think my granny would have liked to know that she and Dusty shared the same undertake

  9. That's the bestest fake hair ever - you look gorgeous! Your shrug turned out brilliantly, too.
    I'd kill for Priscilla's fringed mini dress! Have a fab weekend. xxxx

  10. You're not the missing triplet? Well, you sure look like you could be. Way to rock the look!

  11. OMG!!! Priscilla Presley!!! I totally see it! You are twins! GORGEOUS!!!!!

  12. Hot 60s babes, fabulous songs, and YOU, in that amazing fake hair - phhoooaar! You look bloody gorgeous! The shrug looks fab, and you are beautiful. What is it about putting a wig on that releases something in us? Always happens to me, it's great! xxxx

  13. Great 60s vibe blog post, Sandra you look gorgeous !!!, have a fab weekend xxx

  14. Good lord your fake hair is amazing!! You my dear are smoking hot, love it. x

  15. Oh how I love that hair! Bigger is better when it comes to hair and I have always loved tousled 60's locks. (The higher the hair the closer to heaven!) . You are looking as magnificent as Raquel and Priscilla!

  16. You are gorgeous Sandra!
    I love the hair, the glasses, the shrug and the dress xx

  17. You look fabulous! So glamorous! xx

  18. Hah! I love your dodgy beehive and your shrug. You look adorable! Have a lovely weekend as gorgeous as you!

  19. You are sooooooooooooo DORABLE with everything you wear, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Happy weekend, my dear friend

  20. You are fecking gorgeous!! Rocking the fake hair, love and the shrug is fab.
    Spam crap is stopping me from commenting just lately...I hope this goes through! Have a terrific weekend.xxxxxx

  21. Shrugtastic!!!! You are bloody gorgeous in white with your long hair. You may not think you are the other twos triplet but by god you are your eldest daughter twin!! Pwoar what did Mr Foxy think???? Hot baby hot!! White Hot which is the hottest isn't it?? Have a great weekend darling woman.

  22. Love your '60s hair and poses, babe! You did a great job channeling Priscilla and Raquel, right down to the shrug and lipstick.

  23. You look lovely, nice 60's inspirations!

  24. Adorable. You look veeery good in long hair!

  25. You look fabulous and glamorous. Love that shot of Priscilla!

  26. Ooooooh big hair!!!! Suits you gorgeous!! Looking so raunchy makes me think you're living in the wrong decade. Slap on some false eyelashes and some massive liquid liner and you'll be bitch-slapping Priscilla and Raquel back to the 'burbs baby!! The shrug is a stroke of genius. I love all the different takes on this brilliant, simply marvellous invention. xoxox

  27. Looking gorgeous darling, white suits you to perfection!

    Lots of hugs


  28. LOVE your big hair! So fun! Thanks for linking!

  29. what can i say about these pictures ... foxy lady!


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