Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Never mind the Pollocks

I don't like decorating.
I look like a Jackson Pollock.

I managed to get gloss paint on my bra, my boob glued itself to the bra, I didn't feel it, a few hours later I had to peel the bra from my breast, I won't do that again.  As I am in work tonight, I will need to soak myself in turps/white spirits to get my 'Pollock' inspired paint work off, which is a shame, I'm rather fond of the paint splattered look.  I look very, very art-y.

I also created a bunny shelter for the rain,
I didn't anticipate the wind would blow it away,
it's now at the bottom of the garden and looks like an ornament

A lovely door underneath the chipboard

Missy wants a minimalist feel to her bedroom

Gratuitous Cookie pic

Missy's furniture has been re-located and re-painted
the drawers made by my late Father-in-Law

Still a lot of work to do
a new desk area, swivel chair, shelving etc
we are laying the floor this weekend
I forgot, I hate decorating and laying floors
I was chuffed with the wallpaper, Mr F says it's the wrong pattern
It's meant to look like a Manhattan Skyline

How do I make bedroom furniture look like dining room furniture?
add plates and stuff

Their clothes are still in there
that's my little problem with minimalism
where does stuff go?

Decorating messes with your nails

Missy doesn't want this anymore either
it doesn't go with her vision
which means I got the dressing table
*I am very, very, very happy*

It has taken a day and a half to get the house back to normal
I have 2 more doors to paint
I managed to paint myself into the bathroom
(it's a sliding door)
Mr F had to get me out

But I have finished my painting for today
I have done all my work
I can now relax with a flaming huge coffee and visit you all
I do miss you



  1. Nice post, you look very lovely, I love your dress!!!


  2. Painting's not painting if you don't get it either all over yourself or in the most unexpectedly random place possible! Your wallpaper is lovely, don't listen to him.

  3. I love your tropical dress! Kisses dear.

  4. The wallpaper is great and I love the discovered door! How lucky to get to keep that pretty dressing table. Don't like the sound of being welded to your bra at all. Gorgeous in your tropical frock - the print detracts from the paint spattered arms! xxx

  5. I adore the planning and picking out what I want bit about decorating. The actual work part? Ha! not-so-much. It's a damn shame my pug can't hold a paint brush in her mouth. She needs to start earning her keep around here.

    The bit about the boob being painted made me laugh and then cringe with the thought of being washed off in turpentine.

    Lucky you on the dressing table!

    Very cool bright dress.


  6. Wow! You have been busy! Everything's looking great and I love the chest of drawers so much, think it looks brilliant with dishes on it too ;)

    Looking lovely, as always Sandra (even with the paint splatter) xx

  7. LOL ... how in the world do you paint yourself into a bathroom???

  8. You've done Very Well, Sandra, in trying conditions of boob-stickiness, paint-splattering and bathroom-trapped difficulty. You deserve more than a coffee, I reckon! The wallpaper looks great, I love the dressing table, and your dress is a vision of tropical beauty. I hate the upheaval of doing stuff to the house, everything always takes longer than you think it will, and is trickier than it should be... But once you get it done, there's a great sense of achievement! xxxx

  9. Oh Sandra you did make me lol about your boobs, paint etc , Alfie the dog was wondering what was going on (Lol). love what you have done with chest of drawers and dressing table is fab ! can't wait to see the finished room , have a good week xxx

  10. I hate all that mess that goes with decorating but it looks like you are doing a great job Sandra. The painted drawers came out lovely and that dressing table is a fab cast off to acquire. xx

  11. My goodness you have been busy. I am exhausted just living it vicariously! I can't do minimalist at all. I tried when I first moved into my new place. Mostly out of curiosity to see if I can do it. NOPE. For one thing, I read that minimalism requires getting rid of or hiding all the books. Who does that? Insane!

    But back to you...I am certain MIssy's room will look gorgeous and I like that wall paper too. It looks very cool and minimalist arty. You are so adorable and sweet and funny and damn sexy it's no wonder Mr F rescued you from the bathroom. I am certain he thinks you worth the effort! Your dress is fantastic and you look like you are taking all of this upheaval in stride.

  12. I admire you for undertaking such a big job... I'm sure that Missy will love it once it's all said and done... I'm not sure what minimalism is ---so I'll be curious to see the final look... I know what it is in music or politics --but don't know much about what it means in art/sculpture/painting.... I assume that it means the BIG look!!!!

    Your dress is perfect if you are wearing it while painting... The paint drips will blend right in... ha...

  13. Oh your poor thing, boobgate sounds very uncomfortable! I, like you, can't stand decorating so think you deserve a medal for all that! it looks wonderful and what a lovely reward, getting that gorgeous dressing table! As for the minimalism.... should be against the law! x

  14. Does Missy even realize how lucky she is to have a Mom who would glue her own BooB in quest of a minimalist room? I think this may fall into the catagory of performance art. Don't you love inheriting things from your girls? That dressing table is the best. My daughter just gave me a bag of her old clothes "to give away." Yep. I gave them away to myself. You look so beautiful in your flower garden dress.

  15. Forget the coffee, you deserve a big mug of tequila to go with that tropical paradise of a dress! What a lot of work, not to mention painted boobs and ruined nails. Good leverage for getting some favors back from Missy, no?

  16. I hate painring!! YOUR HOME IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Kisssssssssssssssssssssss

  17. You are the Decorating Goddess!! Good score on you getting that lovely dressing table, and I like how you turned bedroom furniture into dining room furniture. She can visit the dining room for her clothes!! The splattered paint look on your arms is very in at the moment, usually it goes with paint in your hair, my favourite! I think the wallpaper is awesome, is Missy pleased?? I am still laughing at you painting yourself into the bathroom and having to be rescued, that and gluing your boobs to your bra. I am not alone in doing mad things after all!!! Thanks darlin'.

  18. Redecorating is my worst nightmare, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, and then you look glorious in your wonderful dress, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Tons of love, my beauty.

  19. I hate to paint ... but if I think about it .... I hate even more, everything clean stains after painting! Oh, dear Lady! What is your secret for you look fantastic after all that chaos?

  20. Sandra I just adore you! I don't really like decorating either: if you take my paintings (little princess' drawings) off the wall you can admire how many holes I made trying to nail them on ahahahaha. Love your dress!!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  21. Oh, my goodness! I am tired just looking at the mess in these pictures! How are you going to manage? Mamma mia, it must be so stressful and tiring. But you're still young so enjoy it! When I lived in the States, my mom and I once tried to paint our little apt....what a disaster! Luckily we had friends who knew how to paint so they came over and fixed everything. I really have no talent at all, especially artistic. I thought we only had wind here in Trapani. You should see how strong it is, especially at the tip of the city where the two seas meet. Have fun honey!

  22. Hello Sandra!

    I don't dislike decorating but it creates such a mess but the end results are usually satisfying for me -
    I'm trying to clean up and reorganized my walk in, boy that's a challenge, i do a bit every week, can't really do better these days my condition is not 100% but challenging myself!

    I love your dress nothing beats a bold pattern to change your mood! Your house looks fabulous Sandra!


    Take care


  23. Yo tambien suelo pintar en casa, me encanta el tocado. Precioso el vestido con print tropical. Besitos

  24. You're such a busy bee! Way to be productive, Jackson Pollock! And the bunny/bunny shelter -- super cute.


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