Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Crispy, fried hair? why, yes! yes please

I have claimed the laptop again.  I very generously let the girls use it, this one has their mine-craft game on it..........3 days later, I hired the film 'Tangled' and very happily got back to very important internet stuff, which is visiting blogs.

On Monday, the kids allowed us to go out on our own,
which was extraordinarily magnanimous of them
especially after they insisted we actually go out regularly together,
we tried to reason with them that going to do food shopping together doesn't really count as a date

either way we scarpered
and left the Eldest in charge

I may be a little cynical here,
but smoking dodgy stuff does not make you a philosopher

I'm marginally younger than the tree

I also managed to rip this top when I aggressively tucked it in,
it seems everything is ripping at the moment, or has holes in it,
I am currently rescuing a dress which has a hole on the front
I am putting a flaming huge bow on it
and trying to put sleeves on it too
(no, I have never ever put sleeves on anything)
I'm sure it will look lovely

Chocolate the rabbit,
even I didn't realise how voluptuous she is, when we got her she was teeny,
she doesn't mind being picked up, as long as she is being stroked behind the ears

In my head I have captured Gatsby
(I know.....I'm not really built for it, especially with a massive bosom and non-svelte figure, but I like to pretend)

I'm trying curls
they are crispy

why yes! I am just casually making chicken stock using a real chicken carcass

oh I don't know,
I'm probably trying to be moody or something
or it's my face circa 1985 combined with an eye roll and a tut

I hope you are all marvelous
and having a wonderful start to the week

I won't see you on Friday
I'm going to visit my Mum and Dad and then I'm working, on a Friday night
.........Friday night!
it's all so uncivilised,  I expect they won't allow any wine/cocktails either
*shocked and appalled face*
I'll be fine, I'm sure of it

See you next week you gorgeous bunch



  1. So glad that you and hubby had a time 'apart' for yourselves. We all need those 'date times' with our Sweeties ---and your girls are old enough now to realize that!!! That is so special of them!!!!! Keep on doing it...

    Love that huge tree. WOW!!!!! AND--you look good in the black/white dress.... Very flattering.

  2. How lovely to escape while the sun is shining, it's not stopped raining here this week. Love the curls. xx

  3. Really what is the world coming to? If you have to work on a Friday night the very *least* they could do is bribe you with some cocktails.

    Look at you...all Julia Child in her Great Gatsby phase ; )

    The dress is lovely on you and I applaud you for going the extra mile and doing the hair too. The barrette and the bold door opening really make it authentic.

    Every time I see your rabbit I just want to snuggle it.


  4. How nice of your girls to let you have some time off to yourselves! You deserve some time alone now and again.

    I love the black and cream (blush?) ensemble; very pretty! And how adorable is Chocolate?! Those big bunny feet! I miss having bunnies around the place. Mine were a bit bigger than Chocolate and their back feet were almost as long as mine! xx

  5. Oh I'm glad you got out on a date! That tree is rather magnificent but not as lovely as you are. Your crispy curls are cute. I was really liking the first outfit and then I saw the second one and LOVED it. And adorable is he? I have been told that the big lumpy floppy bunnies are generally cuddlier than the wee ones. I nearly came home from the SPCA with a cuddly lop eared bunny but my ex would have made me take it back. :-( We have masses of wild bunnies here, a bit of a problem actually, along with the deer. Thumper and Bambi can just go on back to Disney now and stop eating the gardens.

  6. Tops aggressively torn … voluptuous chocolate … crispy curls and chicken stock … I believe I may have entered an alternative universe … and I like it … except for the no wine or cocktails on Friday … that's just plain horrifying!!

  7. Oh you gorgeous buxom wench you! xx I don't however believe the tearing the blouse as you tucked it in! Yeah right, you and the OH were up to no good in the bushes weren't yer! Eh! Eh! Eh! :D

  8. Hello Sandra,

    We love the black and white dress. And, yes, it is pure Gatsby. All you need is to put on killer heels and move out of the kitchen. Standing by a cooker does not do any good in our book. Much better to wrap your hand around a glass of chilled shampoo and do the Charleston round the house.......or, even a Gin Joint (whatever one of those is)!

    Lovely to have had time just the two of you. I suspect that we do not know the half of what went on that day......but you both look happy about it!

  9. Firstly I am very interested in the something dodgy that you smoked!! Hahahahahaha!!! Got to be good for you I say. As for your bunny, OMFG I had no idea they got so big. Bloody gorgeous, I want to come and snuggle it. Love the selfie with your hubby, us mature folk have been doing couple selfies of late!!! You need Wavy Envy my darling!!

  10. Looking gorgeous! What a lovely outing you had.

    Your bunny is HUGE, he looks so cuddly :)

    Love all your photos as always xx

  11. Look like you had a great time, and you looked lovely!
    That bunny is so big, almost as big as my dog :)

  12. Never seen a bunny like this but the fair must be really soft. Tangled is one of my favorites and i've watched it wit daughter couple of times.Great Gatsby dress is fabulous, you hair too. Sometimes going to the super market with husband is fun , I /m sure yoou had great time.

  13. I am not completely convinced that Chocolate is really a rabbit; maybe she is some rare new species of rabbit-bear cross.
    Food shopping is most certainly NOT a date, it's a hideous chore. Larking about in a park taking pics and admiring the trees, if not the dope-fuelled musings of the local philosophy student, now THAT'S a date. And you look peachy in your ruffled top and skirt!
    Loving the Gatsby glamour at home too, although the crispy curls have brought back vivid memories of my 1980s perm, made rigid and crunchy with hairspray. A man could have lost his hand in there!
    Working on a Friday night, boo. Make up for it on Saturday, love! xxxx

  14. I feel like I just had a delicious Sandra salad - a trip out, clothes, food, bunny (can you still can him a bunny if he weighs more than a small child?). How nice of your children to insist that you and hubby go out together more often. So thoughtful of them, unless they're doing something they shouldn't do as soon as you leave the house.

    The Gatsy dress is gorgeous!

  15. That bunny lordy lord it is HUGE! It would eat my Peetee! The date out in the trees looks lovely, grocery shopping does not count silly! You may be splitting and ripping stuff but I think you look pretty as a peach in all these pictures my dear.

  16. you look gorgeous in that blue skirt ... chocolat is no rabbit, he must be a yeti ... huge and furry and cute.

  17. Sandra you are too nice and fun to be working on a Friday night! I love both your outfits, you are always very auto-ironic but honestly you look great!! How romantic your date with hubby <3 I don't cook meat, let alone carcasses omg!!! Chocolate is the fluffiest bunny I've ever seen, it must be a pleasure to cuddle!!!
    Much much love dear!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook
    International giveaway: win a sparkle made in Italy

  18. God you make me laugh my face off! You look divine. So does Chocolate who is the size of my dog. I had a huge rabbit called Pepsi when I was a kid. It was bred for the table as they say, but I wouldn't let her get as far as anyone's dinner plate. She was eternally grateful, was my attack bunny and lived for six massive years. Chocolate looks like she can land a punch when needs must. Love yer crispy curls and seeing your yomp in the woods. Ah...weed induced

  19. Sandra, you look lovely and gorgeous as always! Love the new hairstyle too. I hope your workplace survived all your gorgeousness! :)
    How wonderful to have a date with your sweetie - kids are understanding (and of course grocery shopping together is also a little date, well it can be! :). Chocolate! Oh that's a bunny! I only saw a bunny that big on photos, never in the real life. I wonder what our cats would think of it! :) Much love and hugses! xxxxx

  20. Ahaha you got me Sandra: after a day spent with the whole kindergarten I got myself a good glass of Chianti and delivered little princess to his father's care!
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    International giveaway: win a sparkle made in Italy

  21. So much in your post that I really feel I am there.
    You are a beauty and I adore you

  22. OH, my goodness, you Always post such funny interesting picture, I love to look at them. I have never seen such a humongous rabbit. Is he for real? :

  23. Honestly Sandra. I think you need to have your own SHOW. You are so entertaining and very wise. You should be able to become very rich by mining these skills! And thank you for the nice comment on my latest post. I just couldn't keep quiet about this. Xxxxoooo

  24. Oh and adorable. I forgot to mention that you are beautiful,and adorable. The Sandra Show will be a hit I'm certain.

  25. Yes to The Sandra Show! I agree with Connie! David Letterman is retiring you know...
    You look Beautiful in both outfits. And I like crispy curls! PS. may I borrow your bunny?!!

  26. You look AMAZING in that Gatsby dress! Stunning! Love it!

  27. lovely place!
    and the rabbit is HUGE! OMG! is it real???
    have a great week darling!

  28. What a great rabbit you have , he big isn't he ! you look gorgeous Sandra ! thank you for your comments you leave me xxx

  29. Love your rabbit, and you look fabulous Sandra, thanks for the comments you leave me xxx

  30. Sorry about the blouse, but you still look great! The bunny is adorable! We have wild bunnies in our yard and I would love to hold one! :)

  31. Nice photos you always look so pretty and feminine!

  32. I had no idea rabbits got that big! I've never seen the like!
    What a fab day off you had, love the ancient tree and your pretty Heidi like outfit.
    Food shopping is the worst, even booze shopping is stressful.- Asda didn't have cans of gin and tonic or our usual 2 litre bottles of pear cider last week. I nearly threw a massive tantrum!
    Hope you survived the weekend. xxxxxx

  33. I just will not DO for the kids to nick off with your laptop! Especially when there is Important Blogging Business to be done. It looks well and truly like spring over there, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! I adore the torn top ... why is it always the stuff we love the most that gets ruined? Nice stock Nigella. xoxoxxx


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