Friday, 16 May 2014

Mr Sandman

This is The Bluecoat Chambers is the oldest surviving building in Central Liverpool, it was built around 1716.

Isn't it gorgeous?

I probably should know more, I had to research that snippet.

The front

The back

I felt very important with my ID to say I was allowed to take photo's
I let my hair air dry today, it is ruddy awful
before I left home today I asked the Eldest was my hair OK
she said it looks like it normally does
clearly shite then

This was mesmerising
the horizontal white light travels up and down
.......................yes, that's my summary of the piece
*apologies to the artist*

The attendant engaged me in conversation about this piece as I was utterly fascinated
He said lots of clever things
I said 'Yeah, it's crazy good'
that seemed to be a bit of a conversation stopper
he may have thought my ID suggested I was 'knowledgeable' 

I know I have a problem with taking pictures in bathrooms
I walked out and noticed a sign to say there is CCTV in there
(I'm sure of it!)
which means I'm on CCTV............. in a bathroom............taking pics of myself

there was as second hand book shop there
but these caught my eye
£2 for the lot!

the home saviour
I still remember it's smell
and having to gargle with it when I had a mouth ulcer

I'm off for a nap now
I'm so rock 'n roll
I had home made cheese and onion pie for lunch
I blame that


I will catch up with you all later you gorgeous bunch

Have a wonderful weekend!
and thank you for all of your magnificent comments on my last post!

see you soon



  1. Hello Sandra,

    There are so many magnificent public buildings in the North of England. The Bluecoat Chambers are certainly very fine and it is so good that they are thriving with book fairs and art exhibitions open to the public. How wonderful that you have such a good resource close to home.

    The representation of the human form in so many different ways is fascinating. Incredible how although this has been a theme for artists since the beginning of time, there still emerge new ways and new materials to put their ideas into fruition. What fun this looks to have been.

  2. Cheese pie and then a nap?! I hope there were no cheese-related nightmares. I have never had bad dreams after eating cheese myself, but that is what they say happens (whoever "they" are).

    The art reminds me of some of the stuff in the Wellcome Collection. I'm loving your art Fridays! My great aunt used to have a massive collection of theatre programmes like those. Sadly when she died I think someone just chucked them all.

  3. You crack me up! What a cool day out and check you out why your press baby! Those installations of Heavenly bodies were way cool! I think I need a cheese and onion pie right NOW!!!
    XXOOOO Have a lovely weekend honey!

  4. Now, on an iffy hair day, Sandra, you need to slap the fake stuff on! You look good to me anyway, and you've got An Official Photo Pass, so you're clearly Someone.
    The Bluecoat Chambers is a gorgeous building (Liverpool has many, as I discovered) and the art looks really interesting. Those bodies in the cubicles are a bit sci-fi but great, and "crazy good" is a perfectly acceptable term of art criticism.
    Good old TCP, didn't everyone's childhood smell of it in the 1970s, it was the go-to antiseptic after a grazed knee or splinter. Never gargle with it though... I bet the cheese and onion pie tasted a whole lot better!
    Have a great weekend, love! xxxx

  5. Such a brilliant outing! I'm so envious that you have local book fairs too.

    Have a wonderful weekend dear Sandra xx

  6. Loving that art, lots to ponder on and reflect. Get you with your pass and everything!
    You look pretty good to me, too. I can't imagine you ever looking less than drop dead gorgeous. xxxx

  7. The family portrait took me back to my postie days and having to knock on peoples glass doors and I could see them coming to answer having rushed out of bed.....naked!! *shudders* oh what I saw as a postie! lmao! The multi armed thingie, I swear that's what I feel like when I'm's one of those many arms that knock me feckin; wine over...honest! :D I love nana naps!! Have a great weekend. xx

  8. Love seeing photos of your arty days out. You even managed to fit in a home made lunch and a siesta, good planning. Enjoy the sunshine xx

  9. great art!
    love the picadilly to paris -no- way round ... book you found!

  10. So cute pictures dear! Kisses.

  11. What does that man know? Any artist worth their salt would love their work being called crazy good!

  12. Your fancy building was built before Australia was even invented ;0) ... that's kind of mind blowing ... but I guess most of the UK was built before we were invented ... which is why I really want to go there and check it out one day.
    There are CCTV cameras in the bathroom??? Some things really should be allowed to be private ... like taking photos ;0)

  13. Love the old building, especially the back!! Another fun day out with your brother then. Love your tours you take us on, always something to think about. Certainly hope your CCTV footage of your selfies goes viral!!

  14. What a beautiful place! That body with all the arms would give me nightmares, though. Our local art museum has a similar exhibition called The Human Touch right now, which is very good. I think the term you should have used when speaking to the attendant is "cray cray." Then he would have nodded and been in awe of your street cred.

  15. Always love reading about your art adventures with your brother - makes me miss my brother too. :) You look lovely, lovely, as always, Sandra! Daughters say the truth. :)

  16. That really is a beautiful building! How fun to get an art gallery tour Sandra Style. You always make me laugh. The family portrait ones seem kind of creepy, as though the dead bodies of mum and dad are in those boxes. Or is it just that I myself am creepy?
    Your hair looks fine to me; it always looks good. The attendant was probably so in awe of your hair and that's what stopped the conversation.

  17. What an absolutely stunning building, so British! You are so funny, and so pretty!

  18. "Crazy good" is the perfect description! Beautiful buildings, amazing art and forever being immortalised on CCTV sound like such an excellent day. By the way, I want an outfit just like the one on the cover of "Paris to Piccadilly". Wow! XXX

  19. Wow! That place is just so cool! The building is such a beautiful place of history and I am so happy to see it still being used today! The art is amazing!


  20. I have this great image in my head of the security cam people watching you take bathroom selfies! So funny. Liverpool is so beautiful. So are you.

  21. I do not understand modern art, but certainly, you really enjoyed the tour and this is so nice, love the photos of you in the bathroom mirrors of public restrooms are so irresistible. Please ... What is CCTV? my native language is not English and I'm confused, lol. Have a wonderful weekend, darling. And remember that next Saturday will be "Share in Style" with the theme, Red Of course, you hope there.

  22. Hi Sandra! Your hair doesn't look that bad! How did you get a photographer badge? That exhibition looks beyond amazing. In the end art is what we perceive looking at it, may it be crazy good :-) today I had a long nap too, how lovely!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  23. Wow! Amazing place! Beautiful pictures!
    As usual phenomenal post! You are a champion!
    I can see that you love what you are doing!
    Thanks for posting! Love you :-*

    Katherine Unique

  24. The building does look beautiful indeed! I think your hair looks super cute ;) Haha I don't know much about modern art but your comment 'crazy good' was very appropriate in my opinion!! Lovely post, ciao bella

  25. I do not always understand what you write in your posts, so I can not always comment on it, sorry :)
    Beautiful building, like an old place :)

  26. Always something Interesting and unexpected in your posts. Love your sense of humour and your passion for art! Enjoy reading your vintage books. Till next time take care, Angie

  27. Looks like you had a fab time, OOOooooHHH look at you with your photographers pass! I love how beautiful the Bluecoat look from the outside!

    BTW Your hair always looks fab!! xx

  28. Just love the posts where you are visiting different places, best wishes to you xxx.

  29. What a strange exhibit. So cool you're being so artsy! You totally impressed the guard due ;)


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