Wednesday, 21 May 2014


Teaching cartwheels is a difficult thing to do.  Little Miss-ette has been trying her best.
'Mum, how do you cartwheel?'
Well, plant one hand down and use your leg to throw yourself over, you have to be fearless!
'Mum, could you cartwheel when you were little?'
'Show me'
after 5 minutes of stretching, working out my space and tucking my dress in my knickers, I threw myself over.  Without injury, hurrah! then I had to do it 3 more times so Mr F could see my 'cartwheel'.  Then I decided to show leapfrog, over Mr F................he's fine, I promise. Little Miss-ette wasn't impressed.

My B.A.G.A (British Gymnastics) level 1 certificate was worth every penny.

Cookie saving us all from the true terror of toilet roll

Hundreds of brand new, born baby spiders
it reminded me the spider scene in p'tangyang kipperbang

State of the art bucket bbq

Magnificent storms

The best accidental rhubarb shortcake
it should have been a crumble

Work dress
I'm hormonal and required dark, comfortable clothing

I wasn't comfortable at all in white
but I adore this outfit! it's an old dress that looks like a nightie, my lace chazzed top and my COLLAR
it will be worn when I'm not flaming menstrual

a kaftan and scarf
I require comfort today

I also adore these

Norman Wisdom!
I always thought he was just brilliant

I'm also smitten with the adverts

'America lives in DACRON'

I hope you are all having a very happy day
I should be cleaning up
*imagine my not bothered in the least face*
I'm wearing a kaftan and my legs are shaved
so I should really be casually reclining 
so I shall


See you soon



  1. Hi Sandra, awesome post , loved all your outfits, have a great week best wishes to you xxx.

  2. Oh I leeeeerve the kaftan! Yes, lounge about with a cocktail, get your maid to do the housework. I actually think the white outfit is gorgeous too, but I know what you mean about feeling a bit uncomfortable in all-white - is it the fear of spillage, or that people will think you're trying to look virginal?!
    I wonder if I can still do a cartwheel? I'm not sure my pelvic floor would stand it... On the whole, better not to try, I think, but I greatly admire you for doing so! We had a crazy storm last night too, though it was short-lived; at least you'd had your BBQ by the time the rain came!
    Love the old ads, the illustrations are just fab, aren't they? I rather fancy that "gay gay perfume to make your presence an exciting event". As if it isn't already. Now recline away, and see if Mr F makes your tea, as he should! xxxx

  3. That kaftan is beautiful and it looks like it's cotton which makes me love it even more! White scares me and I only own 3 dresses in it and one I have yet to wear. I think the UK and Portland are having similar weather, we had thunder showers on Sunday and crazy crazy RAIN!

  4. I could never get the hang of cartwheels, but I could stand on my head. And that looks like the best way to cook on the barbecue, just lounging around, maybe a frou-frou cocktail with a little umbrella on the side...

  5. You did a cartwheel! Well done, I've never been able to and am sure I'd break something trying now.
    Wafting around in a kaftan sounds like a lovely way to spend the day. Way better than cleaning up.

  6. You really impressed me with your gymnastics! What a unique mother you are. :) The kaftan and the scarf create such a bohemian look, and it suits you soooo perfectly! Gorgeous, gorgeous beauty - of course you should not clean, and only recline! :) xxxxxxx

  7. BAGA - that takes me back! I never got past level 1, I had no coordination. I'm well impressed with you!
    Love you in that caftan. The perfect attire for a wonderful day like today. I wish you could pop over and join me for rum & coke on the lawn! xxxx

  8. Ha! I can picture you reclining in your kaftan - brilliant!

    Your rhubarb crumble looks delicious by the way and I am in awe of your cartwheeling. I've never been able to do that.

    I love little barbecues and Cobweb used to save us from killer toilet roll too :D

    As for the spiders...*shivers* scoop them up in a jar and let them loose far, far away!

  9. Oh! Gorgeous outfits by the way xx

  10. Great post and cute kaftan dear! Kisses.

  11. Well done on the cartwheel, I never did manage a cartwheel even in my younger days and am always very impressed by anyone who can. Cookie looks gorgeous and so do you. . .xx

  12. My one desire in life has been to have the ability to cartwheel ... alas it is a desire still left unsatisfied. It is a skill I could never master ... perhaps I wasn't fearless enough ... but I do know that if I couldn't do it at 10 I sure can't do it now ;0)
    I had to have a little giggle ... sorry ... at your BBQ. Over this side of the world the size of a man's BBQ is very important to their psyche and manliness ... the bigger the better ... and it's common for them to suffer BBQ envy if they see a bigger or better model than their own. I don't think they will be feeling too threatened by Mr F's equipment ;0)
    LOVE the kaftan.

  13. I'm impressed that you can still cartwheel; I could never even do it when I was little! Headstands yes, cartwheels no! Your cat looks like he's offering his services as a bathroom attendant! Haha! The spiders are absolutely horrible. I once was going out the back door to feed my pets, and was met with a 7ft long bit of silk hanging from the ceiling of the open porch (between the back door and the brick shed), and it was covered in hundreds of baby spiders and one large one. I've never been so freaked out in my life! The sight of them all just made me retch. I love all the retro adverts and your outfits are fabulous; I particularly love the dark green dress on you. xx

  14. You are looking quite "Karen" today. Must be the raging hormones. Cartwheels are the BEST exercise ever. I live in America and we do live in Dacron.

  15. Kaftan envy here! That colour on you is great! Thanks for making me smile, I needed that today ♥

  16. Last time I did a cartwheel I almost hurt myself. I wonder if I'd break a hip if I tried it now. Good for you for still doing it, and Little Miss-ette should have been impressed.

    Baby spiders!! Kill them quick!!

  17. I LOVE that kaftan. I really really love it more than any kaftan I have ever seen in my life before! Oh wear it often please and sometimes pretend you are me so that I can pretend I am wearing it. Is that weird? I'm feckin menstrual too so that's my excuse. My head is killing me. I used to love doing cartwheels when I was a girl but I cannot imagine doing one now. Hooray for you! I used to do cartwheels down the road to school and freak out my mum. I like your dark, hormonal dress it's very cute, but I LOVE that kaftan and it looks amazing on you!

  18. kartweels and bbqs and caftans...You are a llucky woman and you surely know how to have a good time! I find the green dress more close to my taste!

  19. The Kaftan, the kaftan!!! You look bloody marvelous in it. I have never been able to do a cartwheel and am in awe of you.

  20. You rock that kaftan doll, you shouldn't definitely waste time on cleaning. Sandra do you think that I can learn to cartwheel at my age? I never managed when I was a girl sigh! Thank you for your comments, you are always so kind and sweet <3
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  21. You look adorable in the White dress, it's so pretty. I have never been able to do the cartweel. I'm also not very good at cleaning, I tend to be allergic to housework:) Except cooking...I do a lot of cooking but I hate doing the wash up afterwards.

  22. Seriously love you in a head scarf and kaftan! Comfort plus is the utmost when menstrual!! Cool bucket BBQ, did your washing get smoked on the line? OMG to cartwheels! I remember doing them when I could, like when I was way young, now I would end up arse over tit and probably injure myself big time. Oh and I bet Mr F was mighty impressed, men do tend to go for a gal who can throw her legs in the air for some reason!!

  23. I used to be the cartwheel queen but a couple years ago I gave it ago and I think I tore my liver.

  24. I still think I can do all my gymnastic tricks and imagine that I am still a lithe and flexible young thing, but a while ago was very upset to discover that a handstand felt like I was ripping apart abdominal scars and I should probably not try them anymore. Damn getting older! I am very impressed that you were cartwheeling - they are so much fun and I miss the moment when you are upside down and your skirt drops over your head and you show the world your undies. Love your outfits - the caftan does look beautifully comfy and chic at the same time. XXX


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