Friday, 23 May 2014

In the best possible taste

Art Friday's were going so, so well.  I fancied a faff about a bit, but I do have some nice pics.....they are at the end.

Wearing my VIX apron
What's that apron?, speak up
Vote Vix!
Hurrah! let's do it!

definition; make clean, remove marks, or stains from
 definition; marked by or given to using irony in order to mock or convey contempt

Working my fingers to the bone

Somebody get me some marigolds asap

Me and Paloma

Sod the cleaning
Let's Party

I do realise a look like a little sinister here
(sinister also means left handed, which I am eeeeek)

Evening dress by Jean Varon 1973

1970's does the 50's
Jean Varon

The donor of this dress wore it to her son's wedding in Tenerife in 1972
with a long black velvet cape
*I have collapsed, I have! this woman must have looked absolutely blindingly gorgeous*

More Jean Varon


Grayson Perry
the exhibit
6 tapestries 
"The British care about taste because it it woven into our system of social class"

"Class is bred into us like Religious faith"

"More than any other factor - more than age, race, religion or sexuality - one's social class determine's ones taste"

I wasn't allowed to take photographs

Thank you for all of your comments on my last post
you do know I think you are all awesome, yes you are!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you all have a blooming wonderful weekend

Kenny Everett
always in the best possible taste



  1. I'm first, yes I am! You look gorgious , the queen of your house! I'll follow your advice and will be partying later tonight!!! Must be your sweet sixteen??? daughter? You both are smashing! And what about those dresses you photographed. Is it possible thatpeople felt unhappy while wearing them? i doubt.

  2. Look at you rocking the hell out of your pinny! Housework has never been so glamorous.
    Wouldn't you love to get pissed with Paloma? I think she should come with us on our next day out. Love a bit of Jean Varon and its still possible to pick it up at bargain prices. I bet that lady was gorgeous. Shame the gallery didn't include some photos of her back in the day! Thanks for the vote, love! Have a fabuloarse weekend. xxxxxxxxxx

  3. House cleaning at its best! A little drinky poo erases all the grime. You are the sassiest of 1950's housewives. And your gorgeous daughter!!!! A houseful of beautiful girls! Love your museum photos. Love them!

  4. Haha, your brother looks like a Ron Mueck sculpture! Grayson Perry made me spill my cocktail once, which sounds like the start of a bad joke, but isn't :)

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed your pinup version! You are such a glamorous house wide, and that pinny is just the most beautiful. You and your daughter... what can I say - it's a happiness to live in such a gorgeous household! Your male neighbors probably have a million reasons to stop by to just have a glace on you. :) And you are the sweetest. And the funniest. And the warmest. Will the list ever end? :)

    Gorgeous dresses - I'd love to visit such a display. xxxxxxx

  6. House wiFe of course! Love xxxxx

  7. Looking very glam in the kitchen right down to the gorgeous pinny. The Jean Varon frocks are just fab and to add a black velvet cape well, just totally wonderful. Hope you are relaxing with a cocktail by now,

  8. You look like a fifties domestic goddess ... the perfect combination of glamour and efficiency.
    Those dresses on display are divine ... specially the last one ... I really need the last one ... do you suppose they'd loan it to me??

  9. Cute pics Sandra! Kisses.

  10. I don't know what that video clip is from but I LOVE it!!

  11. I'm playing catch up and have had a ball reading through your last few posts. Now I will always picture you in that GORGEOUS kaftan, reclining on your chaise, being fed grapes by that beautiful daughter of yours, while she's wearing your pinny and doing all the housework. Wouldn't that be a dream!!? I have similar illusions in my house! x

  12. You and your pinny are fab. If Paloma were to come out for the next meet I would have to decline, her voice makes me want to smash her face in.
    I am very jealous of you seeing that Grayson Perry exhibition he's ace.

  13. I am late for the party. No surprise there, but better late than never! You are so fabulously adorable, although I am not terribly fond of parties I will always come to yours. I love this post. Sending you introverted love and hugs.

  14. You are the most glamorous housewife I've ever seen! Lot of love from Spain, my dear friend!

  15. Sandra your retro look is fabulous! Look at the headband! And your daughter is simply gorgeous, just like her mom :-)
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  16. AGHHHHHHH!! Cupid Stunt my favourite!!! Totally loved watching Kenny Everet in the day, always made me laugh. Now you in the kitchen looking far to gorgeous to clean so very glad you and Paloma had a drink instead. Your daughter is sooooooo beautiful, that is the eldest one isn't it, super hot one, shall not show my lads!!! Or should I, we could arrange a marriage, but I am not sure what class we are? HAHAHAHAHA!!! Middle I think. Another tour with you that I have enjoyed, I always enjoy them so thanks mate!!

  17. So funny pictures!!! You look awesome! Enjoyed this post that much, thanks a lot for sharing :)


  18. Where to start, with so much goodness in one blog post?
    You look adorable, as always!
    The Jean Varon dresses are beautiful and I must say that Grayson Perry is a genius. I love his work, his personality and he's not as crazy as some people might think- I mean, look at those quotes. Does he know what he's talking about or what?

  19. You look great doing housework, but partying sounds much more fun! :)

  20. Great print on skirt dear :D


  21. You look totally adorable, pretending to clean in that apron from Vix! But having a drink is much more fun!
    I loved seeing all those 1970s Jean Varon outfits at the Walker, aren't they stunning?
    Oh Cupid Stunt, all in the best possible taste! Grayson Perry is spot on, we Brits are all about class, even now. xxxx

  22. Oh my God! I used to think Kenny Everett was brilliant! What a blast from the past.

    I do love all those dresses on display, they're so flamboyant.

    Loving the apron :) Yourself and your daughter are stunning!

    I hope you're having a perfect bank holiday weekend xx

  23. A complete post indeed, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    I cannot get over your beautiful eyes, and you sisters, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Tons and tons of love and gratitude for your friendship.

  24. Hello There, We just got home from a great week--which was a terrific 'healing' experience for me --as I recover from gallbladder surgery followed by that wicked infection... You'll have to check out my blog post today (if you haven't done so yet).

    I love your apron---but I must tell you, my dear, that you are the prettiest of all 'housecleaners' I have ever seen... You do NOT want a photo of me when I am CLEANING.... ha ha

    Looks like a great time at the museum... Of the 5 dresses you photographed in the museum, my fav. is the 3rd one... GORGEOUS.


  25. Nice photos and you look so lovely!!

  26. I'm having hot cooking babe and gorgeous stove ENVY!!! You are such a fox, honey!!! (Sinister or not!)
    Kenny! I adore Kenny, and do "all in the best possible tatse" regular like.....!!!!

  27. Fab post ! you always make me smile Sandra , gorgeous daughter xxx


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