Tuesday, 6 May 2014


Conversations with my Eldest Daughter;
Me;  I'm going to Sheffield on Saturday
Daughter;  Who with?
Me;  it's a blogger meet-up! people who I know from blogging
Daughter;  you mean you are meeting up with people you met from the internet?

(Disclaimer, if any of my children read this, you are not allowed to meet anyone from the internet.)

I was the last to arrive,  Mr F drove me there with 2 of our daughters.  I may or may not be directionally challenged.  It has been known in our house if I am upstairs putting things away, people have come looking for me.

I met these ladies.
In real life.
They are all utterly warm, funny, gorgeous and put up with me very graciously.  I instantly felt comfortable when I arrived and awed, I tell you, I couldn't absorb all of the fabulous-ness around me at once. Impossible! these ladies are beyond divine! I probably resembled a goldfish, mouth gaped open.  I know words came out of my mouth, whether I made any sense is yet to be determined.

The Hostess with the Most-ess Curtise showed us Sheffield.  Sheffield Rocks!!
and I still find it funny that one of our cocktails was called 'Porn-Star', I don't get out much, ha!

The Blogger roll of Awesome-ness

CurtiseVix,  Em,  SaraGisela and Tania

Curtise, Vix and Sara

Tania, Gisela and Em

I love this pic
Gisella, Sara and Vix

Em and Gisella
The Vintage Fair was just brilliant
so many goodies 
It's Gisella's dress!
there was a swoon worthy gold lame swimsuit there
it would have been indecent on me

The sun shining on Vix and Krista,
for Krista, we all wore something pink 

2 jugs of cocktails

Vix is just as gorgeous in the flesh

Sara and I saw a gym fresh topless man

Tania, Curtise and Em

Driving through the Snake Pass to Sheffield

Home and knackered
this is the only fleece thing I own
a gift from the Eldest
it's the only fleece I can touch
I don't know what it is about the fabric, it goes through me
it's like putting cotton wool in your mouth

Oh yes! there were
A pretty apron with lots of pockets and a fab Salt and Pepper set from Vix
Gorgeous necklace and ring from Em
Hot tights and something special from Curtise

Hello the Mushroom tote bag from Sara

Obligatory Blogger Deer 
from Curtise

I bought
A top for my Eldest 
she didn't want
so I am wearing it as a cardigan

This isn't a collar
it's a COLLAR
it's huge!

my glitter nails from Saturday
I also bought a white top for Missy (she likes)
a  studded skeleton hand hair clip for Little Miss-Ette (she wasn't impressed, haha!)
I got a pretty brooch too

It was a blooming brilliant day
I met amazing ladies
and had a flaming incredible time

The day went in a flash
no sooner had I arrived it was time to go!

A big thank you again to Curtise for organising the day!
It was truly EXCELLENT!


  1. It was so lovely to meet you! You are even prettier, funnier and more gorgeous than you are on your blog and I cannot wait to see you again.
    What a fabulous day it was, it went far too quickly though. There's some great photos, I don't even remember you snapping most of them.
    A half naked man? Where was I?! That blouse as a cardi is beautiful and I love the bastard massive collar, too.

  2. I heard rumours of the half naked man but I missed him too, are you sure it wasn't the porn star martinis hitting the spot? ;-)
    The cardi blouse is perfect and that collar is mental.
    It was so, so lovely to meet you, I can't wait to do it again. x x

  3. I didn't see the topless man either, where was he?
    It was truly delightful to meet you, Sandra, I'm so pleased you could make it. Awed? You daft bugger, it was just us; chip-eating, Porn Star-guzzling, bargain-hunting, nonsense-talking, potty-mouthed us lot! And you fitted in very nicely, so you can come again! It's a funny thing, isn't it that we all know each other through the internet, but it can work just beautifully (but not for your girls, no no no! I'm imagining your Stern Mum Face now - keep The Fear, always retain The Fear!)
    You took all sorts of pics, well done (I always forget). The blouse works beautifully as a cardi, and the collar - sorry, COLLAR - is amazing! Fab view back over the scary Snake Pass, and there you are back home and looking beautiful.
    What a good day we had - we need another! xxxx

  4. Oh what a lovely happy day. What I wouldn't give to join up with you all some day. Lovely collar to frame your lovely face. Soo funny your daughter's comment. When I went to me Anne of SpyGirl my daughter said the same thing! She was very concerned and insisted that I meet her in a public place. "Mom. if it's a man. Leave immediately. Even if he seems nice."

  5. What a lovely day you all had. Great photos, super presents and purchases xxx

  6. It looks like so much fun and of course the company absolutely divine! Sandra, you are so pretty and cute and funny and adorable I am sure you must only be more so in real life. I love that cardigan, rejected by your daughter. Such good luck she didn't want it! I too, am greatly disappointed not to see the topless man. Why were you so good at taking photos of other things and not that! I am soooo disappointed in you. But since you look so cute in your snuggly fleece and it is my favourite colour, I shall forgive you this time.

    Note to Sandra's children: Never ever meet with people from the internet. They are all evil and nasty and will make you drink too much and have a good time.

  7. What a fabulous day ... now when are you coming to Oz for a blogger day out here???? I promise not to tell your daughter.

  8. Oh. My. God. It took your very clever daughter's conversation with you to make me realise what I have been doing for years ... I have been meeting up with strangers from the intawebz!!!!!!!! What must my kids think of me? But, we know what wonderful, gorgeous, darling women we bloggers seek and find here and you have been so, so lucky to meet with six of the best! How would love to have been there with you all - I enjoyed every single one of your pics, including the drive into Sheffield. I laughed about how your daughter likes some of your buys for her, but you're happy to use what she doesn't like - sounds like The Stylist and I:). Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful, warm, sunny day with some of the best tottie in the land! xoxoxoxo

  9. I'm so glad that you share your experience gradually - first Curtise, then Vix, and now you, my lovely Sandra! I can read about this every day! And look at more pictures! I am in love with all of you and only wish that I lived a bit closer. :) What a great day and all the presents and that cardigan and the COLLAR, of course! Rock on! Much love and hugses! :)

  10. Oh wow!!!! Such fun with grown up ladies, well you know what I mean. You are so funny with your disclaimer, did they think you were going on some dodgy internet date?? I used to hate buying things for the lads because I was so hit and miss with them. At least you can wear the stuff they don't want and I like the top as a cardy on you. YES that is definitely a COLLAR!!!

  11. What PACKED day! Soooo funny that your girl called you out on meeting people from the internet - bwhahaha! I never thought about it but it is exactly what we tell them NOT to do. Yes, do come for a meeting here in OZ - we promise you'll love it!

  12. What a great day Sandra ! you all look gorgeous ladies and pressies as well ! Best wishes xxx

  13. I'm so glad you all had such a wonderful day out.
    I do love all your gifts and the treasures you found.
    Looking lovely as always xx

  14. Hi Sandra!

    Sorry i was not around much these days - I had an accident and got a concussion, doing much better - Isn't marvelous to meet up like you did with such wonderful Ladies!

    I'm getting back slowly in the swing of things



  15. I saw the pictures of your meet up on Sara's blog. You all looked so stylish!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  16. oh, looks like you awesome ladies had a lovely time!! Vintage fair+good food and cocktails!!
    Your daugther's top looks super cute on you and those nails are soo cool dahling :)

  17. I might be a little late to comment but I was on the lookout to learn your news since I learnt you all would meet! I virtualy followed you around through all your photos. As for your daughter's realisation we are that much older for a good reason .We've stocked enough experience to can see through peope we exchange comments for a long period of time. Period end of discussion! You looked beautiful happy and make up perfect!

  18. Where was I in those pics, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    So jealoussssssssssssssssssss.
    I wantttttttttttttttttt

  19. I love seeing all the different takes on the day! What a beautiful bunch of ladies you are and I will be there soon enough hanging with all you kick ass UK girls! I think it's hilarious that your daughter was like you are meeting people in real life you ment on the internet?!!? So glad you made it out and thanks for sharing a toast for me.

  20. Fantastic day Sandra! Kisses.

  21. Lucky you! Looks like such fun!

  22. Hello my dear, so lovely to meet you last weekend. You arrived like a little whirlwind and kept us entertained until your departure. You made sense! :) Love your anecdote. I think my mum used to say, do as I say, not as I do! Glad you got home safe and sound and found some treasures along the way. Xxx

  23. Jajajaja your daugther is the best!! and you the more sweet lady! kisssssssssssssss

  24. That looks like a super fab day! Glad you had fun. Used to love being a passenger going over Snake Pass xx

  25. What a blast! So sad I wasn't there : (



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