Thursday, 1 August 2013

Flying Ants and Minnie Mouse

On a promise of a free street fair in St Helens (about 20 mins from where we live) I was up and relatively organised.
Packed Lunch - done
Children - ready
Washing/cleaning - done, oh yeah! Mama was on a roll
Mama - inspiration Minnie Mouse

In my head, I was Ms Mouse

St Helens, I'm a coming

Missy and Little Miss-ette (Missy sporting an inspired Desiree flower do I hope the link works

We saw Titan the Robot which is actually quite scary/amazing, there were some terrified toddlers, I'm not sure how to link but he's on youtube
 And then, it all got a little bit meh, I do like a walking butterfly and flower as much as anyone, but....
The festival had peaked, there was a DJ/Act that was ok-ish but the promises I made about the coolest day blah blah bit me on the bum, so we tried The World of Glass (we've been before, they lie haha)

When we arrived they wanted £17!!!! How much? for a couple of hours!!! we had a wander round the gift shop and the art gallery (kids were soooo bored!)
but I loved this 

we saw an exceptionally small replica of 'The Dream', the proper one is in Sutton, St Helens
beautiful, but it honestly looks like a giant tampon when you drive past it (I sound like a philistine)

I give you deliciousness
an amazing Venus

we had at this point been swarmed with flying ants, every flaming year they arrive in their 1000's
and aim for your face

but at this point I didn't care, I bought a new red lippie, my third this year as they keep 'disappearing' hmmm, 3 daughters? missing make-up?
 Mr Foxy picked us up. Legend.

 my crepey chest and I bid you farewell

until next time you fabulous lot
take care


  1. You look gorgeous in your polka dots and red lippy! I love Venus and how sweet your daughter looks in her Desiree inspired garland. xxx

    1. I was a little besotted with Venus too x

  2. Minnie Mouse WISHES she looked as good as you! Looks like a great day out in lovely weather. Go you

  3. You make a great Minnie! Love the dress and the red lippy and that fabulous basket.
    Entrance fees can be so pricey, especially with a family, it's a shame. Still, you got to see a robot and Venus and a giant tampon for free, so it's not all bad!
    I was only remarking today on the huge number of flying ants around in town (Sheffield). I don't recall there being so many other years, where on earth have they all come from, the pesky buggers? xxxx

    1. the freaky flying ant show creeps me out! I'm always optimistic with a day out too - a magnificent humungous tampon is a spectacle x

  4. Your dress and bag are adorable. Glad you had fun.

    1. thank you! I am a little in love with that bag x

  5. You look like a gorgeous Minnie Mouse!

  6. Oh Sandra, that polka dot dress is beautiful! It needs to magically appear in my wardrobe! What a perfect outfit :) xx


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