Saturday, 24 August 2013

The Cult of Domesticity

This was real, and happened in Great Britain and the USA in the 19th Century, 'true women' had to encompass 4 virtues;
piety, purity, submissiveness and domesticity
As this was only for rich women, I would not have been a 'true woman'
thank feck for that

A very rare night out/in

Overdressed? what a silly word, I am appropriately dressed

I met up with women I worked with, we had a  great night in.  I drank sangria and white wine.....I woke up to my make up all over my pillow (although that is not unusual, I can't be bothered sometimes)

Good times, and then the crashing boredom of domestic duties for today.  A visit round the supermarket can infuriate me, why do groups of people block aisles? but I also love it, I spot an elderly lady with 3 huge bottles of bleach and an apple pie,  I get advice from lovely people on how to cook scallops (never tried them, so I bought 2, I thought they tasted like cauliflower), I am looking for cooked ribs, a lady overhears me and tells me she is waiting for them, she buys them every week for her Mum, we chat.

I was flagging a bit and found this

FRUGO- contains chokeberry and pitahaya - never heard of either but it was a little like prune juice
revived me no end

I wore this today and proceeded to drip butter from my scallop down the front.
I'm such a catch
I refused to go to a restaurant on a first date with Mr Foxy because of these things
Instead I said 'why don't we go and see George of the Jungle?'
It wasn't on as it was a matinee and probably aimed at children
We saw 'I know what you did last summer' turgid stuff
I threw popcorn at my face (which Mr Foxy delicately removed) and we got told off for talking
We left early
I showed off and jumped down some steps and fell over

and, I got a second date

This is how I look, clearly unable to contain my excitement over the thrill of cleaning
or maybe not

I am off to battle

See you all, have a great weekend, I hope you have fun/chill/sleep
whatever you want 
I hope you get it


  1. HA HA--cute post, Sandra. We females DO hate to clean and grocery-shop, don't we? On Wednesdays here in our country, George and I go to our favorite grocery store, Kroger's... BUT--since Wednesdays are Senior Days (10% discount), there are many older people there... AND--they DO stand in the middle of the isles and chat.... Of course, George and I (being SO much younger---ha ha ) would never do that...


    1. of course you and George wouldn't! I think it's so amazing there is a discount day, we don't seem to have discounts for much booo! x

  2. We are never overdressed, even at home. The effort at looking good is never wasted.

    I understand how shopping at supermarkets can be dull but shopping for food at gourmet stores is one of my favorite treats. Finding delicious items to bring home and consume... Yumm! Have a nice weekend, buddy.

    1. I have no focus when I shop and get over-stimulated! hehe x It's clear I need to come shopping with you x

  3. I too would never have made it as a "true woman"! Never mind, we can console each other over cocktails! Funnily enough, I do love doing the groceries...
    Being overdressed is my mantra, baby! XXXXX

    1. yes please, love a cocktail right now! over dressed is the way forward x

  4. Haha ... sounds like the perfect first date to me. I also HATE supermarket shopping ... with a fierce passion ;0)

  5. Love the black dress. It's gorgeous! This post made me giggle.

    I tried scallops once in Cornwall from Rick Stein's fish and chip shop. I bought battered ones. It's interesting you said they tasted like cauliflower as the ones I ate were like cod but sweeter. I'm not a big sea food eater, but I liked them, and if you're ever in Padstow you should give them a visit!

    1. oooh, I think I will try them again as sweet cod sounds so much better, I think Rick Stein is hilariously grumpy too x

  6. I'm forever staining clothes. It's no good!

  7. A lady should always overdress to get a bit tiddly with her pals, and make up on your pillow is better than tears.
    God, I hate the supermarket shop, it's so tedious. Scallops, I like. I don't think they taste like cauliflower though. Chatting to random people, I also like. Frugo? Never seen that before, sounds hilarious, as does your first date! Still, Mr Foxy was clearly a keeper, since he didn't mind the popcorn on your face or the falling over. That's my sort of fella!
    Hope the Sandra vs. Housework battle is over, and you are resting up with a drink of something lovely in your hand - don't spill it! xxxxx

  8. the battle took 2 days, it was long but we came out as victors!! yep Mr Foxy was a keeper, I think I definitely did something very bad to the scallops though x


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