Sunday, 11 August 2013

See you in a week!

Exciting times,

 I am almost finished packing, tomorrow we go to the yurt in Wales, The Green Man festival is on, the most fabulous Vix is taking the awesome Kinky Melon Retro Boutique to the festival and we are phoning The Green Man tomorrow to try and get a day ticket for Sunday - I'm a squealing like a little happy muddy piggy.

I got a present from Mr Foxy yesterday, this does it for me, 'Atmosphere' is one of my favourite songs


On the back is a message from Russ
'I hope these tracks give your party a happy atmosphere, C.U. Love Russ Abbot'

Mr Foxy says I am sullying his music collection 

My Mum had a pre-birthday party as we are going away, it's her birthday on Wednesday, she is an amazing ball of energy and hates getting her picture taken

My Dad photo-bombed 

'Mum, can I put a picture of you on my blog?', this caused a whole lot of confusion mainly because I haven't told them I have a blog, and also because my Mum doesn't know what a blog is.
My Mum saw the Beatles in the original Cavern Club, you would have to get there early to get a good spot, there was always half an hour of jazz before they came on.  The brick walls streamed with sweat and alcohol wasn't allowed.  She did 'the stomp' and had a thing for Paul McCartney.  My brothers are called John and Paul, she used to say if I was a boy she would call me Ringo

We like bouncy castles, my cousin Michael and some of my family

We all go on the bouncy castle, its the Law.
There was a karaoke there, my sweetest football star relative sang beautifully, I murdered 'Purple Rain', 'That's Life' and 'Hallelujah'

My Dad asked me to stop singing

Very important holiday things

this isn't everything

Shoes! Minnie Mouse-ish with polka dot bows

Its cool enough for a petticoat, I was most happy
I will be back with photo's
My hair will be in a variety of distressing 'hairstyles' as there is NO electricity
my pin-curling abilities are at best dire

We are going to be making wicker baskets and  thatching sadly we can't forge a bronze sword as it's not on when we are there -Bugger, bugger, bugger

 See you all, you lovely amazing lot


  1. Hope you have a fabulous time ... even without electricity ... I'm a girl that likes her creature comforts.
    PS I've never heard of Russ Abbot ... does that make me terribly unsophisticated??

  2. Love your dress! And I hope you have a lovely holiday x

  3. Have a fantastic time! Your Mum and Dad look so young, your mum's gorgeous.
    Hope we get to meet you at The Green Man - I'm not working so I'll probably be drunk and making no sense whatsoever! xxx

  4. Hi to mum and dad......happy birthday to a very gorgeous mummy......
    Yay so excited for you.....what fun a festival and meeting the truly wonderful Miss Vix to.......perfect.
    Have fun.
    Love v

  5. Oh what an atmosphere... Ha, Mr Foxy is right, that is a shocking record to have in your collection!
    Happy birthday to your mum, she look beautiful, and your dad makes me smile!
    Hope you get your day pass for Green Man and can manage to meet up with Vix - she's a love.
    Enjoy your holiday, mad hair and all - it will be fun! xxxxx


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