Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Mr Sinatra

.......I'm quite partial to him.
Today started as a 'meh' day - hormones (meh), and a 'nearly job' (double meh)

 I am on a career break, much needed after 5 years and 2 months of working as a Teaching Assistant in a High School, I worked with lots of students with many different needs, also gained an NVQ III after working weekends/most evenings for about 5 months (and with help of one particularly wonderful colleague, legend!) I worked with students who were wickedly funny, astute, wise, sometimes distracted and drove me mad! I adored them and I miss them, they taught me so much and gave me great hope for our future.

One day maybe I will talk more about it, but I know I'm a lucky person, I have had a break and a chance to breathe again.

I'm also someone who gets fed up feeling 'meh'

A superhero arrived in the nick of time

with her trusty musical sidekick

Suddenly all was clear

That's life
You are right Frank
it all comes out in the wash
so, I raise my glass of water and say Hurrah!

Hurrah, I am still employable!
Hurrah! to superheroes and trusty musical sidekicks all over the world 
and Hurrah to all you lovely lot who are supporting my fledgling blog

also I would like to introduce you to my eldest, she suggested/insisted I put this approved photo on
 my children are not shy

I hope you are all well 
you are indeed a lovely lot
till next time


  1. That is, indeed, life which is, I believe, what you make it. And you make it adorable.....

  2. You are gorgeous and so are your girls! Lovely to meet you. xxx

    1. Gah! it's Vix! I'm so happy! x thank you x

  3. Sounds like you really loved your job, but it was hard hard work! Enjoy your break - you're right, being employable is worth a toast (think I sacrificed my employability when I left work after having my youngest...)
    So yes, accentuate the positive, enjoy the music, and the kids - your eldest is quite the glamour puss (did she feel the need to balance the body surfing in the rain photo?! Bless her!)
    It's nice to have you in the blogging sisterhood, Sandra! xxxx

    1. oh Curtise, that's a lovely thing to say, I'm in the most amazing sisterhood EVER!! - I'm so aware of employability with my age, 44, it sucks but I think we are an amazing addition to any workplace x my daughter, fierce as they come, most definately needed to balance the body surfing picture! x

  4. OMG you are so cute with your Gah it's Vix! A break from work sounds well deserved good for you my dear, I hope you loving it! You are your kids are beauties! Cheers!

  5. *thud*.....(gets back up!) its Krista! thank you! I am having the best relax ever x


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