Friday, 30 August 2013

3 interviews and a party

I got me a job! call- centre, 15 hours! perfect!
I had an pre-interview by a recruitment agency, 2 spelling tests, another interview with another company and today was the actual interview, another spelling test, a speed typing test and they still deemed me fit for employment.  I have a mad training week next week, but I am excited.

I really want to thank everyone for your kind words and encouragement, it was truly helpful.

me and the old girl complete another adventure

I do like adventures with clothing/accessories,
 I got this skirt 4 years ago. It was my 40th and Mr Foxy had take me to a picturesque hotel in Wales for the weekend.
We were drinking on the patio area when a minibus arrived.
Lot's of  very scantily dressed people, age 30+, broke free from the back of the bus,
Mr Foxy had gone to the bar, and I was approached by a very flirty woman,
she chatted away and I informed her I wasn't with the party.
She looked a little aghast and left sharpish

I don't know what type of party it was

but we weren't invited
it still makes me snigger
my glitter shoes
I got them for £5 years ago
I LOVE them
they leave a little glitter wherever I go

Tomorrow is party time, not for me.
Our eldest is 19
whaaaaat! seriously!

family are round at 6pm, her friends are round from 8pm
they have pre-drinks and leave to go out at 12
their drinks are in, vodka, amaretto and prosecco

whatever happened to snakebites and mad dog 20/20?
and if you were a bit posh, red witch
(these were all cheap, lager/cider mixes and 20/20 was a sort of  fortified wine, ya know to be a little fancy)

see you soon
thanks again for your continued support
I am genuinely touched



  1. Congratulations on your new job!! I hope you won't be targeted with loads of abuse from unhappy customers on the other end of the phone!

    Love your outfit. The skirt is gorgeous x

    1. thanks Louise!, abuse? goes in one ear and out the other! hehe x

  2. YAY ... Congrats on the new job!
    Hope you have a fantastic time at the party and Happy Birthday to your daughter
    Love that you leave glitter everywhere you go ... its like fairy dust

    1. Thanks Jo, during my last week of work ages ago I glitter bombed everywhere! x

  3. Congratulations, you sparkly ballerina, you! I'll bet leave a trail of glitter even when you aren't wearing those shoes.

  4. Well done, blossom, I can't imagine how the hell I'll be if/when I have to do interviews again! UGH!
    I would totally invite you to any party, baby! Maybe if you'd had your spunky glitter shoes on you would have tap danced you way into that minibus?! Hahahaaaa, who knows what sort of mischief they were up to, I suspect you and Mr Foxy had your own very splendid party!

    1. there was some mischief, good on them though! thanks Helga x

  5. Congrats on the job! And the outfit is delightful. I'd wear that skirt in a New York minute.

    1. Thanks Ally, oooh you would look fab in it x

  6. Yay! 15 hours is perfect, too. You are a clever girl!
    Love how cute you look in that nwet skirt and that mahoosive pink bag.
    Mad Dog 20/20 - I used to neck that on the night bus to Birmingham. I loved Thunderbird and K Cider, too. People were drinking Hooch in the 'Spoons last night - I haven't seen that since the 90s! xxx

    1. thunderbird! haha, yes! and K cider was ruthless - 15 hours is chuffing perfect! thanks Vix x

  7. Love your cute retro look. Excellent polka dots! And congrats on the job!

  8. Oh yay I am so happy for you sweet.........eeekkk all those interviews...scary. Well done.
    The skirt is in one word it.
    Love V

    1. interviews are scary! glad it's all over, thank you Miss V! x

  9. Congrat on job amor! Love your polka dot top and net black skirt. Those glittery shoes are fantastic.


    1. thank you! glitter makes me very happy! x

  10. i like your bag! maybe we can follow each other? let me know! <3


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