Monday, 26 August 2013

The best laid plans of mice and men

I like this a lot

It describes today, a free music festival in Sefton Park.
I thought this was a top day out, a dead cert,  bands we have heard of, stuff to do, picnic, play out, nice weather on a British Bank Holiday. Kids will love it..............................................................................

this is a visual interlude
Probably Wales

.........................................................anyway, there was some fun and bands, I saw a bit of The Christians, Rebecca Ferguson and I heard Soul II Soul as we got lost and it took us an hour and 20 minutes to find the car.

(I would like to say the Festival was amazing, loads to do, lots to see, a few stages holding different bands - I would go again without the Misses or when they were in the mood)

Little Miss-ette had really had enough - I have the scary look of a repressed Mama on the edge 

Genuine evidence of some fun

Also today was our 9th Wedding Anniversary, traditional gifts are Willow and Pottery, fragile looking things that are tough, oh the irony, except I'm not really fragile looking, so more of an Alanis Morresette irony.

We ran away to Gretna Green in Scotland in the original Blacksmith's, it's about 400 years old

As we are traditional, our daughters were bridesmaids
although all the little girls were dressed as bridesmaids
We were part of a tour,
 we didn't see a load of tourists behind the velvet rope

meet Roland, my wig

We have been out for something to eat and all is well, next year we go back to re-new our vows as it will be 10 years, another wedding dress for me as I haven't a hope getting that one back on, I know this as I occasionally get it out to clean in, un-zipped, very good for sweeping the floors.

I hope this hasn't been a difficult read
my brain is quite tired and my stomach is full
which means I am most incoherent

You are all most lovely though
till next time 


  1. Looks like such fun! Wales is beautiful.

    1. it was fun at times haha! and yes I think Wales is lovely too, very peaceful x

  2. Happy Anniversary ... I really must try sweeping my floors with my wedding dress too ... it's got to beat using a broom ;0)

    1. definitely! broom/wedding dress, dress wins every time! x

  3. Congratulations lady! Happy anniversary to you and your fella. Loved seeing pics of your wedding and am really glad your gorgeous dress is still very useful. I like the idea of prancing and "cleaning" (moving the dust around in my case) in ones dress, but I'm not even sure I could get mine on even with the zip undone!

    1. Thank you Missus! your 'cleaning' sounds like my version of 'cleaning' too hehe x

  4. Congratulations. There's a heck of a lot of people squidged in behind you!
    I knew that 1960s wedding dress I got from the car boot would come in useful one day and to think I've just wasted an hour sweeping the path, it could have been a whole load more fun to dress up and sashay along the avenue. xxx

    1. Thanks Vix, I would love to see your dress! sashaying and a sweeping or not, I think I have a thing for vintage wedding dresses x

  5. Sounds like a perfect day and the festival sounded like so much fun! Congrats on your wedding anniversary!


    1. Thanks Rebecca! festivals are great especially free ones!! x

  6. You know, kids can make or break an activity, can't they? If they are up for it, all is well. If they are feeling mardy, may as well forget it. I know - I have just cut short a day trip to the flea market due to moaning and lack of interest. Not on my part, I can assure you. Thank God they will be back at school next week and I can go in peace and enjoy it!
    Still, your festival sounded good, even if the whole party weren't so keen... And happy anniversary, your wedding looks like it was good fun. Cleaning in your wedding dress, that seems as good a use for it as any! xxxx

  7. return to school is a blessed relief! I miss pottering and wandering,the wedding was a blast! x


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