Saturday, 17 August 2013

It all ended on Aberystwyth Promenade on Friday

Possibly a little foreboding on Monday morning that we couldn't get tickets online for the 'Green Man - the day tickets were for residents - so we decided we would turn up on the day and hope for the best, cute children, me frocked up and pleading smiles....... and fingers crossed.

We set off.

After some stomach churning single track mountain roads, where a look down to a sheer drop rendered me a little 'nervous', we arrived.  An un-marked road led to another narrower un-marked road, the sat-nav had expired and given up.  We found it because of a wind farm generator.

The people were actually lovely, their farm seemed a little un-kempt but still off we went to find the yurt.

the flies were no extra charge

plaited animal hair

the yurt

It was a little, ahem, filthy, really fecking filthy, and had a stinky yurt -stink that impregnated every fibre.

I have camped lots before, I expect bugs, uncomfortable nights, mud and rain.  I also hope for clean facilities.

 I did the usual clean it up malarkey and invented the 'nature shower', we were secluded enough to use our state of the art shower/bath

So we all decided to have fun, get on with it and enjoy the surroundings.  Wales is a beautiful country and has spectacular scenery, our neighbours were very friendly goats who came to see us every day at about 5pm.  We built fires and trounced about.  Some excellent charity shops gave us goodies (4 brooches in all for £3.50, a fab bag for £1.99 for me)

Our view, gorgeous, and at night we saw shooting stars and constellations

the camera photo-shopped me

Mr Foxy and the orb

Little Miss-ette and Missy got the big bed

We did lots more, but I don't want to overload you with pics 

But this is where it ended
Aberystwyth on Friday
 Missy became upset over the thought of returning to the yurt, I got it, I hope I'm not going to bum everyone out but it really had gotten to us.

So we packed up and left at 8.30pm

No 'Green-man' and no Vix
Bugger and Feck

I hope I haven't depressed you all,
you don't deserve it 
much love



  1. Bugger and feck, feck and bugger indeed!
    Well, you did the best you could; you cleaned and you lit fires, you enjoyed the scenery and the shooting stars, you charity shopped and you nature showered. Well done to you all, and there is no shame in calling it a day a little earlier than planned. But what a shame, no Green Man and no meeting up with Vix and Jon, and a holiday that sounds a wee bit like hard work... Still, you and the girls and Mr Foxy all look delightful, despite the conditions. I bet the washing machine has been on non-stop since you got home, hasn't it?!
    Nope, not at all depressed, just sorry it wasn't quite the holiday you would have wished for... But good to have you back! xxxxx

    1. Thank you - I hope google earth wasn't about though, I think I frightened the goats a bit, the poor kids had to avert their eyes a lot - but yeah, the place made us all itch and consuming vast amounts of alcohol to get the guts to get into bed wasn't cool! x onwards and upwards! x

  2. Bloody yurt! Don't you hate it when holidays don't go to plan (actually I think that is all of them!), but it does look like you had some great times too despite not going to Green Man. I could tell you about a sad trip of ours that involved legions of cockroaches and a dodgy car, but I don't want to depress you!

    1. cockroaches are the vilest things, poor you - but yes, bloody yurt! I shake my fist at you yurt! x

  3. Oh dear ... having never been in a yurt, I am unfamiliar with the stinky yurt stink ... is it similar to the putrid mouldy caravan stink??

    1. ah yes, the putrid mouldy caravan stink and stinky yurt-stink are possibly related! stinky yurt stink had a festering quality which managed to invade our pillows and wilted my hair, powerful stuff hehe x

  4. Hi Sandra, Thanks so much for coming to my blog. Hope you come back often. I usually am VERY joyful in my blog posts.. Hubby and I are retired and love to travel, hike, garden (flowers--including roses), and I love my backyard birds... SO--come back anytime and I'll return to your blog.

    Your experience reminded me so much of one hubby and I had recently. We rented a cabin in the mountains of North Carolina... When we got there, we found the cabin in terrible shape --and the smell about killed us. We couldn't open the windows since the screens were broken and there were cobwebs and bugs in the window sills... YUK... We made it for our two days --and did what you all did: we made the best of it!!! BUT--we'll never go back there. It's our first bad experience with cabins (and we've been to several)...

    I'll bet that Wales is gorgeous... Sorry you missed the 'Green Man' though. I'm sure the girls were disappointed... Too bad.


  5. Hi Betsy! I'm so glad you popped over x x I will be definately visiting you again! your cabin story sounds horrendous, but I love your gumption x what's with all these whiffy holiday places?! x

  6. I'm so disappointed the yurt was filthy! that's bloody appalling. Good on you for making the most of it, though, and making it a good time, despite a few other things not working out......BUGGER!
    You are a bloody gorgeous looking wench, I must say. You really work a scarf!

    1. x you are a sweetheart x - me and scarves have bonded! xx

  7. Too bad! In my brain, yurts are fun, but I've never experienced the reality. Doesn't sound too good!

    1. there is a strong liklihood we had a funky yurt and all others are probably lovely! x

  8. I'm so sorry, that holiday sounded like perfection and you must have been gutted. I'm impressed you managed to have some fun regardless and how gorgeous you looked despite the grotty base.
    Next year book a week at the Green Man, it's only an extra £40 on top of the ticket price, kids under 12 go free and there's massive discounts on local attractions as well as organised trips. Hire a campervan or a pre-erected bell tent for some luxury! xxx

    1. luxury! sweet luxury! i didn't even know about that, thanks Vix x

  9. Replies
    1. hehe, it does sound funny though despite the pong! x

    2. assosciation (I forgot to put that on)


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