Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Bolder than the bass in my veins

Have you ever listened to a certain song where the bass runs through your veins? it pounds away and makes you walk sassy, makes you feel like a seductress, makes you feel a little bad? (I don't want to actually see what I would look like doing any of this as I know I actually would look like a constipated Mrs Trunchbull)

I have been inspired a lot lately, feeling more creative, and bolder. (You blogging beauties are always inspiring me, Sacramento http://www.mispapelicos.com/ and Vix, hello opera coat  http://vintagevixon.blogspot.co.uk/, helped vanquish my bleurgh this week)

Although, really I'm not naturally very creative or bold,  this really is the equivalent me putting an extra half of sugar in my coffee. No big deal, but I want more! I want more!

For example, I only recently discovered that wearing 3 brooches, for me, is better than 1, it's all baby steps.

Sunday, drinking fancy Prosecco my Aunt bought me for being her bridesmaid 40 years ago
I figured it wasn't really wine as it has bubbles
and a collar my eldest bought me 
I felt bland and bleurgh (nothing to do with the collar!)

Monday, wearing my teeny barely covering boobs apron

I read my blogs, and then, like the pounding bass
I was feeling bolder
I wanted to clash
be creative
I also had a little nap during all of this as being creative is exhausting

I'm bold like Tinky Winky

I gave myself cheekbones!

Today, Mr Foxy and I had a day out, these days are rare
We try not to tell the kids as its guaranteed they will be ill
Mr Foxy let it slip
oddly the 2 littlest were ill this morning

They were sent in and advised if they became ill the school would phone us
then we scarpered 

I carried the bold with me, red lippie slapped on my face, 4 brooches, cowboy boots and seriously dodgy hair. I wanted to make bolder choices.

The shining chazza's blessed me 
A hat, which I'm chuffed with

I tried this coat on, and thought it was too small, a lovely lady cooed over it, she tried it on, it was too big - but she and a few ladies decided I really should buy it (and another, which I did!)
being the obedient type, it came home with me

No.2 coat/cape

Shirley Bassey or Burley Shassey (thank you Mr Eric Morecome, British comedy legend)

My haul of awesome boldness!
elbow length mittens to go with a very short sleeve cape I already have
a 100% cashmere cardi for £3.49
A tartan skirt for £4.99

 I salute and thank all of the wonderful inspiring writers from Blogs I read
how much inspiration, support and confidence I feel I get from each of you
At 40 I felt washed out and felt I should grow up.
 Whaaaaaaaat was I thinking?!!!!!!!!!

but you all showed me the way!


till next time my beauties 



  1. You're anything but washed up and dull, you always make me smile and you are gorgeous! I'm glad those ladies bullied you into buying that divine fluffy jacket and I'd love to see that cape with an insane pom-pom trim or one of your famous collars to make it even more bold and fabulous.
    Yay for dates! xxxxxx

    1. we are a sneaky pair! I always have a laugh and meet great people in the chazza's, and thanks for the sweet words! x x

  2. 40? You're but a baby - what NOW, my love?!
    But I agree, there is something about blogging that inspires and emboldens and makes generally better!
    So, yeah, slap on the lippy and the hats and fluffy coats and 4 or more brooches, neck that Prosecco, scarper for days out with Mr F, and enjoy! Dull? You? Nah, don't think so!
    Love that pink cardi, and as we know, tartan is the new black so you are positively a la mode, darling! xxxxx

    1. oooops, I should have put '4 years ago when' I'm 44! fancy me being fashionable! and blogging is definitely a wonderful thang baby! my life is infinitely better because of it! thanks for the loveliness! x x

  3. You look fabulous as always, I do love that red cape.

    By the way, you're also an inspiring blogger.

    Just keep being as bubbly as you are - you're lovely - and wearing three brooches is fab!

    1. thank you! that's so sweet! the red cape is fab, I did so well yesterday and yay to multiple brooches! x x

  4. you look awesome in all the pics!love the post!Kisses!

  5. Hurray for being bold and feeling sassy! I think that may be my new mantra, so I thank you for inspiring me just as you have been inspired lately. Blogs really are the best! XXX

    1. 'bold and sassy' cool! we are having an inspiration love fest! Viva Blogs!! x x

  6. Wow ... what a fantastic haul of awesome boldness ... you look gorgeous!!
    Oh and well done on the cheek bones ;0)

    1. thanks Jo! haven't seen my cheekbones in years, I was well chuffed! x x

  7. You are certainly not washed up and dull at 40! You always look fabulous, and you have such a fun, bubbly personality- that's what I always see / read in your posts and comments! You're only as old as you feel!

    Love your polka dot dress, and the two coats are so pretty! Looks like a great little haul you got there! xx

    1. aw thanks Louise, although some days I feel about 90 hehe! I'm 44, I'm an idiot! I forgot to put '4 years ago' in front of that sentence - I'm losing my mind!! x x

  8. Hi Sandra, How are you? We've been on a 10 day trip --and are now home. It was wonderful!!!

    My all-time favorite photo of you is the 5th photo from the bottom. Love the hat and black/white dress.... Awesome photo.

    1. Hi Betsy! thank you! I've popped over to your blog, that was one awesome trip! x x

  9. Loving your polka dor dress, I have a thing for spots and stripes you see and find I wear them all together if I can. And yes yes to trifectas of brooches, I think Helga called them a scrumage once. Good scores from your chazzas. Nothing like a little bit of second hand shopping to kick the bum out of feeling glum. Oh by the way, getting older is inevitable but growing up is optional.

    1. Thanks Sue! a 'scrumage of brooches' is the way forward! Helga rocks my world!! a good chazza shop is most definitely a giddy and wonderful thing! you are right, getting older is inevitable, it's a good job growing up is optional, I'd be sacked! x x

  10. Amor,
    I adore all your finds, Especially the burgundy cape. polka dots are classic. I can tell you when I started blogging all these great ladies gave me the confidence to be myself. If you love my readings feel free to join my FB page


    1. Thank-you! the impact of blogging on me has been immense, and makes me happy to be involved with this most amazing community!! ps I think I'm the only person not on facebook?! although the hubs is.... x x

  11. Drinking Prosecco while ironing. Of Course! I knew I wasn't quite doing it right. I can't believe you are EVER bland and bleurg.

    1. hehe! extreme ironing is a sport! thanks Connie for your gorgeous words x x

  12. what a boldness! having prosecco while ironing, fur coats, red capes, awesome hats ... great finds!

    1. thank you, I've been fortunate this week!, my goal is to find some amazing pieces like your fabulous collection! x x


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