Friday, 11 October 2013

A funny looking thing

The Children survived the shopping expedition intact.
And bought tops which are dresses, pinafore shorts, and a skirt which is short.
 but they tried them on and squealed with joy, and how they would wear them and what they would go with.
I have agreed they can keep them.
As long as they wear leggings or very thick tights underneath that look like leggings.

that little floral thing is a folded over skirt

My Maverick Knitting
modelled by Mr Foxy
actual knitting
 I discovered whiskey and knitting is not a good combination

Little Miss-ette's friend is sleeping over tonight
I try and avoid sleepovers like the plague
It is not cute or adorable having giggling children loudly whispering at 2am
but sometimes I give in

which means I have to tidy 
which means I have to motivate myself

I am having a 60's Italian Mama vibe today
so it had to be Frank

yes, I put the washing out and tidied up 
strengthened by my Italian Mama dress
and a swarm of brooches

the funny thing about blogging is that in all my life I have never took so many photo's of myself
and posed
and pranced
It is a whole lot of fun

Today I dug out a pic of me at 18
I was a funny looking thing, but I never did care about that
I was hell bent on adventure and independance
I was going to France with an unsuitable young man
yes, that is a perm, with blonde frizz
I wanted to be Beatrice Dalle

Have an amazing weekend
I hope you all have a flaming good one!
till next time 



  1. Ooh sexy Italian Mama!
    I am just the same, I hated having my photo taken for YEARS (I always looked shit, that's why, awkward and embarrassed) so it never ceases to amaze me that I actually take my own photo, voluntarily, and then post it on the Internet! But I am fine with it now, it's probably a control thing - and of course the shit ones just get deleted. And oh yes, there are still a load of those...
    You look fabulous, very 50s wiggle-tastic, and I love the swarm of brooches. Mr Foxy is aptly named, and the knitting looks good (with whiskey or without).
    Good to know the shopping trip went well, and I am with you, sleepovers are dreadful, I avoid them unless it is absolutely necessary, ie. we owe a lot.
    You at 18? Cute as a button! Blonde perm, unsuitable man, and all! xxxxx

    1. I agree about the control!, I get rid of so many shit pics of me but I still can't believe I do it and yes, post them online!!! whisky knitting could be a sport, I'd still be crap haha! and thank you x x x

  2. You look gorgeous!

    Loving the brooches : )

    Mr Foxy's hat looks fab!

    Enjoy your weekend too xx

    1. thank you! I hope your weekend is fab and you manage to have a little rest in-between all of the Fayre organising x x

  3. How adorable were you as an 18 year old? I'd know that smile anywhere!
    That is a sexy Italian mama look, loving the swarm of brooches and that sexy red lippy. Mr Foxy looks every inch the cool hipster in his beenie! xxx

  4. Whiskey and sewing isn't a good combination either!!!
    The beanie is splendid and Mr Foxy obviously loves it!
    How adorable and smiley are you at 18?! I do love you as an Italian Mama, but I wouldn't kick permed you out of bed for farting!!!

    1. Ha! thanks for the heads up! I am hoping to get a sewing machine soon! my 18 yr old self would be chuffed!! x x

  5. That sounds like some hard-core knitting there! Interesting combination, whiskey and knitting! Your work is paying off! The hat looks great.

    Apart from the hair, you don't look like you've aged since 18! I'm glad perms weren't a trend when I was 18, not that there's many pictures of me from then. Until about two or three years ago I avoided having my photo taken at all costs, and there aren't many of me from my teens until mid twenties. I find it odd that I now take them voluntarily... God knows what I'll think when I look back on photos of myself in 20 years time! xx

    1. I hope you will be chuffed you took the pics and proud you started your blog!!, I used to have an annual perm, our neighbour permed me in the bathroom, grim, grim hair! x x

  6. Mama Mia. Very chic Italian Mama. So cute little Peaches with the curls. I had such an intense perm when I was in my 20's that some of the hair on the back of my head fell out. Not many boys were offering to take me to France, that's for sure! Very nice knitting and I am completely sober when I say that.

    1. oh my Gah! your hair fell out, perms were vicious! thank you for being nice about my knitting and my fuzzy hair! x x

  7. I used to hide from photos until the blog. Now I am posing all the time, LOl
    I love th golden touches.
    Have a fabulous weekend, dear Sandra.

    1. I love it! we now know our angles! have a wonderful weekend too x x

  8. What a great pic of you at 18! Love it. I was a goth at 18 so I sported an unhealthy pallor, jet black hair with a white streak down the middle and a nose ring that kept getting infected. All in all probably not the best look for me but that is what being young is all about. Doing silly things that you will regret later! By the way, what are you doing with your hair at the moment? Is it a new colour? It looks so rich and glossy and beautiful and I am having a terrible case of hair envy! XXX

    1. You should post the pics! I love the white streak extra, and yes being young, I certainly did a lot of silly things! I still do hehe! I don't know what's up with my hair, It's falling out like a bugger so I can't colour it at the mo, I'm being nice to it and using argan oil x x

  9. Well I wish I looked that glamorous when doing the housework ... and I'm with you on the sleep overs ... I despise them with a passionate passion.
    I love the pic of you at 18 ... you don't look a single day older today.

    1. aw thanks! sleepovers are the worst!, I'm glad it's not just me! x x

  10. I see that same smile in you --when comparing age 18 to now... Great photos... Love the knit hat you made for hubby...

    I have always loved Frank Sinatra too... We have quite a collection of his music.

    Have a great Sunday.

    1. Thanks Betsy, Frank is certainly a great singer, have a good week! x x

  11. Leggings definitely make short skirts okay. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!

    1. yup! I agree! and for the girls the leggings/ thick thick tights are the only way their top/dresses will be worn!! x x

  12. Whiskey and knitting!!! You are very funny!! But the hat looked pretty smart on your old boy, oh and he has lovely blue eyes! I find it quite enjoyable doing all the selfies on my blog, I am at the what-the-hell stage of my life so am doing what I want, when I want and sharing it via my blog. My darling nephew calls it my online diary. I quite like a bit of Frank myself. You look fabulous darling!!

    1. I would never have thought taking personal pics could be fun, how wrong I was! it is enjoyable and I'm glad your'e at your what-the-hell stage as I love your blog! and thank you! x x


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