Tuesday, 22 October 2013

but they are both neutrals!

I have been gearing myself up for today, my front was in an unruly state and needed addressing before the neighbours complained.
I decided whilst 'in the zone' to wear pants, I'm not fond of wearing pants, I feel strangled in them, but today they are necessary as  I am a vigorous weeder and have flashed the poor neighbours too many times in my inappropriate gardening wear.

actual trousers, they are emergency pants

in my head I felt I was channelling Margo from the Good Life
although she would never have gone out and done such filthy work

animal print, spots and red lippie
I kind of liked it despite being strangled and a tad unused to my nether regions being so restricted

the eldest popped her head out and asked what I was wearing
'it's a bit loud'
they are neutrals
together they are whisper quiet

this is not an appropo of nothing - although I am a repeat offender

Some thingsI remember from school
video - Latin, verb 'to see'
Horses sweat
Men perspire 
and Ladies glow
well, after that much work I was glowing like a bugger

in a dress that looks dreadful on me
nice dress, just not on me
too short
too ??????
it's a house dress
poor thing

after 142334 pics
this was the best
see, it doesn't even photograph well on me

no make up, well apart from lippie but that doesn't count

Rare pic of my Eldest, 
with a reflection on the left of the Littlest
Missy is asleep, it's the holidays
we are having a movie afternoon
popcorn, yummeh!

I hope you are all having a marvelous week!!
see you soon
you are all quite brilliant!



  1. Ooh blimey, what's a gal to do when her front's in an unruly state?!
    You look fabulous in your polka dots and zebra stripes, and I wish I looked as good as you without make-up...
    The dress - well, it it ain't working for you, then it has to move on, to find the person who it WILL work for. That's the rule.
    Lovely to see your Eldest, hope the popcorn and movie went down well this afternoon!
    PS. "Glowing like a bugger" is my new favourite phrase! xxxx

    1. Thank you! and you are right! the dress will be washed and carted off to the chazza, why didn't I have this logic! x x

  2. What a fabulous gardening outfit and you're bloody gorgeous bare faced!! I love that cool trouser and top combo, no-one could miss you pottering,could they?
    Yes, if that dress isn't doing it for you you need to move it on. You know that by donating it to a chazza you'll be creating some charity shop karma and you may be rewarded with that tasseled bra and showgirl's head dress as a reward for your generosity?
    Your daughter is so much like you it's uncanny! xxx

    1. thank you! and yes to chazza shop karma, I never thought about getting rid, imagine if there was a showgirl outfit! yay! x x

  3. I really did think you were talking about your...erm...lady garden for a bit then. Ha! Can't have that in disarray and be flashing the neighbours! Love the gardening outfit - stylish, comfy and not at all loud. Enjoy the movie night and holidays! XXX

    1. Thank you! haha! lady garden is a great expression, I thought a garden centre by us was called Lady Garden.....it's not, just me and my filthy mind! x x

  4. I think your emergency pants are fab ... and black and white is classic ... never loud.
    You always manage to look so incredibly glamorous ... while doing odd jobs around the home.
    My word ... your daughter is your "mini me" isn't she ... and following in her mothers glamorous footsteps.

    1. you are too sweet! I cannot keep anything clean though, I am an utter scruff! x x

  5. You do make me smile and even laugh a little out loud, you are good for my soul so I thank you!! SOD the neighbours, if you want to flash them while gardening, then you go for it!! BUT I did like the gardening get up, black pants with SPOTS!! I do like a good spot!! Enjoy your movie and popcorn session with your girlies. I have lads so I had to sit through some seriously blokey movies in the day with snacks, but I shall be rewarded with Grand daughters when the time comes!!! And then there will be tiaras and tutus, glitter and pinkness!!

    1. aww, you are lovely!! spots rock! you are owed Grand-daughters, you will be the best nanna! and with tutu's galore! x x

  6. You even look glam gardening! You look utterly fabulous! Polka dots are definitely neutral, and otherwise and everything in between. They're a print of a million uses that go with everything! xx

    1. oh you are too sweet!! I was a huffing mess at the end! x x

  7. Aren't you cute in your little black and white trouser outfit? Although there is something liberating about wearing a skirt while gardening, so nice and breezy....whee...

    1. haha! gardening ventilation is way under rated! x x

  8. I'm not fond of wearing trousers either, but for gardening, they're a must.

    Your skin is flawless - wow!

    Your daughter is as gorgeous as her mama : )

    Have a wonderful rest of the week xx

    1. thank you! trousers provide a little modesty for me and comfort for the neighbours - have a great rest of the week too!! x x

  9. Such a glam gardener.
    beautiful always.
    Bigger photossssssssssssss, please

  10. yeah, i love the spotted zebra look. it's so fun!!!


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