Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Apparently I'm competent

I'm in for training, despite my 'gift's' towards logging in and the following comments
'I have never seen that before'
'Have you ever seen this?'
'I haven't got a clue'
'Best, go and tell the supervisor'

Also this blooming weather is playing havoc with my hair and skin, my hair, is as sparse as a decimated forest at best but Autumn means my hair thinks it is leaves and is jumping ship pronto.  My skin is as dry as toast, and my facial hair is becoming rather lush.

My hair/skincare regime
kitchen scissors for my monthly trim/hack
oil is my facial primer, then Nivea which has a mud like consistancy
I am soooo high maintenance

Training face

haven't a clue really

enhanced polo neck boobies

being a high maintenance diva I realised the cream belt was unacceptable
I need leopard print, like now
my skirt used to be pleated, the pleats withered and left this rather fab nylon look
I'm going to static as feck today

I'm trying to channel 1950's librarian today
to look all knowledgeable an' all

I also got a free box of Special K today
aaahhhh, random freebies

I hope your week has started well and I hope you are all having a pocket of bliss somewhere
see you soon
you glorious, brilliant lot 



  1. What's a primer? How's that work then? Your skin looks gorgeous!
    Loving the sexy librarian look and the magnificent, brooch-enhanced boobies! xxx

    1. thanks Vix! I think primer is my first coat! x x

  2. Still awaiting my pocket of bliss today, I like the sound of one of those. Pockets of manky old tissues and bus tickets - those, I have.
    My goodness, missus, you are boobalicious today - to anyone who thinks they need a boob job, STOP! And buy yourself a polo neck jumper, it's like magic! You were an A cup before you put it on, weren't you? I am definitely getting 50s librarian, the type who shakes out her hair from its bun, takes off her specs, and we cry "Why Ms. McGinty - you're gorgeous!"
    Maintenance is highly over-rated, keep it cheap and simple. You look beautiful, must be the Crisp'n'Dry!
    Training, huh - it all sounds very technical, I don't think I'd be much cop. Hope you got to grips with it all! xxxx

    1. you made me snort and chuckle!! magical polo necks and crisp 'n'dry is pretty much my 'beauty' routine- also with you on the manky pocket stuff! x x

  3. You have absolutely nailed the sexy librarian look. You've also nailed the I'm in training and I'm so adorable look. Whatever you're doing it's working.

  4. Freebies?! Score! It doesn't usually matter what it is, there's something so decadent about getting a free new product.
    Great writing - made me laugh! Reading your intro I was alarmed about what kind of photos would follow - but there you were, looking fabulous, with the aid of your emergency leopard print belt. Love those seriously "come thither" shots.

    1. Thanks Melanie! freebies rock my world! and emergency leopard print! x x

  5. I think you should put out a range of Peaches McGinty Polo Neck jumpers pronto and patent their boob enhancing properties ...maybe you can give away a free box of Special K with each purchase during the special trial period ;0)

  6. Well you've definitely nailed the glamorous fifties librarian look! At least if you don't know the answers, you can pretend you do by looking the part! Lol. They never need know!

  7. You really are a High Maintenance Woman for sure.... I am about as opposite as I can be... Never have worn much make-up; NEVER wear dresses when I don't have to; Keep my hair short; etc. etc.etc. I know that it takes all kinds of us to make up the world.... The key is if we are HAPPY with ourselves as we are... I definitely AM.

    1. You are perfect as you are Betsy! and you are absolutely right! x x

  8. Your hair is fabulous as the rest of you.
    I love the gold brooches and the 50s vibes.
    Love, my gorgeous.

  9. You look fabulous with your polo enhanced boobs and all, I so know what you mean about that!! Definitely nailed the sexy librarian look, couldn't have you working in an all boys school library now could we!! Too hot for young lads!! I too am a Nivea girl, basic stuff here, and as for facial hair, the one thing my mother never warned me about!!

    1. thanks Sue!
      oh the facial hair! my Mum avoided that too! my eldest is on 'chin watch'! x x

  10. I love your work look, and the lipstick is divine!!! The brooches are perfect as well. Oil and Nivea? Might have to try it. Sometimes I use olive oil, which I like.

    I swear to God, the morning of my 40th birthday I looked in the mirror and there was a giant hair growing out of my chin for the first time. This is true. My mother didn't tell me either. Good thing we can figure out some things on our own. Oh, I wanted to mention that when I tried to click to your blog from your comments on mine, it didn't work. I'm sorry if I seemed rude by not responding!! XXOO


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