Friday, 4 October 2013

The bush has to go

I admire beautiful gardens, I love the flourish of seasonal flowers and live a gardeners life vicariously through others.   Sadly, I am not a gardener, and this beast of a bush growing wildly needed to be sorted, it was threatening to take over and I don't own secateurs.

Mr Foxy culled the bush most dynamically
I do like a thorough and dexterous man
The remains of the bush
I consider this Art
and convenient snacks for the rabbits

A very wet Chocolate (and destroyer of anything nice in our garden)
the rabbits have a hutch!
but she like to pop in and have a snack when she's wet

Jan from Grease was my inspiration here

I haven't the foggiest how to do a proper link with pictures, my technical expert is at work,
but this should work

I LOVED Jan in Grease, and especially the toothbrush song
Rizzo's missed period and the lyrics to 'Greased Lightening' all went over my head
the clothing didn't

An extra strong coffee with extra sugar at 9pm in work meant
I was bouncing around at 12.30 am
in Missy's red hairband I knitted
took me about 4 days

Little Miss-ette's head band
I thought if I make a feck off big bow with a sparkly thing it would distract the attention from my amateur knitting
The girls have humoured me and even tried them on
I aim to make a knitted hat for Mr Foxy next without a pattern
because I'm a Maverick, and don't play to da rules (or I'm an idiot)

No Sleep, Don't Care
actually I may have a restorative nap just to keep my pecker up 

Pretty chuffed as my blood pressure nonsense seems to be fine
bloods were checked
My liver and other things are in remarkable health
Hurrah! a tipple or twelve seems to be positively healthy (ahem)
My little Cookie in the chair
The girls complain I talk to her better than I talk to them
cheeky blighters!

Barnado's zebra print cardi £1.99
It's been a good week in the chazza's

Home made pizza, home made coleslaw and jacket potatoes for tea, us Mavericks don't stop
gotta make some pizza dough in a bit


It's Friday
Have a Wonderful weekend
you are all just fabulous and make me giddy
thank you for all your GORGEOUS comments
 stay awesome!


  1. I'm glad you got that unruly bush of yours sorted, they can take over! Poor Chocolate looks very bedraggled, was that shrub his hiding place? Mr Foxy won't be popular!
    Love your maverick knitting. I'm inspired to have another bash but I know it will end up in disaster.
    Banardos is great now all the clothes are £1.99 - Jon loads in there today! Have a fab weekend! xxx

    1. poor Chocolate, she likes to run around in the rain and not go in the hutch, maverick knitting is a hoot! Barnado's £1.99 is fab! have a great weekend! x x

  2. Ooh, I like a thorough and dextrous man too, whether an overgrown bush is involved or not!
    Chocolate and Cookie... I see the pets are named after some favourite things.
    Speaking of favourite things - Grease is one of my fave films, the slumber party scene is the best! Love your knitting, yes, do more - who needs patterns? You look about 12 in the pics with the headbands, how have you managed that?
    I'm chuffed that you've got a clean bill of health too, the zebra cardi is cool, and your tea sounds delish.
    Time for a wee glass of something now, I reckon, just to see in the weekend - have a good one, love! xxxxx

    1. Chocolate, Cookie, Whisky and Moonshine? yep, I think your'e right!! I'm obsessed with knitting and Grease is fab! my stupid face poses make me look younger hehe or the flash! enjoy your drinkies and have a lovely weekend Missus! x x

  3. There is nothing worse than a presumptuous bush! Bloody cheek! Good thing you have a manly man on hand to sort it out. (The bush corpse is rather artsy fartsy.) Love your school girl look with tartan and peter pan collar, and your knitted headbands are brilliant. Great news on your health- keep up the good work! XXX

    1. bush makes me snigger! hehe!! Mr Foxy was most efficient, I had to have a cup of tea and a sit down afterwards! any debris in the garden is dubbed art! I like it! x x

  4. I'm so glad Mr Foxy did such a thorough job on your bush ... very disappointing when things like that are left half done.

    1. its a habit of mine to let them become overgrown, ruthless efficiency is the way forward!! x x

  5. Love your Jan inspired outfit- the skirt is particularly gorgeous. You look fabulous in the beautiful polka dot dress, and I'm loving those headbands! Sure bunnies will enjoy the bush. Haha. Chocolate is a little cutie. I used to let my old two bunnies in to the house now and then when they were babies; but they'd usually start ripping wallpaper off the walls so garden bunnies they were! Oh, and you can add videos easily by clicking on the little movie clipboard icon thing in the toolbar when you write a post. x

    1. aw your naughty bunnies! ours don't eat wallpaper, just everything in the garden! thanks for the info on the video link, I am a very slow learner with technology! x x

  6. First I would like to say yummmmmmmm to your leopard print boots in the rabbit photo, I know I should have been going all gooey over your bunny but your boots caught my eye. Sorry!!! Love the head band and cannot wait to see mr foxy's hat. Your are very entertaining, I like you, I like you alot!!

    1. animal print catches my eye all the time! I thought Chocolate gave me a sideways stare when I took the pic! I like you too!!! x x

  7. You look sooooooooooooo cute in your polka dot dress. Love your pretty face.
    have a lovely Sunday Sandra.

  8. Love your polka-dotted dress, and love Grease!

  9. cool!!love the polka dot dress!Kisses!

  10. I love polka dots! You look too cute in those knitted headbands. I am a lover of knitted headbands.


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