Friday, 19 September 2014

The 'don't judge me' library book

Many years ago I had a serious Mills and Boon habit.  I loved them.  Not the medical ones, or historical ones, noooooo,  I liked the Chad/Brad/ Max stories full of rippling muscles, a steely glare, heaving bosoms and many, many questionable plots.

Then I always, always  loaned one extra book which was never read, it would be something very, very clever,  it was my 'don't judge me' book (as in; Why yes! I do love a dodgy, fictional romantic novel, but I also am an avid lover of 'insert clever book here' *then pull a subject-closed face*)

I imagine the librarian was never fooled by this nonsense.

Mr F is back and has employed a full time, cuteness desk helper

Today I visited The Central Library

I like libraries, Mr F says they are 'egalitarian', I looked it up and agree.

I am an appalling reader though, just dreadful, my book of choice tends to be shallow nonsense,
which is absolutely fine
but I want to learn more 

I was sorely tempted to ask where the 'Mills and Boon' section was, 

The Velvet Rope
I was desperate to have a nose up there, but the power of the Velvet Rope stopped me in my tracks

I should have picked this up

I enjoyed a sharp gust from these air vents

I got 'Wicked Lady' because I thought the author was a tad harsh in his description, I want to find out more (I expect the book will be biased though)
Proust - the 'don't judge me' book (I read 2 and a half pages on the train home and had to put it down as it gave me a headache but I do like his writing, for example 'The alleged ''sensitivity'' of neurotic people is matched by their egotism' ouch!)
The Vintage Tea Party is a recipe and cocktail book with pretty pictures

What I wore

*Excited Voice*
We have Paloma tickets for next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*goes off to run in a circle*

Thank you for your comments on my last post
you make me laugh,
 you make me feel wonderful,
isn't is just brilliant being part of this Blogging Sisterhood!!!

It's Friday, it's the weekend!!!!
D'ya fancy a dance?
lets do it!!!!!!!!!!

Ricky Martin - Livin' the Vida Loca



  1. That looks like a spectacular library; of course, any building that requires a velvet rope to cordon off a circular stairwell is okay in my books! LOL

    In my misguided youth, I purchased a series called The Hundred Most Important Books Ever Written - $28 per month for a hundred months. They are leather bound with gilt edges and look very impressive on the shelf, but I have only ever read one of them. Instead I devour vampire and horror novels that I buy for $2 when they hit the Deeply Discounted shelf because they are trash.

    But I didn't give all those beautiful books away when I packed last fall. Maybe this winter we'll make a pact to stop reading shallow nonsense and become more edu-ma-cated. :)

  2. What a great looking library. Very nice.

  3. Ooh I love a good Victorian library building, although actually my regular library building is a rather lovely example of 1960s modernism (clean! bright! elegant!) -- I see that yours is both!

    I have a lot of really trashy vintage pulp novels that I bought (or people gave me), usually just for the cover design, but quite often there are some gems of prose within them... And the book on Gala must count for your Art Fridays, right?

  4. I love trashy Westerns meself.
    Now that is a library. I 'd be in there all the time. Ours is fairly crapulent and they've taken away all the books I like....such as trashy Westerns. I too would join you on the vent. The Vintage Tea Party Year is cracking. I love Angel she's fab. So is Paloma. Hurrah for your tickets. I almost got some but the Old Man said he's rather go and listen to a row of cats on a roof, an dno one else I know likes her either. Cloth -eared tossers. Have a lovely weekend, petal.xxxx

  5. Sandra! I think one becomes smarter by just walking in such a library!!! I know I would! :)))) Very impressive building, and I love the modern staircase and the light!

    I love you in this dress. You look brilliant! Like a perfect reader and student! So, so adorable! (Mr F the desk helper is super cute too... oops, I meant to say the kitten desk helper!)

    Good luck with your Proust! xxxxx

  6. What a beautiful library. Nice breezes up your skirt probably make it even more enjoyable! Yeah I read Proust. It took me a f#%king year! Your are forever adorable in your sweet dresses.

  7. Oh I am a secret mills and boon reader nothing like a bit of romance in the day I say !!!, you look lovely in your dress Sandra , and you are so right about the blogging community, in the short time i've been doing my blog it is such a wonderful blogging community,
    Have a lovely weekend Sandra xxx

  8. I love my local library! Not only do I get books (mostly mystery and supernatural), but I also get a lot of dvds. And that dress was made for browsing books! :)

  9. Oh dear I'm glad Mr. F. is back! Your don't judge me books are more kind of don't read me books!! I think Jane Austen is no-judging material and you would enjoy reading her. I also think you would enjoy a smart Scottish contemporary author, Alexander Mc Call Smith, easy-read and relaxing, or the enticing novels by Irish author Maeve Binchy. I hope you will give them a try and tell me what you think!
    TGIF, I'm shattered by work, back-to school tantrums and blogging issues. Viva the weekend!!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  10. I love your fantastic dress Sandra! Kisses.

  11. That's a stonking library! And you look suitably dressed for the selection of appalling romantic drivel and Don't Judge Me books! Now, I have had Remembrance of Things Past sitting on my bookshelves for about 25 years and not read it yet... Since I think that Proust quotation is spot on, maybe I should get on with it, I might like him. I have to mix my reading up - a little drop of the good stuff alongside some trash (usually hideously gruesome crime novels). If I'm lucky, the two categories overlap (see Jo Nesbo, John Connolly and Raymond Chandler.)
    Isn't the kitten helper adorable? That little ginger nose, how sweet! Hurray for Paloma tickets, and for standing over air vents in a flouncy frock. Thrills all the way!
    Can we expect a book review? No pressure...
    Have a great weekend! xxxx

  12. Did you hear Mills and Boons nearly went under until kindles came along and saved them. Since kindles and other tablet type readers they have boomed because people don't have to be ashamed because noone can see what they are reading!

  13. M sister reads the RED M & Bs, she tells me they are the most sauciest!!! I love to read, and I do enjoy the library but I haven't been there for a while, tsk tsk!! If I was with you in your library I would have lifted said velvet rope and we would have climbed those stairs for a bloody good look!! Hoooooraaaaay for the return of Mr Foxy!!! Oh and double hoorraaay for Paloma tickets, she is fabulous!!

  14. OMG … I swear we are long lost twins … that look nothing alike … but I too was completely mad for Mills and Boons!!! I never read the medical ones and rarely the historical ones … and my favourites were always the ones with heaving bosoms and throbbing manhoods!!! I had to go cold turkey … I was wasting way too much time … and I kept being disappointed that Hubby wasn't a Greek billionaire with a private jet ;0)

  15. What a stunning library! Liverpool does have some fabulous architecture, and they have you to appreciate it. I love going to libraries, too. That's one thing I miss with my Kindle - I can download library books while sitting in bed, and I don't get to the actual building very often. Kudos to you for even trying to read Proust! One of my old co-workers who reads a lot said that he couldn't get through Proust. I've never even tried.

    Paloma is sure to put on a spectacular show! I love, love, love her video for New York!

  16. love your black dress .... have fun with paloma then!

  17. OOOHHHHH I love your dress! It's perfect for a Don't Judge Me outing. That library looks gorgeous and I am sure I would go regularly too if I lived near one like that. Our local library is small and I think I probably have a larger collection of books though you can order things and they come from other libraries. I confess I am not a library person and I buy my books for a variety of reasons though I wish I were a library person. It sounds very cool. Like Val, I am impressed that you've tackled some Proust. I have an Eng Lit degree and am an avid reader and have not tackled Proust though I keep thinking I will. Some writers are for just dipping into once in awhile. Some books are for devouring in order to be entertained and there is nothing wrong with that. I have read a few bodice rippers myself and have not ruled out attempting to write one. I think I only have time for a bodice ripping poem though. ;-)

    Kittens are cute but Mr. F is rather adorable too.

  18. Haha! We loved Mills and Boons as kids, my mum got them from the mobile library, then my sisters and I devoured them. After those we moved onto Jilly Cooper! I love your don't judge me ploy, genius. Look at that library, it's quite beautiful. You look lovely in that dress, definitely fit for a Marilyn style wind vent up your skirt pose. xxx

  19. What a grand library! There's other Mills and Boon books other than romance ones? We were made to throw them away when I worked in a charity shop 30 years ago, the charity's HQ deemed them too trashy to sell.
    I love espionage stories set in the Cold War, anything related to India and gory crime thrillers. I don't think I've ever read a romance or any chick lit - I'm not very girly!
    Love those red shoes and congrats on the Paloma tickets, she's ace live! xxx

  20. LOL! u r just too much!
    we all have a "dont judge me book" (in my case it's a whole row, I keep it hidden behind the good ones ;))
    amazing library btw! we have a magnificent one in Madrid, but no pics allowed, they dnt even let you carry your phone... :(
    have a great week,

  21. Ooh, I wish we would have a victorian library here, but no, we have modern 80's library which is very ugly and impractical building. I have even worked there twice and it was really impractical place to work. I haven't really visited library for years. I am horrible on returning the books. Always late and I always get the late-return-fees. Bad, bad girl I am!
    However I love to read and I especially enjoy good chic lit but also informational books like history of costuming, recipe books or tutorial books of all sorts and even the biographies. I've never really cared what other people or librarian thinks of my books, but luckily nowadays we have a self-service desks in our libraries so basically no-one have to know what books you get, except yourself of course.
    Anyways, I love your library-style too!

    Rhia from


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