Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Food crush

Hello, I hope you are all marvellous!

I'm having a food crush over pineapple cottage cheese at the moment, and oat cakes.  This summer was a smoked aubergine dip (aubergine has to be charred on the hob, imagine genuine terror every time making them, gorgeous though)

I seem to have a little problem with my laptop at the moment, it's nothing serious

Little Jaffa is becoming more of a minx,
poor Cookie wanders round complaining 
imagine Victor Meldrew mewing constantly

Cookie has been getting spoiled, I even bought her some Sheba!!
(mini pot of catfood, costs more per gramme than gold)

We had to create a mini-office as the dining table wasn't working
we cleared a corner (hurrah for Freecycle, we got rid of the bulky unit within 2 hours)

Mr F action shot

I'm sorry, I can't help it
I follow them round taking pictures
those poor babies

The new office-ette/ bijou office/stuff rammed in a corner

Out and about in Chazza's today

Canvas pic for Mr F's naughty corner
a ******mas decoration (I'm sorry, it's too early to even mention the word)
jacket, shoes, blouse scarf and a necklace
all under a tenner! 

The jacket has been washed
I have a perverse pleasure watching how much grime comes out during the cleaning process,
it's like squeezing spots
*I know, gross*

what I wore

the only shoes I can wear right now
I 'borrowed' a pair of my daughters the other day
which turned out to be the most evil ankle skin destroyers ever

I can't walk in these silver lovelies
........but that's not important
I can sit down in them brilliantly and casually lounge whilst drinking coffee though - win-win!!

I learned last month one should never, ever use wax strips not designed for your face
I used a bikini wax strip, the rip was eye- melting
my upper lip was numb for 3 days and I had a very attractive facial rash
I was hopeful it may have ripped out the follicles
sadly no

mine magically reappear when I check my lipstick in the car and I'm without tweezers
it's as if they know

I'll have to go
I have a single black jigsaw piece with a sad face on my laptop dash

I hope you are having a wonderful start to the week! 
I loved your comments on my last post!
see you soon 



  1. I can't stop smiling while reading your posts. Your home/family photos are sooo cozy! Little Jaffa and Cookie are such helpers! Funny how they love helping with computers and papers and find themselves little nests. Smart cats! Your new office space looks very chic and inviting! Great job!

    You always find such wonderful bargains. Look at these shoes! I think you are right - they are made for sipping coffee in them. And maybe wine too! I love the color of your skirt, and the matching shoes, so pretty. Sorry about your misfortune with waxing. You look beautiful nevertheless!!!!

    Hugs and only good adventures! xxxxx

  2. Ahh, kitten cuteness. Helping with your typing, that's nice. Any news of Whiskers?
    Well done for sorting out your work corner, and on the chazzing success, and how lovely do you look in black and red? Gorgeous! Those silver winklepickers are seriously pointy - no walking, just lounging, and maybe kicking anyone who displeases you.
    Ouch to the facial waxing... I don't wax anything, I'm far too idle and keen to avoid pain! That's the beauty of wearing tights, you can leave your legs to grow like a rainforest! xxx

  3. Can there ever be too many cute pix of kittens! They are so adorable, and so are you! :)

  4. Gorgeous pictures of your darling kittens ! , good charity shop finds Sandra ,a fun brilliant post as usual my dear , have a good week xxx

  5. Cute pics and cute outfit Sandra! Kisses.

  6. Aaahhh ... so much to laugh at here ... but the Mr F action shot is a winner ... I expect to see an enlargement hung over the fireplace mantle by your next post ;0)

  7. Sandra you made me roll with laughter with the wax part! Poor dear! You should always apply baby cream (the one for diaper rash) after waxing your face!! Those killer heels are fantastic! You are a great thrifter, here no shops to thrift :-) the office has turned out lovely!!! I would spend a lot of time there. Your kittens are so cute!!!! Thank you for your lovely comments my dear friend!!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  8. Super office/nook, so perfect for being all officey! I have been known to have shoes only suitable for sitting about in, they are always gorgeous aren't they, I think you need to take a photo of you reclining with wine and silver shoes! Baby furballs are very photo worthy, and they don't complain like the humans. WAX STRIPS!!! Bikini ones are for bikini escapees, face for face, lesson learned!

  9. I have quite a few pairs of shoes I can't walk in that were too gorgeous not to buy. My sister did the leg strip on face thing too she ended up with a swollen red raw top lip.

  10. I love washing grubby chazza stuff, too! Its so satisfying to get rid of those ikky stains!
    Love those kittens and your swanky new office. I'm scared of pointy shoes, waxing and any mention of the C word until at least 24th December! xxxx

  11. Smoked aubergine dip - sounds yummy! I might have to try it. I'm good at burning food.

    I love your home office corner - very neat and bright, and L-shaped desks are a necessity. Now, those silver shoes. I think you should be drinking martinis or bellinis or houdinis or champinis (I may have made those up) when you wear them!

  12. Aww, your kittens are adorable!

    I do love all your charity shop finds, and recognise the Barnardos labels, but hadn't realised their stock was now £1.99 throughout the uk. I thought it was just our local shop.

    Looking gorgeous, as always Sandra. Have a perfect evening, lovely lady xx

    1. Oh...and cottage cheese with pineapple is bloody gorgeous :) x

  13. No brain to remember what I just read, but I'm left with a lovely glow so it must have been great!
    I do remember a couple of cute kitties, and a gorgeous girl in red with shoes to match. Oh and something about a bottom? Surely not!
    Xo JJ

  14. love cottage cheese, it's my emergency i need a snack right away!
    We have a new cat as well, the other cat didn't meet her yet, I'm doing it slowly and plus she's going next week to get fixed so will wait a bit for the big reunion !
    Your kitties are so cute, it's unreal!
    Going chazza shopping today, 50% off, can't miss that!
    Sorry i'm not around much, spending lots of my time job hunting, it's a lot of work
    So after all those efforts i'm giving myself a 2 day break and will chazza shopping!
    Love and love those silver shoes, that's a great find



  15. I do love getting grubby chazza hauls clean...I even watch stuff in the washing machine as all the filth comes off. Luverley!
    The kittens are so cute. I'd be photographing every move too. Love the silver shoes...brilliant find.

  16. I understand...once I wore my daughter's shoes and ended up having to go see the foot doctor! You're as fanatic as I am about pictures aren't you? I drive my chihuahua crazy running after him trying to take his picture...he is just camera shy, as soon as he sees me pick up the camera he runs away. Wonderful post as usual Peaches!


  17. Pookies! They are so ridiculously cute. How on earth do you get anything done? I'd be wanting to play with them all the time. Oh no, uncomfortable shoes should be against the law, but those little red ones are dead cute. You're funny! Did Mr F approve the action shot?! Now, this whole watching dirt come out thing is new to me, how have I missed out on all the fun? Waxing your upper lip? You must be made of tough stuff! Like the female equivalent to Vin Diesel or something. I'm far too much of a wuss for that kind of thing. Xxxxxxx

  18. oh my gosh your kitties are sooooo absolutely adorable and i´m happy to see i´m not the only crazy lady taking pictures all the time of her babies hihi oh yes i have the same problem with pointy shoes as well, i mean i love how they look but after 5 minutes wearing them i feel like i want to cut me whole feet off.
    hope you have a wonderful weekend lovely!

  19. Oh my those shoes are sooooo divine!

  20. The silver shoes are so pretty, and walking is overrated anyway :)


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