Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Karen Walker maybe my Life Coach

Hello Lovely, Lovely People! I hope you are all magnificent.

Mr F is training again in Edinburgh and I am status; Housewife.  Mr F will be travelling to Cork, Seattle and possibly India as part of his training and with the job itself, it's all  very swish and a bit fancy.  I am running the household and am doing incredibly well........it turns out when you spend lots of Blogging time you don't even notice things like 'mess' and those other things associated with housework-y nonsense.
Until you have to get the tea ready.
Or look around.
Anyhoo, let's look at some photo's!

Rule No. 1

(she was absolutely fine)


Installing anti-virus software....for the first time.....on your own
(o.k.......with a bit of help on the phone with Mr F)

Question yourself and others

for example;
putting a plastic bowl in a convection oven and not figuring out why the bowl was melty hot and my falafel's were cold

Yes, I'm in charge here

Kitties have found the sunshine and drag clothes off the maiden for ultimate comfort


I took Missy to the Orthodontist

Healthy, Schmealthy Smoothie... *blows rasberry*
I know, I know, healthy is good
but it can be so booooooring

Kitty scratches ahoy!
it was much worse over the weekend
Kitties had upset tummies and needed bathing
they annihilated me

they are on chicken breast for another day at least
I am on poop watch

my new favourite bag
£2.99, Oxfam in Moffat
she so purdy

2 Big Reasons I tend to wear a cardigan with this dress

I have to sort my Uni Course out and *groan* driving lessons
at some point, 
but I haven't finished Blogging yet....procrastinate, procrastinate

(I need to sort my punctuation out, it's absolutely appalling)

for all of your lovely messages about my last post
you are all gorgeous

see you soon *fingers crossed my flaming ordered camera charger arrives*



  1. Oooh I love the new bag and you will soon have everything running like clockwork you'll see, if not what the hell the world won't end :-D

  2. Guauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu beautiful blue dress!! And i love and i need this bag!!!!!! kisssssssssssssssss

  3. That dress is gorgeous and so's the bag! Those kitties are adorable, look at those tiny, naughty faces! xxx

  4. You sound as though you're having a lot of fun being a housewife. it must be hard being so far away from hubby, but absence always makes the heart grow fonder. I love your new kitties so much, and am glad they're all getting closer.

    Have a fab day xx

  5. New software, melting bowls, pooping kitties, orthodontist and smoothie-making - you've been busy! Blimey, Mr F's new job does sound fancy; as long as he brings you a pressie back from all his destinations, that's OK.
    Love the seaside-y colours of the frock, and pow, boobs ahoy, you look magnifique!
    Hope the kits are all better now. xxx

  6. Oh my. Poop watch. I've been on that detail with several species, kids included. But honestly I never ever looked as cute as you do. Love the stripedy dress. Karen is a fabulous role model. I identify with Elaine from Seinfeld. Karen and Elaine would be quite the sassy couple.

  7. Beautiful blue dress and gorgeous bag, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    You are sooooooooooooo funny and gorgeous and ...
    Tons of loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  8. What a dress! You look like you stepped right off a dance floor with the blue and white. I LOVE it! What a deal on the bag.

    I especially love the pleats in the dress.

    Poop patrol is a bummer. LOL


  9. My hubby has been away for few days, so I know how you feel. But they are always so happy to see us when they get home, so maybe it's worth it! You look fab by the way! :)

  10. Hi There 'retired' lady... You will find that you will truly be busier in retirement than you were when working full-time. I wonder now how I did it all when I was working.. I stay EXTREMELY busy in retirement.

    Absolutely love your blue/white dress with that white sweater and pretty shoes and bag... WOW----you look terrific.

  11. I love your dress!! It reminds me of a US football cheerleading uniform!!

  12. Woohooooooo Your in charge!!!! Housework, what housework?? BLog away my lovely and just enjoy life, it is what I do. Days can pass me by and I wonder what I have actually achieved, then I think I have achieved PEACE! Not world Peace of course but inner peace. My ignorance to domestic chores is bliss. Kittens are growing up, still cute and still a lot of work. I should catch all the mice and send them over!!! Oh and two very lovely reasons that really don't need to be covered up. I feel like that about my reasonable sized bum!

  13. Well this post just has something for everyone … and a big YAY for us solo housewifery types!!! I've been thinking of trying to mow the lawn … but fast moving blades and me may not be a good match ;0)

  14. Oh Sandra , a great post as usual always make me smile ! love your outfit and soooo love the bag I'm jealous !... best wishes xxx

  15. Your kitties are giving you a baptism in fire ...as they do! What Uni course? Have I missed something? Your sunroom always looks inviting. I have a macrame purse from op shop similar to yours. I DO NOT have two beautiful reasons for wearing a cardy! You look lovely:-) hugs, JJ

    1. It's just a short course at Uni, something relating to Art or History, not sure yet! Goodness! they'd boot me off the campus if they saw my actual qualifications though haha!

  16. Blimey,love s'all go at yurs. Ah Karen...the only reason I used to watch Will & Grace. Absolute bitch queen superstar. Love the new bag and the frock. You're gorgeous you are.xxxx

  17. Sandra! Those reasons could kill someone! Your fur-babies are so adorable and oh the mischief that cats can get up to only gets bigger as they do. Bathing kittens is a very brave thing to do. Wear a suit of armour next time. Congratulations on the housewifely progress and on not setting the house on fire. You look smashing in that blue dress and cardi all accessorised with that fab purse and two big reasons. The cat scratches make you look all badass and give that fashionable juxtaposition of sweet and tough.

    Punctuation, I hear, is going out of style. Just invent your own and keep people guessing.

  18. I love Karen Walker, she was my favourite character in Will and Grace. I need to search on Youtube some of her cameos! I love smoothies and healthy food, I'd just love someone got them ready for me!! Your white and blue dress is haute, perfect with the purse! Thank you for your lovely comments my friend. I knew you were a Karen Walker fan.
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  19. Hello Sandra,

    Gosh, poo watching, smoothie making, anti virus software installing, meal making, modelling, shopping, university studying.........are there no end to your talents? You are Wonderwoman! Lesser women would simply crumble under the pressure but you, darling Sandra, look positively PEACHY!

    We love Edinburgh and have yet to see India......would Mr F include us on his trips?

  20. Great dress! It really shows off your, um..., assets. ;) Don't ya just love them naughty kitties. I have 5 currently terrorizing my upstairs bathroom.

  21. I almost forgot to add that I adore Karen Walker. She really stole the show and I'm glad she did.

  22. You've got some of the best reasons, darling Sandra!! The outfit is adorable and beautiful, perfect head to toe. You look sooooo pretty! Such a gorgeous kitty mama! :) xxxxx

  23. Just popped in for a Sunday hug <3

  24. Karen Walker is the best! And is that a kitty in a sling? So cute!

  25. Eeeeeeeeee, I love the little pookies!
    I also ADORE Karen, she's my fave modern TV character!
    AND-I frigging LOVE that frock, darl! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! XXX


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