Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Nothing half a can of hairspray can't fix

I'm having a few moments, a few wobbles.  Mr F is away again, and last week it hit me, well.....thwacked the living daylights out of me, it's actually all a bit difficult, and I don't like admitting it. Because I am a sod like that.

Whiskers has gone AWOL, vets have been informed, details left everywhere and Mr F conducted a search party, I'm hoping Whiskers has had a massive hissy fit over the kittens and will be back when he has cooled down *fingers crossed*
Broken retainers, lack of tech know how to fix internet issues on one upset child's laptop,  Sassy B convinced there is something paranormal or a mouse under her bed, ....you get where I'm going, it's all actually nothing insurmountable really.

I just need to collect myself........a lot.

The weekend

Matte black nail polish is my favourite (at the moment that is.... next week it will probably be orange)

Sassy B taking the kittens for their first vaccinations

Little Jaffa is the sweetest kitten, loves cuddles or sitting by/on you.....her purrs are bigger than her

Crumble/ Miss Mischief
I adore her

 Today I did my hair

It didn't move

New city bikes and The Walker Art Gallery
it has been calling me

although there seemed to be a theme with my Art Observations today

Love and Passion

Pain and Anguish

The Funeral of Shelley - Louis Edouard Fournier

Distracted by a Historical Very Attractive Man


Then I take pictures in the bathroom......with enormous pencils

Hello! New Chazzed Bag, £12!!! exclamations for the price!!
I'm so tight I wouldn't normally, but I loved the patent and rose gold combination
and it's Zandra Rhodes, I have a designer bag
How Fancy!

So, onwards and upwards.  In the Grand Scheme of Things this really is all of a nonsense.  

except for the paranormal/mouse situation under Sassy B's bed
and Mr Whiskers disappearance 

Thank You for all of Your Lovely Comments on my last post too,
You are Awesome!


I will be joining in with Sacramento's Share in Style; Skirt or Trousers
Anne's 52 week Pick Me Up - Grunge

Any images are off the internet, if they belong to anyone please inform me and I will credit them with you


  1. Awwww KITTINZ! I like your buckle shoes, and Liverpool city bikes seem prettier than the London ones, must be that cheerful green. I saw Zandra Rhodes with the artist Andrew Logan at the Bermondsey Street festival a few years ago, by coincidence they were standing next to some cupcakes that matched their outfits exactly, not bad considering they were wearing dayglo pink and green!

  2. You are adorsable! Big hug! It's hard to do it alone. You did a good thing by going to a museum when it calls you! :) I feel stuck being sicky with my daughter. Only now I appreciate my freedom to move!

    Love your style very much. I think you are coming to yourself rapidly in the last couple of months. It's fun to watch!

    This purse is PURSE-FECT!! It was made for you!

    And how these tiny creatures have purrs bigger than them is one of the universe's biggest mysteries!!!

    Love xxxxx

  3. LOL sounds like you might need a cyber hug. Consider yourself hugged.

    It isn't easy when the hubs isn't there to help out. I know. My husband spends loads of time travelling and every time he is gone there is some catastrophe or the dog gets sick.

    That big pencil is ...huge!

    I really think that 1/2 can of hairspray might be able to fix me too. I need to give it a try.


  4. Oh blimey, it's all going of at your house, Sandra! I do hope Whiskers comes home, and that whatever is making mischief under SB's bed decides to stop soon. Or she stops imagining things - one of the two!
    The kittens are looking adorable, and look at your beautiful hair - it doesn't need to move, it's doing a permanent pose. Cute frocks, cool art (good to see you back at the Walker), and a designer bag - get you, Mrs!
    Hang on in there, Mr F will be home soon and all will be well. Honest! xxx

  5. I LOVE your blue dress and the amazing shoes. I hope the monster under the bed turns out not to be. If it makes you feel any better when my brother got a new cat his original one took off in a huff and finally returned many months later hopefully yours won't be so stubborn. x

  6. Cute pictures Sandra, i love your floral dress dear! Kisses.

  7. Hi Sandra, I have a friend who get scared in her home when her hubby is gone... I think 'hearing things under the bed' is NORMAL--when our men are gone....Yours will be home soon.

    Cute pictures... Hope your kitty comes back home. I have heard that cats do get mad when there are new ones in the home... SO???? Hope Whiskers decides to come home!

    Love your shoes..... Adorable.. AND--your hair looks great.

  8. That historical man is a total spunk rat!!!!
    I hope your week gets better - it is Murphy's law that's all. The planets will align again soon - promise

  9. Oh Sandra. Isn't that the way? Things always seem to go off all at once. I hope the kitty comes back. I really do. Meanwhile you're holding up very well! Love your shoes.

  10. Oh, I hope Mr. Whiskers returns soon! Sounds like a crazy week! But you managed to look great through it all! And hairspray is our friend! :)

  11. Love the floral dress, and your black ensemble. I'm sorry your cat has gone missing, but I hope he turns up safe and sound soon. I'm not sure I'd cope having outdoor cats and not knowing where they are all the time. I'd be constantly worried. The new kittens are adorable, although I bet they're equally exhausting! xx

  12. I feel your pain! Been there done that, not good! But somehow you still managed a cheerful post! You are my idol.
    Love your new bag. I just bought one yesterday...Sportscraft, $260 new, for $5. My best score yet. I feel very posh when I wear it!
    You look great in black and with your new hair and bag, very museum worthy:-)
    Hugs for the next bit! XO JJ

  13. Kittiez are so kute! And you look divine for your art outing. I think you're horny while Mr. F is away - your favorite pictures are a dead giveaway.

  14. You are fierce. You will conquer the paranormal mouse. If you insist on looking like Elizabeth Taylor, or actually much prettier than Liz, you are just going to attract all that cosmic lust stuff and have to make regular trips to the museum to view Historical Attractive Men. That is much better than replacing Mr F with several other husbands so keep going to the museum.

    GORGEOUS purse. Much purse envy!

    Adorable kittens and if I didn't already know how kittens are both adorable and really exhausting I would be rushing out and getting a few more. Sophie is enough work as it is. Poor Mr Whiskers. He is surely sulking somewhere and will come home soon.

    Now, take a deep breath and keep on being your awesome, gorgeous, totally competent self. You can do it. Sending you big hugs.

  15. Aww sweetie, Mr F is obviously missing you just as much, and you get to enjoy the precious moments you do spend together, all the more (((hugs))) . I do hope your kitty comes back soon. You're probably right, he's off having a sulk somewhere and will be back when he's hungry :) The kittens have the sweetest faces! They're adorable! I do love your vintage hairstyle and your daughter looks just as fabulous as her mum! xx

  16. Mr. F will be back before you know it so just hang in there. Find a way to stay away from that particular bed until Mr. F gets home, if you can. Or Mr. Whiskers will show up and take care of that mouse under there...hm, or not. But Mr. Whiskers will come home when he's done his wandering. Your helmet hair appears to be an all-weather, gravity-defying masterpiece, suitable for an art gallery. You look gorgeous!! Great score on the bag and the flat black nail polish sounds great - I'm tired of shiny.

  17. I am soooooooooooooo lucky to have you as my dear friend.
    I do hope we can meet one day.
    Thank you for the vote.
    Thank you sooooooooooo much for being part of the Share-in-Style family.

  18. Things can only get better! You survived the first week, I'm sure its all okay from now on.
    Hope Whiskers comes home soon - don't give up home, one of my friends has just found her Bobcat after he went awol a month ago.
    The kittens are adorable and have you checked the new bag for the missing moggy? Its bastard massive! xxxxx

  19. Ahh hope your cat returns home soon ! ,love the art pictures really interesting for me ,as I love art ! , what a great bag Sandra !!! have a great week . xxx

  20. Drag queens and Madonna? Great post! Good luck on the kitty front!

  21. The shit always hits the fan when the Mr is away, I know this from experience. Lucky you are so bloody gorgeous! and A trip to a gallery would have been the perfect distraction from the mysteries of home. Just breathe through it all or have a nice wine!

  22. Blimey girl. Take it easy and things will only get better. Whiskers will come home after he's calmed down aboutthe kittens. Cats are soooo stropppy. If I got a kitten, I think my cat would murder me and then eat my face.
    Love the frock and the black nail varnish. I'm all over matt grey at the mo. Your hair is fab, the bag is divine, the mouse will come out if you tempt it with a bit of Fruit n' Nut and there are no ghosts under the bed...only odd socks.
    You are delicious....Madonna wishes.xxxxx

  23. Gawd, I'm gone for five minutes and come back to the cutest kittens I've ever seen! Sorry to hear you're having a rough time; tell ya what to do: take the kittens to bed with you and don't get up till you've snuggled yourself better! x

  24. Como siempre unas fotos muy originales. Besos

  25. I'm so sorry you had to tackle all this without Mr. F. on your side. You are a rock my friend, and if you let your awesome daughters know how you feel, they will be more helpful (I think they are already) and you'll be even closer! Fingers crossed for whiskers, he can't leave those babies alone! I love your new retro hairstyle, it makes your beauty shine out. Will Mr. F. come back for the weekend? I wish we lived closer!!!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  26. Husbands being away is all well and good until something goes wrong … and paranormal mice under the bed is DEFINITELY classed as something wrong ;0)
    Hope Mr Whiskers returns soon … check all your cupboards … sometimes kitty cats get shut in by mistake.


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