Thursday, 23 October 2014

It's not right, it's not Cricket!

I Am Very Sorry.
It has been very rude of me to just bugger off, not visit anyone at all and then pop up like the Prodigal Blogger, I didn't meant to be so absent.
It turns out I'm a hideous Drama Queen.  I am, I have been a stroppy and grumpy sod, I have napped relentlessly, even my lipsticks have been neglected, I have flailed and wailed this month, everything took too long, too many things broke, it's nothing serious, just lot's of inconveniences all at the same time.  I even missed a Blogger Meet Up, due to blooming crappy lurgy-itis.
You see, it has been in your best interests I have been away.  I even managed to annoy myself.

Fuzzy Logic
the house is fucked, so lets start sanding

then lets get rid of the panels

Dress-making with kittens

Meet Grumpy 

Tight wearing for the kittens second round of vaccinations,
good job really, my leg hair is now at it's luxurious stage

This room took 3 weeks
the orange is called 'mango tango'
I call it 'Sainsbury's plastic bag'

3D crushed silk effect wallpaper for our 'feature wall'
I hung this
this was the most bastard difficult thing ever

I may not have thrown a mattress, 
but I threw a strop over every piece I hung
I'm surprised I didn't stain the wall blue after the filthy language I spat at it

Littlest's new bed

We were invaded by about 200 ladydirds
it wasn't cute
*cue screeching after finding one in my cleavage*

the kittens kept me sane
I love them so much that I laughed (not even maniacally) when they played in white gloss paint and decorated most floors in the house
*2 carpets are getting replaced, hurrah house insurance!*

Blown Electrics
and a Broken Freezer

I made paint colour card 'bunting'

(the kitchen ceiling has been painted too)

My home made dress, I love it 

the finished room

Cute bag from Oxfam

I went Vintage Shopping with my friend, I was after a cape
so naturally I bought a coat
£24.99 from Oxfam - cashmere and wool mix
very fancy! 

It looks waaaay better than the picture

I don't know what this fancy bit is for on the inside of the coat

 today I attended the Breast Clinic
it has been a nerve wracking couple of weeks
I have been discharged though, everything is fine
Tonight I am having Bellini's to celebrate

this was my focus
one way or the other
........Bellini's, mmmmmmmmmm 

Duckworth Lewis Method - Sweet Spot
Mr F thinks it's about cricket
I'm not convinced

I'm off now to visit you all,
I hope your week so far has been fabulous!!!


  1. There you are, Sandra! Blimey, it's all been going on at your house, hasn't it? Well done on the major decorating and dress-making, you are on fire! Love the frock, love the Daks coat (very posh!) and love love love those kitty-pussies, look at the gorgeousness of them! Hope you are feeling tons better, we missed you last Saturday, and glad all is well in the boob department too. xxx

  2. You. Are. The. Best. I've missed you and am excessively glad that everything is relatively dunkyhory x

  3. Wow, what a crazy week! But you managed to accomplish a lot, especially that cute dress! Those kittens are so adorable, give them a hug for me! :)

  4. I was wondering about you, but I figured you just needed some time off, we all do sometimes! That doesn't make you a bad blogger, or a bad person. Your new dress is lovely, well done you, and nice coat too (ooh that rhymes). Your kittinz are still totes adorbs and your staircase does look brighter without the panels! I like the bunting too, not so much the swarms of ladybirds (especially as those big harlequin ladybirds are nasty buggers, they've eaten all the native ones). Bellinis are always a good choice.

  5. Great pics and cute dress Sandra! Kisses

  6. O, JAYSUS, those KITTENS!!!!
    Gah, anything to do with sanding makes me VERY grumpy indeed. House renos can be SO stressful!
    You may be grumpy, but you are a FUCKING BABE!!!!

  7. Forgot to say - we have had a ladybird invasion too, tons of them all clustered in the corner of the ceiling in our bathroom. I managed to brush them down, and scooped a load up to put out of the window, but a few got a bit squished in the process... Don't tell Nina, I promised I would save them all (I tried, really I did!) xxx

  8. Is there anything you didn't make, fix or renovate this week? For a grumpy sod you've been mighty productive :0)

  9. So much has been happening, no wonder you needed a space to just be left alone and breathe. I am sorry you did not feel well, my dear Sandra. Glad to know that it's better now! The coat is gorgeous - love the color, so great on you! Your dress is marvelous, you are so gifted my friend!! Love love love the photos of your kittens, they are the cutest! You did a wonderful job on the house redecorating - lovely room, so fresh and cozy! I have never seen such a wallpaper. I can only imagine how frustrating it was to put it on the walls... hope the result was worth it!

    Ladybuys still sound better than ants or crouches or the worst of all - flying ants! That was a horror movie kind of nightmare!

    Sending you tons of hugs! xxxxx

  10. By the way we call them ladybugs in US and "God's little cows" in Russia. :)

  11. My God woman you've been busy. With all of those home renos going on I'm surprised you're sane at all.

    I hate almost every insect out there...but ladybugs I love.

    Glad to hear all it well with the breasties. I'm sure you've been feeling mighty stressed.

    Good thing you have little kitties keeping you company and getting into trouble.


  12. Wow, you have been busy! I can see why you took a break from blogging for a while. Just looking at all your projects is making me tired. Love the dress you made and the polka dot cardi. And the kittens are so cute. Did your older cat make his way home in the end? xx

    1. Aw no, he's still awol, my only comfort is that before he left he put a lot of weight on so I am hoping and praying he has decided to move in with someone lovely, we are still doing the rounds trying to find him though, we all miss him x x x

  13. Blimey, I'm worn out contemplating all that's been going on at your house. Hope you are feeling better xx

  14. You are the most adorable grumpy bunny ever. And those kitties! Cuteness overload!!! I really really like your you made dress. I have the same sewing machine. Have you used all those stitches on the dial? I can't even! But the accompanying video is so fun. I might just watch it again for entertainment. Your house is going to be a Palace! We missed you. So glad you're OK. XXXXOOO

  15. OMG I miss you when you bugger off! I"m glad you are surviving and that you are okay and the boobs are good. I am just feckin' exhausted over all the stuff that goes on at your house and in your life. It's looking great though and I am so envious that you had a ladybird in your cleavage. Of course I don't get any action so that would be quite exciting for me. Not only that I am certain it is good luck for life. Your homemade dress is gorgeous and so is your new coat and that bag!!!! And I LOVE your hair up like that. I'm sending you great big Canadian hugs. I'm not sure what Canadian hugs are but I suspect they are very polite.

  16. I don't blame you one bit for being grumpy. That was a lot going on. But it looks like you came through it ok. The room looks great, love the orange, the dress is marvelous, as are your thrift finds. The kittens of course look completely unphased by it all. They just keep getting cuter! The ladybugs are probably looking for a place to spend the winter. They come together in large groups to keep warm. They're considered good luck here, there too?

  17. Hello grumpy ;)

    Oh my gosh! Your kittens cuddling and laying stretched out in front of the fire...they're bloody adorable! I think I'm getting cat broody again.

    Wow! I've never seen so many ladybirds. I love all little creatures, but if I found one crawling on me, I'd scream too!

    Loving your handmade dress, well done you, and the paint card bunting is a genious idea!

    With all that decorating going on, and your clinic appointment, no wonder you've been down.

    Sending you lots of (((hugs))) xx

  18. You were missed but you certainly made the most of your absence. A whole new decorated room, flourishing kitties, a fancy new coat and healthy boobs!
    We had an invasion of those foreign ladybirds a few years ago. The flapping of their wings used to keep me awake at night and drove the cats mad!
    The dressmaking is gorgeous. Yes, do a cape next. Easy peasy! xxxx

  19. You are so cute, and so funny! I think your strops would be both. As for those kittens, I am now suffering from kitten envy and wondering how I can possibly slip a few in past TOF un noticed?! Didn't you do well with your dress making, hmmmm, pretty bloody clever and looking gorgeous. I also love the paint card bunting very very much. You are so forgiven for being absent, you have been rather busy now haven't you?! xxxxx

  20. Missed you. Haven't you been busy you little dynamo you. The dress is gorgeous and so are the kits. And as much as I like a ladybird, I don't like hundreds of 'em. And the bleeders bite too.xxxx

  21. I missed seeing you but there is always next time right? I absolutely love your dress and how gorgeous are your kitties? I hope you are feeling 100% better now. x

  22. Oh my Sandra , no wonder you needed couple of weeks off ,you have been so busy and well done what you have done is wonderful ! and my how I missed you loads ! a fabulous blog post ,have a good weekend Sandra xxx

  23. As long as you keep coming back it's fine. Repairs in the house can be nerve wrecking. I' M VERY PROUD OF YOU FOR THE DRESS YOU MADE!

  24. i hope, life will get a little slower over at yours ... life comes first ...
    but i suppose, i know how you feel ... i'm working a half time job that suddenly turned into full time entertainment, were trying to sell alot of shi ... stuff, before we find a new flat, looking for a flat ... reorganizing the storage room, to get a smaller one - safe money ... washing trough tons of clothes, to get them ready for flea markets or vintage shops ... mobile phone breaks ... all numbers are gone ... hunting friends and numbers ... isn't a lot, actually - but it is.

  25. We had ladybird infestations at work three years in a row. They got a pest control person in, in the end. They're not quite so cute en masse. So you've been a bit grumpy recently? Well, we all are sometimes, next time come along and have a laugh with the girls, it's the best medicine. You've been a busy bee! Love the frock Sandra. Xxxx

  26. Love the redecorating result! The room and your wall. My goodness that wallpaper looks difficult, but I'm sure the result is super sexy. How will you dust it? Vacuum? Too practical I know! The kitties, the kitties, the kitties! Sewing with them would be a nightmare, but then they would lie down in cute poses and you can't tell them off. They learn young!
    You new dress is so cool. Haven't you come a long way with this new machine. And your coat will be soooo cosy. found Bushy one in op shop this Winter.He lived in it! Hope the ladybirds are on your roses and not your assets:-D xo JJ

  27. Dear Sandra, if you needed a break you don't have to apologize to anyone! I'm a bit worried about the clinic. Is everything ok isn't it???? Since I started following your blog I've seen so many house revamping jobs that I don't know how you can cope really! Your dresses are beautiful and your coat is deluxe!!!! Huge hugs and let me know how you feel if you feel like it. Well, let me know!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  28. Bugs in your cleavage? Not acceptable!

  29. Oh My Goodness. We had a small invasion of Lady Bugs one year in early spring... I didn't get one in my cleavage (YIPES) ---but we did get some in the house... YUK.. Those little bugs stink like crazy if you mash them..

    Sounds like you have had a HUGE job renovating your home. BUT--glad it is working out... Sorry about all of the problems you have encountered.

    I do love your kitties --and I'm sure you love having them around 'helping' you with your sewing/work... ha

    Love the dress you made ---and absolutely love your coat. Gorgeous.

    Welcome back.


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