Monday, 18 August 2014

Peaches Intermission

Hello there Lovelies! I hope you are all blooming marvellous!

I am having a little break from blogging, for about 10 days, I thought I would let you know, please excuse me if I don't comment  It's 6 days to Gretna Green and our wedding vow renewal and predictably I am not remotely organised/ready/packed.  I haven't a clue what we are all taking, I haven't cut/dyed my hair, the underskirt of my dress needs unpicking (no petticoat room at the moment) the suitcases are still in the loft and my Dad doesn't know he's on cat and rabbit feeding duties yet ....all perfectly normal.

My Mum is like the Queen and had two Birthday Celebrations last week,
a deflating bouncy castle was hilarious to all of the Grandchildren

One of Sassy B's internet disaster dresses, there has been 2
(the only bridesmaid rule I had was the girls had to wear something that they loved and will wear again, she hated both)

Which meant we were out today shopping for her outfit
I realised when you shop with Sassy B, you really have to forget the concept of time,
find a couch, drink water and wait patiently

My infernal head piece 
I can't get it right
still unfinished

I will be linking in with fabulous Sacramento and The Share-in Style, Summer
Pictures taken indoors
as it was freezing (ok, not exactly freezing, but I am nesh)

I am also linking in with awesome Anne 52 pick me up; Goddess
I'm hoping for Divine help this week 

I'll see you soon!
Take care and I leave you with one of our songs on our playlist
School of Rock - it's a long way to the top 
I do like Jack Black


  1. Love that pretty skirt! I'm sure everything will work out in the end, have fun and see you when you get back! :)

  2. I'm sure it will all come together in the end.
    Looking gorgeous, love that skirt. Have a fabulous time. xxx

  3. Have a great break Sandra and all the best for your big day ! i'm sure it will all come together in the end and you will have a fabulous day !!! gorgeous outfit ,i'm in love with the skirt and your shoes , xxx

  4. Love your skirt - the print is most amazing!

  5. Fabulous look Sandra! Kisses.

  6. Have a wonderful 'blog break' --and enjoy all of the celebrations. I love your outfit in this blog.. The blue shoes and pink bag match your shirt perfectly... AND--that headpiece is TERRIFIC... You are such a beautiful woman. How do you keep such a wonderful complexion???

    Good Luck finding the perfect clothes for your teens.... Teens are not always the easiest humans to deal with... BUT--the good news is that they WILL grow up and become human again!!! ha ha

    Have fun... I'll miss you.

  7. Enjoy your trip Sandra!!!! I can't wait to see tons of pictures from the ceremony, giggle giggle! I'm so excited for you!!!! Big hugs and marvellous wishes!!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook / International Giveaway

  8. Ooh, I love that song and that film!
    Now. CALM DOWN! All will be well. You've got love love love on your side. The petticoat, the headpiece, the bridesmaids' frocks, the packing - it will all be perfect.
    Hope you have a brilliant time. Second honeymoon baby, anyone?! xxxx

  9. Have a fantastic trip and I am sure the whole family will return with great memories. xx

  10. That skirt is delicious!

    You sound buried in work and details. Just remember to breathe : )


  11. Good luck with the final details. I'm sure it will all work out. The important thing is that your are all together celebrating this happy occasion!

  12. Six days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get your skates on girl, you have stuff to do before the big day. I cannot wait and I won't even be there but I just know there will be photos and a blog post to satisfy my needs. Check out your spotty bra showing through your top you little minx. Six days.................hell yeah!!!

  13. How exciting ... good luck on your re-wedding ... you'll be a gorgeous bride and Mr F will be lucky to marry you ... again :0)
    See you on the flip side.

  14. I know what you saying! 4 days before my wedding, but pretty all done!
    All the best to you and hubby and the girls- Have fun and will see you soon
    I will not be on the bloggersphere for a while, since i'm leaving for Europe after the wedding, but i you have instagram there will be pics my user name on Instragram is stylesudest



  15. Take a deep breath and enjoy it all...I know, easier to say than do!
    Will be thinking of you all. All you need to do is turn up and grin and no one will notice your headdress or clothes, they'll be blown away by your gorgeous smile :-D XO JJ

  16. I was going to say make a list but that might make it worse, they can have that effect sometimes. Iam absolutely and utterly convinced all will be well and wonderful, just ENJOY! x x

  17. Good luck with all the preparations and enjoy yourself!!! It will all work out and you will have a brilliant and beautiful day to remember forever. XXX

  18. I went AWOL for 10 days too, but I was not doing anything as exciting as you will be. It will all turn out fine; I just know it and I can't wait to see the pictures!

  19. I am in love with your skirt, so clever
    I am taking it easy too. I have a full house and lots going on.
    Tons of love and thank you so much for joining the Share-in-Style family

  20. These are very, very exciting times for you and your family and no doubt you're way too busy for all this interwebs malarky. Enjoy these moments ... even when frocks/headpieces/family pets go wrong, they're part of the family memory banks. Ooooooh I think the headpiece is looking divooooooon actually!!! xoxoxooxx

  21. I trust it all went beautifully for you and the whole family! Happy birthday to your Mum! Happy wedding to you and your husband! Can't wait for the pics. Looove the skirt and the whole outfit, and as always your attitude and sense of humor, lovely lovely Sandra! Oh, and Sassy B's shopping sounds very much like my daughter's shopping, only I usually have no patience and hurry her up just a bit! xxx

  22. Congratulations on your VOGOFF feature. Now following you!


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