Sunday, 16 March 2014

Work, noun - a task or tasks to be undertaken

Or, in the wise words of Britney Spears - 'Work Bitch'  (I do find the title rather catchy)

I  have worked a lot this week
and refused to wear tights regardless of the colder weather
I shaved for goodness sake

Finally, Friday, I gave in

Training finished on Friday and resumes Tuesday
Training bores me
3rd day in, my colleagues and I decided not to get drawn into the trainers efforts to liven things up
e.g. Me 'What do you mean there is no such thing as an atom?' 
'What do you mean there is no such things as germs?'
despite years of robust winding up from my brothers
I'm still a sucker for it

My rabbits have a disturbing Bunny Brunch problem

I had promised Little Miss-ette I would paint her room ages ago
I bit the bullet yesterday
I loathe painting
but the wise words of John Lydon 'Anger is an Energy' do help
I paint and whine rhythmically

It's the smallest bedroom, and it still took 7 hours!! 
obviously with breaks 
I'm not a machine hehe!!

 the paint is still wet here
'Mum, can you do a feature wall?'
apparently I can!

My painting skirt/dress
and painting hair
and my lovely Eldest

Little Miss-ette crowned me Queen of Painting

Queen of painting

Today, because of the laws of decorating
 my laundry has multiplied exponentially

but I am on a day off, Hurrah!

the loft suitcase opened for me to stuff coats in
Missy spotted my 'Natalie Wood' dress
which is now in her wardrobe
she said she would wear it to a Black Tie function


Wednesday, I received this

Thank you again Jo,
I love it!
 and it will be framed this week

I'm linking in to Sacramento 'Share in Style, Watches' as I am wearing a pendant watch and with Anne 52 pick me up: Go Green.

Primal Scream 
Country Girl
I LOVE this

I will be catching up with you all
I hope you are having an awesome weekend



  1. Wow! What can I say? ... intimidates me! Plots look!
    You have a figure like a model! And just as you pose!
    Great post! I congratulate the ability and talent to curiosity to me!
    I will always be coming back for more: *

    Katherine Unique

  2. Your house always looks like such a fun place!! In spite of the painting. Actually, I'd much rather paint than go to work. I hate work.

    What a gorgeous skirt, gorgeous kids, even a gorgeous painting dress!

  3. I hate training. It's always so dull. You painted that room up fantastically... I'd quite like a feature wall *hint* xx

  4. Sounds like a grueling week for you and your work friends.... Those training classes can be LONG and BORING for sure.... But--it sounds like you are having a nice weekend... Your daughter is gonna love her room!!!! BUT--I do have a question. Are you sure you got ANY paint on the wall????? Looks like most of it went on YOU.... ha ha ha...

    Have a great week, Crazy Lady!!!! Love your gift.... Jo did an awesome job...


  5. What fun you lot have round yours! I hate painting but I'd come and help you in an instant. The bedroom looks wonderful, chandelier, accent wall and all.
    Training is so dull but at least you can go home and have a laugh. xxx


  7. wow what you did to the room is amazing! i looove decorating as well;) and you are the coolest painter ever i want to hire you;) also lovin your skirt and that amazing painting of you!!!

  8. Oh you did well with the painting. And going bare-legged (no hair, or anything!) Your Queen of Painting dress/skirt is hilarious, look at Eldest pouting away in the background, I bet you really deserve that drink! Especially after all the training....
    Love that skirt, love Primal Scream, and Jo is a genius!
    PS. Can you join us May 3rd? We'd love to see you! xxxx

  9. Dear your home is a sweet dream!! And your family lovely! Kissssssssssss

  10. O, gawd, yes, training is tediarse!!!!
    Drinking and painting is a great idea! I like a few when I'm doing anything DIY like that, I'm certain it makes me more talented!!!
    Rock on, babycakes! XXX

  11. Yay ... glad the portrait arrived in one piece … good on you Mr/Mrs/Ms Mailperson.
    I can see why you have a specifically designated painting dress/skirt … it clearly wouldn't do to wear anything you actually wanted to wear again. But look at the fabulous job … with a feature wall … laa-dee-daa … maybe Missy can wear your Natalie Wood dress to the opening night of LIttle Miss-ette's bedroom ;0)
    Has that rabbit passed out in a bunny food coma??
    Good luck with the rest of your training :0)

  12. How you even got to be soooo cute? :) Beautiful room you've created for your little one! And she is so wise and so generous to call you the queen of painting! Such a sweetie! Love your skirt - very very pretty. And the portrait of you is just amazing! Love reading your blog - it's sort of like watching a favorite show, warmhearted and funny. :)

  13. You look gorgeous as always, as do your family.

    Bunny Brunch looks and smells delicious, no wonder your bunnies are addicted.

    Congratulations on getting your redecorating done, I'm still hard at mine.

    I love the portrait, it's perfect :)

    Enjoy your week xx

  14. I really like your skirt and your joy :) ;)

  15. You paint in a dress! I am in awe!! I'm pretty sure I'd catch the hem in my boot and tumble off the ladder if I tried to look so glamorous whilst painting! Really nice job, BTW - I guess Little Miss-ette should crown you! That feature wall is beautiful! Every single sentence ending in an exclamation mark!!! :D

  16. I've only shaved three times this winter. I wear leggings because I don't shave....I don't shave because I wear leggings. I love that you have a painting dress! And that portrait is superb!

  17. Wow, that painting of you is stunning! She captured your perfectly. What a very talented lady! Love your outfits. I can't believe your daughter knows what a feature wall is, and it's cute that she's nicked your dress! Haha. Sounds like you've been a very busy bee! My Dad started painting my bedroom for me in June... he still hasn't finished one corner... (I'd obviously do it myself if I could! LOL). Want to come and paint my room, too? Haha. My pet bunnies used to get up to all sorts of mischief; they can't be trusted! xx

  18. You ARE the Queen of Painting and who,e lot of other things, too! Like Fun! Thumbs up on the room!

  19. I have loads of rooms that could do with painting so when do you wish to come over. You can have as many breaks as you want, it could take years even!!! Like Mr Foxies Tat on his arm, I want a proper photo to look at please. Love your painting outfit, perfect for drinking in to.

  20. Oh Sandra, your posts are so rich and funny! I love your looks, and the picture with your eldest behind you is fab. I've never painted a whole room by myself, you deserve that crown babe! The result is spectacular! I wonder what the subject of the training is!? And that painting of you is adorable!!!! I wish you a lovely day beautiful lady!!
    Coco et La vie en rose
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  21. The room looks great! That is one of my favorite colors, so soothing and calm. Also, love the portrait of you. Would look amazing next to the Paloma calender... xxo

  22. What a great job you done of your daughter's room it's lovely!!! , I reckon you needed that drink after all that hard work.
    That's the trouble when you do something else the washing mounts up, when you are a family of five ,its never ending bloody washing lol !.
    Great outfits !, Best wishes and love xxxx.

  23. Beautiful girls & I loathe painting too but you are so cool in your painting it!

  24. Hi there Sandra!

    Well here we don't have to think about wearing or not wearing thights, it's cold as hell still!
    I love the room you painted, so pretty, i used to paint a lot and did a pretty good job as well -
    I adore hubby green sneakers! i want a pair!
    You lucky girl, that painting is fantastic!

    I said it before but your girls are beautiful, like mom i guess;)

    Have a great week!


  25. does this bunny have ears?! probably hidden in the bunny brunch bag ....
    great post ... so fun, so entertaining ... so wonderful. thanks.

  26. Busy,busy like a chique vintage bee!you ARE a queen,not only a queen of paint! Queen of the green-floral outfit as well. This portrait of yours is stunning.

  27. What a fun family you have! Love that bunny picture.


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