Friday, 21 March 2014

Art Friday-esque

I went to The Tate last week, to check out some modern art.  

I was allowed to take photo's on the ground floor and the fourth floor if I paid *cough* what?

My type of chandalier

Standing Forms - Graham Sutherland

The Visit - Willem de Kooning

Disbellmered - Richard Hawkins

Another Hawkins
I realised I was a little pissed off with him (nah, I was really, really pissed off)
I don't get it at all

I loved this though
Free Radicals - Len Lye
I'm a dancin' to the beat, African drums and popping images

I have an invader in my posing room


My Eldest daughters coat
I was in the mood for a shed load of faux
I will be sharing with Anne and her 52 pick-me-up 30's

.........and then I 'borrowed' her foundation
and Missy's blusher

I still prefer my Little Red

It was like being wrapped up in a BIG synthetic bear

I was taking this as Mr F was getting changed into his pants
I threatened him if he's on the pic he's on the blog
he nearly fell out the room
*me cackling*

Sunny Rain

An outside pic
by Mr F

Thank you for all your wonderful sweet comments on my last post, you bunch of lovelies
shall we have a dance
let's do it!!

I love the nightlife - Priscilla Queen of the Desert

Have a blooming brilliant weekend 



  1. They let you take photos in the museum? I've been busted for taking photos by those mean old museum matrons. Scary. You look like an adorable teddy bear. How nice to have a dedicated photographer in YOUR museum.

  2. Looks like you had a marvelous trip to the museum..... Glad you could take photos inside. So many places won't allow it.... The Biltmore home is so beautiful --but we seldom go in there since we can't take photos in there....

    Love your photos (I always do). My favorite one today is the 6th from the bottom. You have the most gorgeous face in the world... The complexion is fantastic....


  3. Oh, I've never been allowed to take photos in a museum.
    You're brave to take some in the Tate :o
    I most certainly wouldn't pay to take any though.

    You look really good in fake fur...your next purchase perhaps?
    Although I do love that red coat, and it matches your lippy.

    That intruder's tattoo looks pretty special :)

    You look lovely as always Sandra and I love the sunny rain pic.

    Enjoy your weekend xx

  4. oh they are really nice in that museum that they let you to take photos, when i worked in the museum of fine arts while studying, i always had to run behind the people and tell them 100 times that they are not allowed to take any pictures haha it was not so much fun at all only if the people were mean or arrogant before;) and you look gorgeous as always, i love that headpiece and the coat of your eldest daughter on you;)

  5. Richard Hawkins is clearly not a guy I'd like to come across in a dark alley ... creepy!!!
    You on the other hand look as fabulous as usual ... oh and Mr Foxy is ok too ;0)

  6. You look beautiful and always fun, dear Sandra! I can imagine that living at your side is a continual party! Lot of kisses, dear doll.

  7. I like your Arty Fridays. The de Kooning reminds me of Francis Bacon.
    Oh look at Mr F acting all cool when I bet he's pleased as punch to be on your blog! You look gorgeous, Sandra, in faux fur or out of it. Love the headpiece, and your beautiful skin looks absolutely flawlessly gorgeous.
    The weather's been a bit bonkers today, hasn't it? It rained madly, then hailed, then the sunshine returned, all in the space of about 20 minutes (at school run time, typical!)
    Yeah, go on then, I'll have a boogie with you. Have a great weekend, love! xxx

  8. Oh my the 1930s, take me there! The faux fur, your spectacular headpiece, red lippy and art darling!! The big galleries haven't started charging for photos here yet, your trip to the Tate must have been dreamy. Oh the day I can borrow make up off my daughter, that will be wonderful! xoxo

  9. I don't really get modern art - all its talk about flabby asses just to try and be shocking. Give me the beauty and crazy drama of Leighton any day.

    I love your sunny rain picture, and that fur collar looks so cosy and sweet. Like have two kitties sleeping on your neck.

  10. You do realise that you need that chandelier in the posing room don't you? Then there would be no room for invaders of any type even if they are changing there pants. Alas I have no daughters to borrow things off. I know TOF gets pissy when the lads take all his socks!! You look bloody gorgeous with fur round your chops!

  11. Good morning cherry lips! Was it Tate or Tate modern? I love the tribal painting and the chandelier! You look spectacular with that fur collar, definitely flattering! Your hubby seems so nice, all of your family sounds darling! Your daughter's foundation suits you well, bringing out your beautiful eyes. Thank you for the wave of joy and positivity I experience every time I stop by! Tons of Love,
    Coco et La vie en rose
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  12. Hello Sandra , the Tate looks great and I agree with you about the chandelier, you look awesome in your first outfit picture, I love the detailing on the top of your skirt, I love anything like that, and you look lovely in both coats.
    As usual your blog post always makes me smile you have a lovely sense of humour !, Thank you for the lovely comments you leave me , have a good weekend best wishes and love xxx

  13. We're allowed to take photos in Walsall's Art Gallery but when we had the Damian Hurst exhibit photography was banned for a whoke year - what a meanie! Love the art especially the Richard Hawkins - when art pisses you off you remember it!
    looking gorgeous in fake fur and just about everything! xxx
    PS Big girl's vintage in the shop now!!!

  14. Some of that modern art does my head in! I can't bloody understand it! Oh well, I do love that you have your gorgeous little felt head piece on! And, my lawd woman, how is your skin so perfect??? XXX

  15. I loooove museums! It's like being in a different world.
    You look smashing in your daughter's coat! And wearing your daughters' make-up. It is just so useful to have daughters, isn't it? :)))

  16. Hi Sandra, good for you for soaking up as much art as possible! Incredible though how they charge for taking pics?!
    You look beautiful in that mauve/berry color sweater, it's perfect with your skin tone and your daughter's coat looks so cute and warm. I read your previous post and have to say, if those women are staring at you up and down, it means they're jealous!!! I read somewhere, if people are trying to bring you down, it means you're above them ;)) You go girl!


  17. I also like modern art, though not always understand it :)

    Beautiful skirt, and its proper lane :)

  18. I love the coat, the faux fur is fantastic. Did the Tate still have the glass of water that was a tree there? That one made me angry!

    I dragged Mr R to the Empire to see Priscilla, it was ok, but I preferred the film!

  19. Nice post, you look beautifull!

  20. Que suerte que te permitieran hacer fotografias, asi pudimos disfrutar todas. Tu look guapisima como siempre. Besos

  21. cool selection!
    have a lovely week,

  22. Great selection and cute look! Kisses dear.

  23. That chandelier is outta this world gorgeous! And love your make up! So pin up and gorgeous!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  24. Love the chandelier and ADOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE everything about you, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


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