Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Electric Avenue

Hello All! I hope you are having a lovely start to the week!

After a Mothers Day weekend bonanza of fun, it's all back to normal here.  Good job really. Although I haven't been a party animal since 1992, even then I was prone to the occasional falling asleep on a speaker.  This was back in the day, when nightclubs shut the bar at 2 am.  When there were slow dances (slowies) at the end of the night and the towel went on the bar, meaning no more drinks. Which was a good thing, there was only so many snakebites you could drink.  I was never fancy.

I decided to do a tour of song covers on Sunday,
Hey Dave!
Let's rock down to......
(I'm appallingly easily pleased)

 I got bored after half an hour though

This isn't a song cover

There's a Super Lambanana in there

I saw the Eldest off to visit a friend

Lime Street Station

What's that you are reading there?
Why it's Vix, in a magazine spread!


One of my Mothers Day presents, awwww

My photographer complaining bitterly,
ok, he may have kindly took photo's of me wrapped up warmly and prancing round the garden for hours, demanding more,
but still,
don't kill my groove, man
Dave says 'and don't kill your man'
but you are wearing lounge pants for goodness sake!!!


Crumbly Baby Outside,
chillin' with the bunnies,
and slightly terrified of Chocolate (left bunny)
Our gardens lush
(it's not, I'm being vile - I'm desperate for colour!!.......and a good tidy)

If you have 'Electric Avenue' - Eddy Grant appreciation

or an earworm
I give you an alternative
Blondie - Heart of Glass
Oh Debbie, so perfect!

Stay Cool Awesome People

see you soon!
 I'm getting a glass of wine and I'll be round in a bit
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  1. Cute pics and lovely outfits Sandra! Kisses.

  2. Sandra your posts are always a delight to read and I did Lol great seeing the pictures of different places where you live and lovely outfits as always ! Vix home was fabulous wasn't it ! I hope hubby was ok after standing in the cold taking pictures , have a good week Sandra and as always thank you for your lovely comments , you are a star !!! Les x

  3. You are mad woman hehe, and your poor long suffering photographer. Love your pictures though x x

  4. It must be love ... going out in the cold with bare feet ... just to take your pic ... that there is utter devotion :0)

  5. I love the yellow bows on your shoes! *^v^*~~~

  6. YOU stay cool, you sweet thing. Happy Mum's Day. XXXOOO

  7. You live by so many interesting places!

    I do so adore your bunnies. And I do mean bunnies ; P


  8. Ok gorgeous, I want your polka dot skirt, your striped shoes and the flower thing on your head!! Sweet Dave, hope you rewarded him for taking photos.

  9. I always thought the only Electric Avenue was in Birmingham, we've got competition!
    Love your tour and that floral fascinator you're wearing. Poor Dave, it's bastard freezing this week! Oh look, it's me! xxx

    1. Nah, there's one in Brixton. It was the first street market to have electric lighting!

  10. Awwww, poor hubby - and bare feet, no less! I love how you mix patterns and it turns out so brilliantly! I might have to start doing outfit posts myself soon ... no visitors = me turning into a total slob. ;)

  11. Dave is very patient, you must admit it. My husband has shot like three outfit pictures since I started blogging, growling all the while. What a cute gift you got. In Italy Mother's Day is celebrated in May, while tomorrow is Father's Day. You rock that black and white mix of prints. Love you darling.
    Coco et La vie en rose - Valeria Arizzi

  12. totally not a photographers outfit! I love how you never run out of ideas! And I adore the headband and the black and white outfit of yours. I also remember my party days of the 90s. I spend part of it in Athens and Part of it in Holland!Great days. I can only drink a glass of wine now at dinner.

  13. Ha, I'm totally singing Electric Avenue now! Somebody audition me for The Voice, quick...
    The kids loved finding the Super Lambananas when we went to Liverpool last year. Love your black and white check'n'spots outfit, but let poor Dave put some shoes on next time!
    My garden's a bit of a state too, the lawn is more mud and moss than anything else and it all looks drab. Give us colour, for God's sake! xxx

  14. I always wondered where Electric Ave was! Rocking the black and white outfits! And "Heart of Glass" is one of my favs! :)

  15. Hello Gorgeous! I love those songs-Electric Avenue and Heard of Glass. Electric Avenue is now stuck on repeat in my head. Dave's tootsies look cold but he still has all his toes so I guess he survived the chilly photography session. You should tell him not to complain because you are hot enough for the two of you. Eldest looks so chic! Hope she has a good visit. xoxo

  16. Love Blondie!

    I hope you had a perfect mother's day :)

    Looking gorgeous, and yay for Vix being featured! ♥

    Have a wonderful weekend, lovely lady xx

  17. oh, mother's day! I really got confused and I thought, I forgot mother's day. Hahaha, I didn't ... German mum's have their day in the beautiful month of spring!
    ...Eeeeer, if there is a Strom Strasse (translation of Electric Ave) in Germany?! I have to check it out right away! ;)

  18. Sandra, you look gorgeous, just gorgeous! Love the black and white pattern mix, your headpiece is fab, and you absolutely rock berets! The Eldest is such a spitting image of you - such beauties under one roof! Hope she enjoys her visit. Sorry, don't know all those songs titles, but always a pleasure to see the photos of your beautiful city, and your bunnies and kittens of course! Say hi to Dave, he did great with photos. xxxx

  19. Didn't know there was another Electric Avenue. I've sung my way through Brixton before now doing a sort of looping Eddie Grant dance. Eldest is you with a blonde wig on. I want to do a musical tour of Liverpool! But I don't know what Super Lambananas are!! Xxxx


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