Thursday, 12 March 2015

You make my Blog cool

Hello Lovely People! It's Thursday............ How? thank you for all of your gorgeous comments about the kitties, they are back on form and back to laser-pen fun.  Remember laser pens have to be used responsibly, do not point them at planes, helicopters or your husbands legs/lower area because you think it's really, really funny.  Apparently it's not.
But, hey! you  make my Blog cool.

Monday marked the 5th anniversary of Dave's Dad's passing
He's on the left,
he really was that cool,
he loved, was loved and will always be missed
He is making my Blog cool.


in her ring of comfort
.................................that doesn't sound at all right, does it?

Cookie knows how to light herself,
'Darling, always light me from below' 

That's how I always walk,
yep, that's me on the left

de-bobbling and gluing 

I'm going to have to boil wash this baby and re-dye it,
I'm not sure if I can re-dye it another colour though.

Some chazzed goodness

This is the 
'I can't take a decent photo; so here, look at my £2 chazzed chocolate fondue set'
chocolate fondue......................
*looks up into the distance*

Me, with my actual real hair for once
and a stroppy face

This is what I wear when I make lemon drizzle cake,
no lipstick however,
I'm about to go face first into cake mixture,

I pimonkey-ed it and gave myself a terrible facial rash,

This is the first brand new coat I have bought in years
£15 in the sale, weird fitting thing, look at the arms!

Eldest was going to throw these shoes out
are you kidding me?

I also discovered last week I have a phobia,
Trypophobia - a fear of holes
I thought I just had an over-reacting aversion to holes,
Missy gave me the name
it's not all holes
just the creepy, horrible, vile skin crawling type
I then decided to cure myself by de-sensitizing myself,
which is possibly the worst idea I have ever had in my entire life.

So, if I have given anyone the creeps,
accept my apologies

This should help

Cute Kittens

Adorable Puppies

Also I'd like to mention Carol S,
 thank you for your +1's on Google!
you make my Blog cool too.

You know I need help when I'm still using the word 'Cool'

see you soon!


  1. You're blog's cool because you're so cool ... with or without your real hair :0)

  2. *your blog's* ... gasp ... can't believe I used the wrong grammatical your ... I can't stand when that happens!!!

  3. *Y ... double gasp ... can't believe I missed that capital Y ... it's horrid when that happens.

    1. Your grammar is a zillion times better than mine! and you are cool! x x x

  4. Amazing pictures Sandra! Kisses.

  5. Your blog is always so entertaining and cool! And you are always so cute! :)

  6. You look fabulous in all the photos! I love the grey coat and the heart print cardi. xx

  7. This is the coolest blog post, with an ultra-cool opening shot of Dave's dad.
    Cool kitties, cool clothes and DIYs, cool cooking, of course choco fondue cannot be other than cool. I like your retail coat. One needs weird-fitting sleeves just to shake things up a bit. I'm sorry about your hole phobia. That's not cool. I wouldn't be able to put my hand in the mouth of that sculpture thing in Rome. Ya know?

  8. Dave's Dad looked like one immensely cool dude! Jon's dad died when he was 20, he was a commando and his WW2 photo albums are full of very similar photos.
    The kitties are fabulous, your skillz are ace and I love your real hair. xxx

  9. Love that vintage photo…so lovely to have old photos of family members! You're so adorable! Love the new coat! All the photos are great!

  10. A passing is always deeply saddening and never forgotten. That's such a gorgeous old photograph.

    Crumble and Jaffy are adorable! ♥

    You look absolutely lovely, and so many great finds!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Sandra xx

    (Would you prefer to send the Nemi book back to me, and I'll get it packed off to Maynard in Austria? Sorry, I can't find your email address to message you there x)

    1. I'll email you if that's ok, and thank you, have a lovely weekend! x x x

  11. Love the purchases and the new coat was clearly made for me and my long monkey arms!

  12. I would love a ring of comfort. It looks so cozy. So much sweetness here. Dave's Dad has such a nice face. You can just tell that he was a good guy. And I love your rug and your hand me over shoes and your real hair and that cute dress you're wearing while holding the fondue kit and all the thrifted stuff. SWEET.

  13. Aren't you a lucky one to get such cool shoes for freeee? Love how you styled them with gray tights and that wonderful skirt! The coat looks beautiful on you, very much in your style I think. The photos of Dave's father is just so full of character! They look very much alike, the father and the son.

    You are adorable as always, my dear, and I just love your cool blog! Hugses! xxxx

  14. I'm totally in love with the non-lipstick photo. the outfit is so fun and cute and wonderful ... is it a skirt or an aperon? you look great without lipstick. :)

    1. it is an apron! it was given to me by Vix (Vintage Vixen) - I should have mentioned that! and thank you x x x

  15. I so enjoy your sense of humour, you know how to make real life look cool. I wouldn't throw the shoes either and like your diy necklace(?). Have a great weekend.

  16. Sandra you are seriously the coolest, you know that right? Your kittens are super cool too, and you have a cool family, Even your holes phobia is cool. Ok stop me. I love the shirt with ruffles you are wearing, you rock it!!! I think you might want to tighten the sleeves of your new coat. Otherwise it's beautiful! Your father in law looked nice and fierce, hugs to you and Dave. Those shoes shouldn't be thrown away, no way!
    Coco et La vie en rose - Valeria Arizzi

  17. Loads of cool stuff here, chuck! Dave's dad. cute kitties, Kath and Kim, fixing diamantes and bobbly sweaters, real hair, rescued shoes. AND a fondue set - you've got it ALL going on! Looking fab, and making me laugh, as always - have a great weekend, Sandra! xxx

  18. thank you for your comments Ladies!! see, I told you, you were cool! x x x

  19. Your blog is cool because of your lightning-quick stream of consciousness and your elegant house dressing (you look fabulous for making lemon drizzle cake!) and your witticisms and your brilliant clothing and adaptations and bling and flowers and shit!

    I think if you gathered the cuffs of that coat it would add a nice pouffy elegance and make it look like all that extra fabric is there for a reason.

  20. I use the word cool all the time. I definitely use it when I refer to you and your blog. There are so many cool comments left ahead of mine I cannot add anything that sounds intelligent to the already accurate observations on your coolness and I will just add that I love your blog and you, so there!! xoxo

  21. Your blog is super cool, keep up the good work, please! *^O^*~~~

  22. The coolest thing on your very cool blog would have to be you my love. You are the coolest chic ever!!! So cool that you rescue shoes that the daughter is biffing!! So cool that you own more than one cool cat/kitten because the coolest people have more than one cat/pet. So cool because look at what you wear to bake, no naff apron for this cool as chic!! Oh and I feel very cool to know you!!

  23. btw the cuteness of your cats/kittens is seriously cool! Today I almost took a cat with me to my parent's home (where I'm currently staying)...they probably wouldn't been too happy about it, but that street cat was so cool:)

  24. Oh that coat is delicious! Your father-in-law(?) looks like one cool dude!!

  25. Hello, Just got home from a nice trip to Arkansas to celebrate George's birthday. I will blog about it tomorrow.

    Now--it's time to start working in the yard, cleaning up all of the 'junk' from the ice storm. What a mess!!!

    Hope you are doing well. Enjoyed your post... Love that picture of you: the one above the new coat one. I like the coat also. AND--I love your kitties...Which one is the most friendly??? Crumble's colors are gorgeous.

  26. That photo of Dave's dad is just wonderful. I have similar pics of my grandad, but he never had a lovely smile like that (probably thought he was too cool)! Cute kitties! A phobia of holes? I wonder where that comes from. You look absolutely wonderful in your lemon drizzle cake outfit. Liverpool's answer to Frida Kahlo! Xxxxx


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