Thursday, 22 January 2015

The Searching

Hello Lovely People!! I hope you are all doing well.

Sometimes in life you gotta put them big boots on, and get on with it........yep, that's my Philosophical approach this week.  Lets face it Readers, I'm no Plato.

Parents who have an opportunity to actually GO OUT 
I tried on my daughters heels
which I wore very successfully for 10 whole minutes

This outing has put us on new dizzying heights of going out in the evening twice in 6 months

Demonstrating we really don't get out much
for reference; I had a large glass of white wine and a pint of Hobgoblin, Mr F had 3 pints of Real Ale stuff.............. we are pathetic

Literal Demonstration

My parents came round for their bi-annual sorting out of financial stuff
I'm in charge of it
My parents do not like telephones (unless it's family calling)
My Dad on the phone is adorable
My Mum provides a hilarious running commentary while I'm on the phone
this is how it rolls, in this instance Home insurance quote;
Operator-'Have your parents had any criminal convictions?'
Me - 'What!, no, they haven't, and they are not criminals'
My Mum, who is on the couch listening then shrieks 'what are they talking about, Criminals? *reaches a piercing level which sets all the dogs off in the neighbour-hood*

and yes, that's my phone cover

Fuzzy pics
'cos you all know I'm crap at taking them

We had about 25 minutes of snow

MIL has asked us to look after a very special grave from now on,
it took 2 days to find it,
instructions - when you get there, it's on the left,  the picture below is the 'left'
(The grave contains Mr F's brother who died just before his first birthday from complications from Measles and encephalitis, it is unbearably sad.  He is buried with his Grandparents.)
I appreciate and understand the relevance and importance of being asked.  
MIL is taking care of business.

I took quite a few pics for reference
I then looked through them, 
Then I see Orbs and completely freaked myself out
Mr F reckons it is rain, they are not on any other pics

I believe in ghosts
I've seen a couple

The beading on the left cardigan is exquisite, the buttons need some attention, but 2 beautiful pieces of knitwear for under 8 quid! Viva la Chazza's!

£12 worth of fines
because I am an idiot

The cemetery where Mr F's brother is also contains my maternal Grandfathers family
I have been once and remember a rather grand Memorial
I couldn't find it
I'm researching possibilities 
It's a long story about my Grandad,
 not mine to tell though

It was ruddy freezing
armlets and a cape?
bits of bare flesh

 Irony of ending a post called 'The Searching' is my internet connection is currently searching for Internet Access............

Thank you all for your comments on my last post, You Are Gorgeous!
and thank you for reading!

See you soon


  1. Families always have all sorts of stories to tell, don't they? And no family is immune from sadness and tragedy. Clearly your MIL still thinks about Mr F's brother, of course she does. And your Grandad's story sounds intriguing; I wonder where that memorial is? As for the orbs... I find other explanations more credible than seeing them as evidence of ghosts, but that's just my skeptical self for you. I've got a photo of me in the garden with accompanying orbs, it makes me laugh!
    That green skirt looks rather glam, and I'd love to see a close-up of the beading on your cardi, it look lovely. A capelet is always a thing of beauty, but get those arms covered right up, it's bloody perishing! Love all those buildings around the Central Library and the Walker Gallery, so imposing and beautiful. Microfiche? Gawd, that's a blast from the past, didn't realise libraries still had them! xxx

  2. Yeah! How do those young things stomp around in those high high heels? My daughter actually rides her BIKE while wearing super high platforms! Youth, eh? It is so nice to know more about your family. Wish I knew more about mine but they mostly kicked off without revealing much. I used to live in a house that was haunted by a very friendly small child. And I'm super cynical about these sorts of things. Love beaded sweaters. More sparkly stuff for a sparkly girl!

  3. OMG ,I have the same phone cover as you ! love the cardigans I love anything with any embellishments on clothes , once again your outfits look fabulous ,but I expect nothing less from you my dear ! have a wonderful weekend Sandra xxx

  4. i love your cute outfits! kisses.

  5. Both sides of my family have skeletons rattling in the cupboard!
    I can't walk let alone stand in heels it's a tragedy, I'd love to be able to trot around in them.
    Loving the green skirt. x

  6. Oh my ... out twice in 6 months??!!!?? You need to stop burning the candle at both ends and slow down a bit ;0)

  7. You've really gotta slow down lady! Next thing you know you might be out past 10 pm!

    I don't know how anyone walks in super high heels without a morphine drip.

    Your phone cover is are you!


  8. If it makes you feel better, I've not had a night out in years- and I'm not even 30! Your social life is much more happening than mine! Haha!

    Love your outfits, and the heels look good on you. It amazes me that people can actually walk in heels- I sure can't!

    I hope you manage to find your grandfather's family's graves / memorial. It must be really difficult locating it with the size of that cemetery! It's huge! Very sad about your hubby's brother; I can't imagine how heart-breaking the loss would've been for his family.

    I don't think those spots on the second graveyard photo look like rain, either; they do look like orbs, even if I'm not sure whether or not I believe they'mean anything or not. It's interesting that there are several around that patch of disturbed earth...

    Also, I can't believe you were asked if your parents were criminals! How ridiculous! xx

  9. The green skirt is a beauty! I forgot - is it one of your creations? I always enjoy your look in this yellow jacket, it really looks great on you. I can't believe you went out only twice in 6 months, I see a room for some improvement there. :) I was asked about criminal convictions when I was getting my US Green Card. I said why do I look like a criminal? And the answer was yes. :) But I have to admit we both felt playful, the officer and I. :) xxxx

  10. Hi Pretty Lady, I have missed your great blog posts... My Knee Pain/Surgery is over and I am GRADUALLY getting well. Hasn't been fun though!!!!!

    I couldn't wear high heels when I was young --muchless as I got older... ha.... Neat cemetery... I am always intrigued by cemeteries. There's so much family history in them. That is nice that your MIL has asked you two to be in charge of taking care of the grave of Mr. F's brother... Sad to have a child die so young...

    I don't like the phone either---never have. BUT--they are a necessity these days for so many reasons.

    Hope life is great for you.

  11. Hello Sandra,

    Well, we are very impressed with your highly professional looking secretarial pose with your telephone. We are certain that if anyone can sort home insurance and any other financial stuff then you can. You have that determined look in your eye of a woman who knows what she wants, is focussed on the target and will achieve it no matter what.......come rain, snow or high heels.

    The green skirt looks very glamorous and deserves to go out more! And, the yellow jacket and black and white polka dot skirt combination is truly fabulous!

    Such a sad story of Mr F's brother. The graveyard photograph with all those graves stretching into the distance is so very poignant. Every one a life lived and a story to be told as a result. A lovely thought to give you the responsibility of tending the grave.

  12. Ooo, I love that little cape! That's the trouble with vintage coats is sometimes the sleeve are short and then you need long gloves! but still very cute! :)

  13. 'Eh 'Eh carm down, carm down! 'ow are yer! Please read with a scouse accent! ;-D Good job you weren't after isurance, they'd never have covered you! Not with your shocking record of non returnal (is that a word) of library books! I'm shaking my head and tutting a lot! Then I'm remembering I may have had the odd fine or two myself in the long distant past, the librarians at the Luton library were just scary. Family history is always interesting and nearly always sad or tragic, I like knowing we have skeletons in our closets! lol I had some ghostly experiences as a kid but now I'm kind of doubting this afterlife thingie, this is it I reckon, so we gotta make the most of it. xx TTFN xx

  14. Well dear Sandra where do I begin? Oh I know, the up do of your hair in photo one, *loud wolfe whistles* at that, phoar, gorgeous!! I do love photos in cemeteries and how lovely to now be the look-er-after-er of Mr Foxies brothers grave. Oh and I am so with you about the orbs. We have all been here before and some of us keep coming back, woooooooooooooeee!!! I do think you and Mr F need to seriously rein in the nights out, this is totally getting out of control, out of control lady!!! Tow times in six months??? You brighten my bright days you do. Look forward to you landing in my little part of the world one day.

  15. I am dizzy after reading this post. The only thing I can remember is Hobgoblin.

  16. Yes, the Hobgoblin caught my eye, too. I must see if we can get that over here! Definitely orbs and not raindrops. :)

  17. My darling Sandra, I'm glad you decided to go out more often with hubby, in that picture you look ehm soooo relaxed :-) you look amazing in your black cape and gloves, truly charming. When my sisters and me went for the last time to my mother's house after emptying it we had to take pictures for renting the apartment. And in some pictures (no flash) there was this blue spot of light, and we knew what it was.
    Coco et La vie en rose - Valeria Arizzi

  18. Hi, dear friend !! Long time ago I came not to visit you and now find many publications so funny I do not know where to start ... Love your cardigans, the black one is truly magnificent! Family Stories, yeah ... I recently discovered some things about my family tree so excited about that. Enjoy a wonderful week, sweet Sandra.

  19. Families are just full of stories, and often we find we are not as strange as we think we are because our family stories are often similar. My mother lost two babies, and they are buried with their uncle in our local cemetery. When mum lost her babies too soon, her mother had them buried with her own baby she lost too soon, although he had lived until young adulthood. We are all different about whether or not we acknowledge grave sites. My brother does and I don't. It is an honour that your MIL has asked you to tend this one.

    You look fabulous in your cape and I am so glad you got out for a date with the adorable Mr F. I do not think you should mix alcohol and heels. I worry about you doing that! xoxo

  20. the cardi is too good to be true... actually it is so unbelievabley gorgeous that it shouldn't be called cardi: no, it is a cardigan princess! (the past days of heavy fever make this comment a little silly ...) ;)

  21. Wow, twice in 6 months! Paint the town red why dontcha! Actually our life in depressingly similar :-) I had to laugh at the turn left cemetery instruction, with the accompanying picture...!!! :-D You take care now, you hear? xo Jazzy Jack

  22. So nice you got to go out with your hubby. You look adorable at that wefie. I love when it when the two of us do that...go out and spend some time together...though it's usually no crazy clubbing or anything of the sort:) and perhaps some wouldn't even call it a real 'out on the town' kind of things. I was at two concerts last year (rock is my kind of thing) so I guess my score is not that great either...but happens and clubbing after certain time loses its charms.

    I do believe in ghosts, I didn't see them in person but I sensed them a couple of times.

    I'm thinking about writing down some family stories, that's a great way of preserving them for my kids...thank you for reminding me of it by mentioning your grandfather and his story.

    btw...I really love all your outfits in this have a great sense of feminine!


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