Thursday, 15 January 2015

Hedonism, gaudiness and Zsa-Zsa

Hello Lovely People!

Thank you so much for your comments and concern regarding my MIL (mother-in-law), you are all wonderful!.  She now has a new shoulder and is recovering, a care package has been organised and apart from visits, we are almost back to normal.

I love that you all loved the Playboy bus too (last post), now I could tell you what it was really like or I could leave it to your vivid and glorious imaginations.  I will say that this, the Playboy bus was ever so slightly disappointing as it didn't have the two dancing poles it had on my Dad's 70th birthday bus. Apparently it had something to do with people using them inappropriately, or as I like to say correctly.

I have a deep love of fake hair piece's
(with my Liverpool accent I have to say 'hairpiece' very, very carefully, I say 'hair' like 'her and 'piece' like 'peas')
 excessive sparkles 
and a polo neck
it's the 'whack it on approach'
can you lift your head and neck easily?
then you aren't wearing enough,wear more darling, MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Picmonkey nonsense 

What do you mean it doesn't snow in your house?

Always skilled at taking crap photo's

Mr F loathes, I mean loathes these booties
I think they are just adorable!

Kitsch cocktails
(if it stains your white gloss paint, and tastes like cough medicine you are on the right track)

However this is where I'm at right now
this isn't like a normal bowl however, more like a trough 
it's bigger than my head

my 3 followers

I'm back on the excercise wagon
A Hedonistic lifestyle does not suit me at all
it's a damn shame

and if you are considering an excercise regime
I highly recommend this
Zsa-Zsa Gabor - It's Simple, Darling
you will need 2 very buff helpers of course
and a wind machine,
This is 8 minutes that will enhance your life

it seems I've been doing it ALL wrong
thank you Ms Gabor

I do hope you are all having a FABULOUS week
gosh darn it, you are magnificent!
how do you do it?

see you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. oh my gosh your kittinz have suddenly got so BIG! Look at them, they're the same size as Cookie (who I notice remains as disdainful as ever, ha!). You are inspiring/reminding me to wear more diamante. *bling!*

    (ps. thanks for your sweet comment on my last post, I didn't find it patronising at all!)

  2. Oh Sandra, it seems we all do it wrong! :))) Glad that you shared your newly found secret. You look a m a z i n g, love your bling-y jewels and oversized polka dot with yellow look stunning!! Say hello to your MIL, fast recovery and all the very best! xxxxx

  3. You look simply gorgeous dahling! Dripping with jewels! I think we would all exercise more if we had a sexy trainer to motivate us! I love those boots by the way. :)

  4. I feel there could be something wrong with me! I'm watching Zsa Zsa dahlink, and that first exercise pushing her knees up to her chest....I know, just know I would have farted! I bet she did, they just edited it out!! I do a passable scouse accent and I was reading hair piece with the accent lmao! Looking fab baby. xx

  5. Zsa Zsa is my Mum you know, well according to some of my friends anyway ;-) I'm glad I'm not the only one who takes crap photos and I LOVE the booties. x x

  6. Lots of Blingage to help make you sparkle your way through winter, what a fabulous idea. I say, your three followers are pretty cute, they do look like they are hanging off your every word, best sort of followers to have. ZSHA ZSHA!! OMG she is too much or is that was, she has popped her clogs hasn't she, poor man helping her, she was hitting on him for sure. Like Sue W I bet they edited out all her fanny farts, at that age they just happen!!!

  7. Oh Dahling. That was simply Vunderful!!!

  8. Okay I now know what I've been doing wrong all these years...I need two buff boys to help me workout! I think I might be working out daily...maybe even two or three times a day! LOL

    I love the shot of the snow in the house! ha ha. And your three followers.

    You always make me laugh dahling!


  9. I love your three followers. So cute!
    I can lift my not enough bling! It's simple when you explain it.
    However all the bling and nonsense couldn't outshine your gorgeous smile.
    Xo JJ

  10. You always look gorgeous, and I love all the Picmonkey edits, especially the snow!

    Your kittens are so big already, all your furry followers are such cuties :)

    Have a wonderful weekend xx

  11. Herpes? Oh, you said hair piece. Yep, I'd like to try the latter, not so much the former... You look fabulous in yours, and the bling, and the frocks.
    Kitties! Looking gorgeous, aren't they?
    Laughing about Zsa Zsa's varts (fanny farts)! That's set me up nicely for the weekend, ta love! xxx

  12. Only Zsa Zsa (and Elizabeth Taylor) can get away with saying "all of my husbands..." Love it! And I do a lot of those exercises!!! Of course, I have the current Mr. USA to help me out.

    But you are every bit as glamorous as Zsa Zsa, and I can't wait to see your exercise video with your Scouse accent!

  13. Hah! I miss you so much when you are away. You are the Kookiest Cutie who tells it like it is and I love this! Also love those booties. And I think I will have to take up the Simple Dahling exercise routine though I can't do glamour like you and Zsa Zsa do. xoxoxo

  14. Gorgeous as ever Sandra ! love the hair pieces , yes Mr M does not like them sort of boots buy I find them sooo comfortable ,glad MIL getting better ,have a fab weekend .xxx

  15. I'm sorry, I'd leave a more entertaining and intelligent comment but I'm still guffawing over the herpes … I mean the hairpiece :0)

  16. Dear Sandra, I'm glad your Mil is ok now. I find you back to your brilliant and sparkling self doll, that's great! You rock those statement jewels divinely, and I love your boots. I'm not doing enough exercise and I know I'll regret it this Summer. I just don't want to make resolutions I won't stick to :-) much much love dear
    Coco et La vie en rose - Valeria Arizzi

  17. Great to hear things are back to normal. It's so nice to see your nicely made up face and great retro looks!

  18. Glad that all is well now
    I love the boots, you know, men!
    I'm back to yoga, 2 classes a week and very happy
    Learning a new job you need, I need yoga!

    Take care


  19. It snows in your home? GASP!! Witch!! You're a witch!!

  20. Your three followers are simply adorable, dahling!


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