Friday, 7 November 2014

The Glory Days of the Aerobic Glitterati

It's Friday! I hope you have all had a wonderful week, it's much chillier here.  Yesterday I actually put a coat on.

I think the internet is a wonderful thing, until it breaks, which ours has been doing....... lots.  Mr Internet Fix-it-Man has been round to resolve it and then very lengthily explained our internet woes, something to do with a flashing orange light and 1 way traffic which is now more like a motorway  -  I listened robustly for the first 2 minutes,
It's still not working properly though.
Blooming Internet Motorway.

The outfits I made, apart from the very scary skeleton

 Beatrix Kiddo (Kill Bill) 

Once I completed the make-up/gore,  the Boiler Service Man arrived, we had a lovely, civilised conversation about radiators and our almost knackered boiler, which needs replacing, we should really think about it next year


Sassy B's mini shindig

Toilet roll?
I think one day I'm going to actually take proper photo's

The Truth

The Restaurant Bathroom Selfie 

This stuff appeals to me
It's all very tongue-in-cheek 

I find compromise is important
Mr F wanted to try something different in the bedroom

His suggestion was the radical changing of the duvet cover from white to a lively patterned number

I'm still not convinced

I'm finally done with decorating

I wrote several catchy tunes whilst decorating, K-tel would have been all over me,
there were classics such as;
'I hate decorating'
'Decorating Sucks'
and the catchy

'When will it stop'

Just in case you haven't heard of K-tel

This is the best kitty toy ever

I have become bored of the gym
blah, blah, blah

I have been throwing myself round the backroom in an attempt to become fitter.  I stopped smoking 6 days ago (I'm using the vapes/vapour's as a nicotine replacement)
I need to feel the benefits so I combined it with a non-negotiable 5 day a week fitness plan
Is it easier to breathe? yes, 
The Youtube aerobic people are very lovely 
but I miss the sparkle and glamour of the original Aerobic glitterati 
and all of the neon lycra 

This is what I want to do
........and wear

I could watch these for hours
they are FLAWLESS

I would like to give A Big Thank you for your comments on my last post,
....and we like Cheese!

Have a wonderful weekend! 

See you soon (internet permitting)



  1. Oh I do miss the good old days of high cut leotards and leg warmers ... they made exercise classy ;0)

  2. Fantastic Halloween costumes and make-up! I love the pic of you with your apron on, you look so happy! ♥

    "This is what I want to do... and wear" I laughed so hard at that gif image! I find gyms boring too. I prefer the great big outdoors, but in this weather I have to make do with exercise in front of the telly... followed by a mug of hot chocolate and lots of biscuits.

    Have a perfect weekend with your gorgeous family xx

  3. I hate aerobics and I love cheese. I love the title of this post too, it sounds like an album title!

  4. Those last images take me back. Plus back then everyone wasn't so snooty about the gym.

    Hooray for finishing off your decorating. I know how it does feel like it never ends.

    GREAT Halloween makeup! Or was that just the aftereffects of all that decorating?


  5. The Halloween costumes are ace and the make-up is proper scary! Those kittens are growing up fast.
    Well done on the quitting smoking. I much prefer my Wii Fit to the gym, it's impossible to ignore as it peeps out at me from under the bench in the lounge. xxxx

  6. Now, I am totally imagining you doing your aerobics in a leotard that splits your difference and a mullet wig, smiling insanely the whole time. That's the way to keep fit! Well done of giving up the fags; it's hard, but sooooo worth it. Mind you, it's taken me the best part of 10 years not to miss smoking, but I really don't any more, not even when pissed up (the usual trigger!)
    Love the Halloween costumes, and your make up is incredibly good! Beautiful kitties, we'll consider your loo roll an ironic statement about fashion trends, and let's hope that when Mr F asked for something different in the bedroom, he was happy with a floral duvet cover...
    K-Tel? Now you're talking! xxx

  7. Lovely pics and cute floral dress Sandra! Kisses.

  8. Never mind proper photos, that looks like a great party. Love all the halloween costumes. The Skeleton is so cute and your wound is very authentic. But far and away the scariest thing is the request for something different in the bedroom!! ;) congrats on the smoking front. I would love to see you doing your work out in that style! Hilarious. Those leotards were awful. Xxxx

  9. Amazing make up! I love the dress! And congrats on stopping smoking, I'm so happy for you! :)

  10. Sorry about your internet problems.... That is SO frustrating I'm sure!!!! I'm one who could NEVER live without my internet. Between Facebook and Blogging ---I LOVE it.... BUT--these days we have been busy in the yard (getting up all of the trillions of fallen leaves).... I blow and rake and George mows some of them up. OR--we get a big sheet --and pick them up by hand.. NOTHING fancy here to get the leaves up.. We just work hard ---but it is GREAT exercise!

    Love your cute little tennis-type shoes in that one photo. They looks so comfy.

    So glad you have stopped smoking.. AND you are exercising too... Both are GREAT for your health... Congrats.


  11. the halloween costumes are super fun!
    ... the aerobic clips are hilarious! i have to find more ... probably i have to wathc them for hours aswell ...

  12. I imagine you as the star of a sitcom, hilarious adorable and seriously talented mother, daily coping with the trials and tribulations of kittens, daughters and repair men speaking Martian. K-tell-OMG what a blast from the past, as they say. And aerobics in high legged leotards and tights, head bands and leg warmers and all that flash. A bit of zombie makeup would add to that look. Zombie bride? So last year. Zombie aerobics instructor, now that is ahead of the times. Please don't ever not have a toilet roll in your photos. You are Lucille Ball crossed with Elizabeth Taylor. Don't stop.

  13. All these pictures look like great fun and shared family time, it's the best !! Your adorable princesses look great !!

  14. Loving your makeup...that is your new everyday look, right?
    Halloween passed us by this year. Mr Actor went over to a friend's where they did the gore and dressing up and treats.
    Sorry to hear of your boiler woes...not great as you head into Winter!
    I love the toilet roll touch. Keeping it real? Oh yeah! xo JJ

  15. You do toilet paper while I have the dog peeing in the background. We are total class that is all I can say on that one!! Love the scabby makeup, very good, you just don't get that sort of thing when your house is full of blokes! Sigh!! Mr Foxy is getting adventurous isn't he? You had better rein him in before he gets out of control. Confession, my truth is very close to yours!!!

  16. Sandra you always put a smile on my face! Great Halloween costumes!!! Your makeup is too scary though. I've had two crappy weeks due to me being sick, my doll being sick too, the blog breaking down with my webmaster taking over control, broken dishwasher (major issue), tons of paperwork at the office and other minor nuisances. When I come here, you are so true and honest that I feel "I'm not alone"! Glad you finished redecorating, it's so tiring and stressful! Much love dear!
    Coco et La vie en rose - Valeria Arizzi

  17. High cut leotards and white scrunchy socks! YAY fitness! Congrats on quitting the cigs! I quit smoking when I got pregnant and switched to the vape. I hated the taste and smell of the vape so much during early pregnancy that I quit that too. So yay, now I'm cig and vape free

  18. So much brilliance I don't know where to start. Yes! By all means do experiment in the bedroom, it helps keep the marriage fresh. ;) your makeup skills are amazing! I had to read through twice to reassure myself that you hadn't actually hurt yourself. Good luck quitting!

  19. Yeah. We've been having Internet probs, too. The universe is angry! I'm probably going to have to just save my pennies and go out to visit all my blog friends in person. Meanwhile, you are a genius. Great costumes. And I love bathroom selfies. Just love 'em. You are magnificently beautiful as always. And it's a good idea to keep lots of extra toilet paper around.

  20. Well done on the non smoking , wonderful costumes and make up ! BRILLIANT POST !!! , best wishes to you have a good week xxx

  21. Sorry for not following as much as I want but you have a special place in my heart and i hope you know it. You know how to organise a good party and the make up really shocked me. As for smoking let me give you an advice cause i've been there a year ago.
    I beleive it's more efficient if you would go to the hospital and make it the proper way with the help of a doctor. If you are totally addicted- the doctor will decide- don't hesitate to take pills for a month or so.

  22. jajajjajajaj, you are magical and yes, I always miss you.
    Tons of loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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