Saturday, 15 November 2014

A dress called Happy

Good Evening Lovely People!...... or Morning! I hope you are all having a good one!

My blog post is an accurate representation of my week.  My hopes, goals, achievements and epic fails.

For example 1 week ago I had an idea,  I was going to photograph my daily outfits.  I don't know why, for example  I think this outfit is neither inspiring or original,  I even wore the same cardigan and tights a week before.
But, you see, I really really like it when Bloggers post their outfits, I 'ooooh' a lot, I get inspired.  However, faced with dressing myself I get monumentally bored.  But, I challenged myself.

Oh Yeah
daily outfit pics, I can do that

and yes, this is what my internal high-5's look like

as usual
I got distracted

Mr F looking hot

and my cabbage/cauliflower holder

which I managed to break this week
the cauliflower holder, not Mr F

I take way too many pics of these kitties
(I adore them so much)

Our Internet Problems?

A Senior Internet Engineer arrived this week to solve our problems
I have to emphasise 'Senior' because he did
'I'm the Senior Engineer'

I learned 
 'Your radiators affect wi-fi, look it up on the internet'

(I  decided to ignored the irony of this statement due to our internet connection not working properly)

(Now, I may be slightly sarcastic here)

It's true
I was informed

 mirrors affect wi-fi,
and if you have a mirror and a picture opposite each other in the same room as your modem, your radio waves are just going to bounce off each other,  

additionally optimum wi-fi connection is achieved in a detached house with massive gardens/fields around them, because the Senior Engineer lives in one and he has no problems

side note; at this point the Senior Engineer is getting quite animated, he's on a roll.  He is ignoring every reasonable point I am making, because he is a Senior Engineer and.......... no way! he has just discovered we have......

a remote printer?           
now this is very bad for wi-fi

and he just continued........on and on

'your laptop is old'
and the classic
'I'll speak to your husband'

And this was me
(including the Moustache............. I haven't had my personal 'wax time')

(The Senior Engineer returned 2 days later with another Engineer because we were still having problems, Mr F was back from Edinburgh, I stayed in the back room because I really wanted to knock the Senior Engineer out, Mr F suggested there might be a problem with the modem, they changed it, problem is solved)

The week continued

I sat there and played with Crumble
with golden ric-rac

Still no outfit pics

I was sent a catalogue
I spent time studying male model poses and concluded they are vastly different to female model poses

male models do a lot of chin holding and looking intelligent whilst looking wistfully away

It is very hard to replicate
(and yes, I tried)

New material 
I want colour

I  have absolutely no idea if this will work
(below is me wittering on while the kittens are being utterly adorable, occasional comments from Mr F who is working very hard and I was ignoring all household responsibilities filming kittens and making a dress)

I have been posed

Missy took the photo and wanted me to pose with scissors
this is the payoff, she does me a favour 
so I have to pose slightly maniacally with open scissors

in my dress I made
her name is 'Happy'
because sometimes I name my dresses

In Conclusion

Outfit Posts - 28% success 
Kitty Pics - 100% success
Housework - I don't like it
Making a dress - 100% success
No Smoking - 100 % success
Exercise Plan - 100% success

Must try harder with outfit pics


Thank you for your comments on my last post!
You Rock!!!

See you soon



  1. Nothing grates me more than a man saying "I will speak to your husband"! No you farking won't you will deal with me you great twat.I would have to be in another room on the return visit for similar reasons to yours. Mr F was smokin with the cauli, hard to know who to be impressed with more? Mr F of course!!! Now as for the happy dress, well hello, YUMMMMMMMO!!!! And when kittens are adorable gazillions of photos are required to be taken, and shared. Have a fab week.

  2. Wow, if he was the senior engineer, I'd hate to me the junior! Love the dress though, and the kitty pix! :)

  3. LOL … this whole post cracks me up!
    Now I have a confession to make … while I do despise it when male folk ask to speak to my husband … I have been known to use this to my advantage at times. When I have a really persistent sales person on the phone or at the door I have been known to use the "you'll have to speak to my husband" whilst adopting a weak, poor little me, I'm just a girl, I'm not allowed to make decisions persona. They are usually so taken aback they don't even ask to speak to him. Terrible but true.
    Of course it sets the whole feminism cause back ten years every time I use it ;0)

  4. Hilarious - 100%, entertaining - 100%, cute cats, hot husband, happy dress - 100%, funny story about the SENIOR engineer - LOL 100%!

    You (used to) have a separate dish just for cabbage and cauliflower? That's only 35%.

  5. Cute fotos and amazing dresses! Kisses.

  6. Daily outfits aren't necessary, Sandra, just flash us some double polka dot action and a new you-made frock in a glorious floral fabric, and I am more than happy!
    What a week. Mr Senior Engineer sounds like he hadn't got the slightest clue what he was talking about, so god knows how he managed to get to be a) an engineer, or b) senior... Taking photos of adorable kittens and sewing is ALWAYS preferable to housework, so don't worry about that. Was that cauliflower immense, or does it just look that way because it's in the foreground? It looks bigger than. Mr F's head!
    Hope this week is full of similar entertainment! xxxx

  7. That dress is amazing! I tried to take daily outfit photos and lasted three days!

  8. You always make me smile! : )

    That engineer sounds like he needs a swift kick up-side-the-head. Sounds like he is extra skilled at making excuses though. #lazyarse.


  9. I can't take outfit pics even when I want to, let alone daily -- there's just no place that gets decent light without having loads of crap in the background... And wearing the same clothes as you did a week ago! =gasp= I wear the same clothes I did two days ago. Or one day ago. Whatevs.

    I like your Happy dress -- excellent print placement around the neckline. I love seeing your kittens, and yeah, I'd probably want to thwack that misogynist jobsworth as well.

  10. Hey Sandra, well restrained on not flooring the Senior engineer. Kittens adorable. New frock marvellous - well done you for running up that little number while distracted by the aforementioned kitties xx

  11. You are always 100% in my books, Sandra! Some of my most favorite posts are always from you. :)

    Blue and polka dots are LOVELY on you! Or it's YOU are lovely in them, more like it! Hot guys are such a distraction! And so are adorable kittens! Internet problems, computer problems, engineers - oy!

    The dress is perfectly Happy, and you are doing wonderfully not smoking! Sending you hugs! xxxxx

  12. I would've wanted to slap that senior engineer for talking to me like that! It must have taken all your strength to stay in the other room when he came back! It sounds like he still has 'senior' ideas in his head of what women are like. I hate those people who think women are clueless about anything outside the kitchen; what is this? The 1950s?? Eurgh!

    Your 'happy' dress is gorgeous and so cheerful. I love the polka dot cardi. And your kittens are so cute! xx

  13. We're in a detached house with massive fields but also a lot of trees. Trees - like radiators, mirrors and pictures - also seem to affect w-fi, apparently. Oh, just cut down those really tall 100-year old trees and you'll be just fine, our Senior Engineers say. Pffft. Idiots. ;)

  14. Sandra your posts make me happy !!! I see you've learned a lot about wifi, haven't you? I work with Electronic and Automation senior engineers, can you understand me?? I think that your outfits deserve a 100% because they both rock!! And your kittens deserve a zillion pictures because they are too cute!!!! Tons of love dear!!

  15. Daily outfit shots? Sounds far too much like hard work and I'd need 365 maxi dresses in my wardrobe to keep it interesting!
    Love the blue number and the me-made frock is a triumph. Those kitties are gorgeous, I want to steal them.
    I haven't a clue about computers, I'd believe anything the "experts" tell me. xxx

  16. Ooohh!! Loving the slap happy dress!! And your SNL gifs!

  17. Oooh I dunno about daily outfit shots...that's a lot of graft. I love to see the frocks you've made. happy is wonderful. I name my me-made frocks too.
    Those kittens are adorable.
    'I'll speak to your husband.'...cheeky sod. When I worked as a Caretaker at a primary school, male contractors would always rock up and ask for the Caretaker. Look past me and say 'No, the Caretaker'. Bog orf!
    You make me smile you do.
    Have a great week, gorgeous.

  18. I bow in admiration to you for not flooring the senior engineer, what a dick. daily outfit shots? far too much like hard work.

  19. Bwa-ha-ha-ha! Love your post. Outfit posts are far overrated but you've still achieved a 28% success rate, which is impressive. If you make me laugh, you score 1000%. Fantastic sewing!! Your SENIOR engineer is hilarious, even when he's not trying to be. And the kitties are the sweetest ever.

  20. Inciting laughter in your readers 100%. The dress is fantastic and the kittens are absolutely adorable. That internet guy was lucky you weren't holding the scissors when he suggested that he should talk to your husband. Grrrrr!

  21. Tus post siempre son muy divertidos. Besos

  22. Hello my doll, just popped in to wish you a wonderful Week!
    Coco et La vie en rose - Valeria Arizzi


  23. I like any outfit shots, especially if posed with scissors! How novel! That happy dress is yummy. Mr Senior Engineer sounds all kinds of infuriating. I'll speak to your husband??! Oy oy! Well done on the cigarettes, that's pretty amazing. Xxxxx


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