Monday, 24 November 2014

A Herb Ritts tribute, well kind of..........if you look sideways..... and use your imagination

Hello Wonderful People!

It's a stripped down post from me, and a tribute to the incredible photographer Herb Ritts

It's Share-in-Style; Black and White, and  Anne's 52 week pick me up; Black
I am forever literal.


Bathroom Selfie 4 EVA

Happy Birthday to my littlest

Wearing my  Frank (Usher)

Jaffa and Crumble

Hairy bearded tattoed man kisses kitten

kitten approves


can I have a minute?

 ...........this is all getting a little too tasteful for my liking


I give you this

from the brilliant 
Kath and Kim

lately, when I start dancing, these are the exact moves I am busting
sadly I don't have red leather pants

this never fails 
utter brilliance

*breathes in and smiles*
 Harmony is restored

See you soon you foxy lovelies
I'm comin' for a visit!
let's party!



  1. Oh my god girl! Look at you, you gorgeous creature. I love you in your Frank rock. However, your kittens steal the show.
    Kath and Kim are brillian. Haven't seen 'em in ages...'I'm not a housewife, I'm a hornbag'. Fab. xxx

  2. Blimey, those black and white shots are fab! You've come over all classy, Sandra, and look spectacularly beautiful! Love the (House of) Frank Usher frock, the kitties, and of course a bit of Kath and Kel action is always welcome. She's looking way better in those red leather pants than I did when I tried on a pair! xxxx

  3. Look at that hottie tottie in Frank Usher! Va va va VOOM! Baby!


  4. Sandra what can I say a gorgeous blog post ! , love the black and white pictures and the Frank Usher is to die for !!!! have a good week my dear friend xxx

  5. So cute pics Sandra! Kisses.

  6. Great photos! But I always enjoy a little foolery and you have the best clips around. Thanks for the entertainment. And happy b-day to littlest.

  7. You are smart and creative! That portrait of you (3rd photo from the top) is gorgeous - mystical lady!
    Happy Birthday to your little one, I hope she had the funest b-day!!

  8. Oh little miss clever pants and your black and whites!! They are all fabulous darling!!

  9. Cath and Kim made it to your world! Love the weights walking!
    Beauty in black and white, and happy birthday to littlest!! xo JJ

  10. Con el vestido de topitos estas muy sexy, muy lindos tus gatitos. Besos

  11. Very classy shots, I wouldn't expect any less from a lady who wears vintage Frank Usher!
    Man those cats are cute. xxx

  12. What a beauty! Bathroom selfie or Frank Usher, i can't decide which is best. Oh those kittens. How do you manage to do anything other than play with them? Xxxxx

  13. Love your kitties --and the photo with hubby and kitty is Fan-tabulous!!!!

    Great B&W's too... Lots of my friends have been posting B&W's recently. Someone had one of a waterfall. You can imagine how much I love it!!!!

    Have a wonderful week. This Thursday is our Thanksgiving..

  14. Wonderful black and white photos! I love it when tough looking men are willing to show their sensitive side. So sweet! And of course you had me in stitches at the end.

  15. My dearest peaches, thank you soooooooooooooo much for being a genius and for sharing your style with all of us
    PS: please don´t forget to vote tomorrow for your favourite look tomorrow ( Rosy and I are not included in the voting. This is all about you all)
    Tons of kisses

  16. Dear how are you? So funny and pretty ever!! Kissss from Spain!!!!

  17. Fantastic Sandra! Yeah let's party! I would so love to have you as my neighbour!
    Coco et La vie en rose - Valeria Arizzi

  18. I love the high contrast pic of you in the circle dress!!

  19. Your photos are divine, darling! And how like you to bring us back down to earth with Kath and Kim (haven't seen that for ages!).

  20. The black and white shots are brilliant! But I also loved the dancing couple! You will find red pants,someday keep your hopes high!

  21. Totally tasteful and fabulous in all that black and white glory! Love Herb Ritts.


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