Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The allure of cheese

Hello Lovelies!!
I hope your week has started wonderfully well!

I am having a ridiculous love/hate relationship with cheese right now.  I love it.  I am trying to convince myself it is essentially a block of fat which isn't very healthy.  But it's really nice, especially on a biscuit.  Or melted on a toastie.  Any cheese will do.  My favourite's are smoked cheddar, mozarella and halloumi.  I'm now thinking of making cauliflower cheese.   I also want some charred halloumi, right now.

My Boy-band pose
I can also Boy-band dance
it involves 3 key moves

1. kiss the clenched hand
2. blow the hand away, look at it longingly 
3. bring the hand back to the chest, chin down, eyes up then try and pout

I should be a choreographer

Fulfilling a 14 month goal
Sunday coffee and the Sunday papers, well......magazines
it was divine

You are going to get sick of these earrings
they were chazzed and fabulous

a little haul of chazzed goodies 

Mr F is back tonight from Edinburgh

Homemade Halloween Outfits
I actually made this!!
don't look at the hem though, 

Still unfinished

Once, when the girls were very little they did my make-up,
I forgot and went to the shops in it

This is what happens when my youngest has face paint and access to a sitting duck

I really liked this outfit
it doesn't translate well at all on photograph


Yvonne at Winter Moon, you made me howl laughing!

I was selected to be involved in The Book Crossing 
I get to read 'Nemi' and pass it on to someone else
it's all very exciting!
Yvonne is always so generous, I'm going to have some fun with those spiders though

I'm linking in to Sacramento's Share in Style - Halloween

Those blooming earrings again

professionally modelled back to front
I've got skills

I'd like to thank you all for your beautiful comments on my last post too,
you are all lovely and make me feel all fuzzy and warm

See you on Friday!!!!

Oooh and if  Connie is reading this
I watched the Brother sewing machine DVD
It. Is. Genius!
I laughed............. a lot, star wipe is forever brilliant!!



  1. I love your vintage outfit...and that blue dress you made looks fantastic...and the white one looks lovely too (that one is unfinished, right?)

    great photos<3

  2. Wow, look at you, all Holly Golightly in your black dress with your hair up. Gorgeous! Chazzing treasures, fabulous earrings, Sunday supplements, Halloween outfits and face painting, it's all going on at your house. And boy band poses, can't forget that fine skill!
    And welcome home to Mr F! Hope the job's going well. xxxx

  3. Oh Sandra I love you in the black dress you look very elegant !, I also liked all the over outfits you were wearing and those earring are to die for !, have a wonderful week xxx

  4. Gorgeous pictures, dahling, and I love your stream of consciousness blogging! Do not give up cheese. It's more than just a block of fat - it is good for you, and the more it stinks, the better! Unless you eat too much, and then you will be constipated.

  5. Cute pics Sandra, i love your black dress! Kisses dear.

  6. Cheese is my nemesis. I get it. You look soo gorgeous. You must have the heart and soul of a beautiful teenage girl. They can't bring themselves to dress scary either. Oh! I'm so glad you watched the Brother video. I feel like I must get myself a pair of those little paper slippers. Maybe they will improve my sewing skills. Here's wishing us both sparkly star swoops! Swooooooosh

  7. Love cheese !! Absolutely all kinds of cheese !!! And of course, also love your last outfit ... you are soo 60s here, so beautiful !! Will you show us those funny costumes you sewed?

  8. Fabulous, fabulous, fabulousssssssssssssssssssssss
    I thought you were going to miss it, but you did joined, yeahhhhhhh, you are part of the Share-in-Style family and that is WONDERFUL
    Will you be back to vote TOMORROW?

  9. I'm very sad and very jealous. I figured out only about 2 months ago that I'm lactose intolerant. I should have known. Next think I'll find out is that I can't drink vodka anymore and then I might as well end it all right there.

    Prior to that I practically LIVED on cheese. Well...cheese and wine. I have to have another food group in there. The only kind of cheese I can have now is goat's cheese. It's okay...but it not Halloumi, one of my all time favourites. {sigh}.

    Every time I think of cheese I think of Wallace and Gromet. Cheeeeeeeeese!!!!

    This last outfit is so chic! The gloves, headband and earrings really make it.


  10. I am loving your last Audrey outfit absolutely smoking hot.

    Cheese is my downfall, it's a battle I am destined to forever lose.......MMMmmm cheese.

  11. What a sexy sweater photo! And the last look is pure perfection, my dear! You were made to wear this style! :)

    You made me get to my cheese drawer and poor a glass of wine! I am having Dry Jack (an American masterpiece), Manchego (mmmmm) and a bit of Brie. To you, my dear! Cheers! and Cheese! :) xxxxx

  12. You look like Audrey in Breakfast at Tiffany's! So gorgeous! I could not give up cheese by the way! :)

  13. Hi Cutie, We've been on vacation with friends in NC... Had a great time --but didn't blog all last week.

    Love your 'painted' face... So cute!!!!! I'm not much into Halloween these days since we live in a retirement community and don't have many children around... SO--no 'trick or treaters' here... BUT--I love to see how everyone else dresses up.

    I know you are thrilled to have your Sweetie home!!!!! I know you miss him when he is gone.

    Happy Halloween.

  14. I do so look forward to your posts, they always crack me up and this was no exception. The black and pink outfit is lovely even if not as great on camera as I'm sure it was in person. And the black dress with opera length gloves? Divine!

  15. Could you please revisit Share-in-Style and VOTE for your favourite look. Voting open until tonight. Thanks a lot.

  16. You look super beautiful in all these pictures Sandra! Love especially the shareinstyle outfit!
    Coco et La vie en rose by Valeria Arizzi

  17. I am somewhat partial to cheese myself ... cream cheese with sweet chilli sauce on crackers is THE BEST!!!!
    I'm sure your boy band poses and moves are the envy of boys from boy bands everywhere. They would be sure to bring you world wide fame ... but alas you are not a boy ... where's the justice???
    Happy Halloween!!

  18. I love cheese, I just had a vegeburger with Machego and chillies...yum!
    Love the Halloween outfits and you look super glam in the last one. xxx

  19. I do love a bit of cheese. I could stuff it all day long. St Agur? I should say so.
    You are looking gorgeous in your shots. I'm dead impressed with the face painting. I can see you are too! I once coloured my mums eyebrows in with purple felt tip and she forgot and went on to have a chat with the Insurance Man when he came by. See, that's the good thing about having boys...they only do things like cut your hair when you're make up disasters there.

  20. Ok I confess, i am a cheese whore from way back, my addiction is way past any cure, block of fat or not, I NEED cheese. Feta is my fave at the moment with avocado and tomato on toast with black pepper, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!! Um, Hello Miss Hepburn!! You do an Audry very well in your glam photos, but I like your look so much better, I think it is those earrings!!!

  21. Cheese and biscuits: once I get started I'm in trouble. Mustn't forget about cheese toasties either. Or cheese straws. In fact any cheese will do thanks Audrey. I've just tried the boy band move. Not sure I've nailed it. Might need a little video? Love you in both your black outfits and the head scarf is a winner! Xxxx

  22. Fabulous earrings, indeed!! And you look gorgeous and lovely!!! Love you hairpiece and styling!

  23. The boy band thing seriously made me laugh out loud. I can see the moves in my head! You look GORGEOUS in those last 4 pics.

  24. Seems everyone agrees with me. The headband hairup, black gloves, spesh earrings, red lippy are to die for!! Wear it every day, I'm sure it didn't take any time at all :-D
    Boy bands the world over are in agony, their moves are exposed. However they don't have your je ne sais quoi!
    Love you! JJ

  25. You look absolutely gorgeous...very Audrey Hepburn!

    Loving this post, and glad your hubby's home ♥

    ha! I hope the spiders didn't scare you to much, and that you had a wonderful Halloween.

    Happy Book Crossing xx

  26. Those earrings are fab and the beret and stripy jumper look super good too. Love the Audrey Hepburn look, you do it very well. xx

  27. Laughed out loud at the thought of you nipping to the shops when your daughter had done your make up! Mind you, going by the face paints I reckon she's pretty talented! Fab post as ever! x

  28. U love cheese!!! I LOVVVVE cheese!!! YUMMMMY!!!!!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  29. absolutely beautiful!!! that holly golightly look is so amazing! i´m in love!

  30. Cheese is the best! It has protein! Eat up, I say!


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