Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Get your blog on woman!!

Hello Lovely People!! I hope you are all doing blooming wonderfully!

It's been a little busy, bizarrely since I no longer work and am a full time housewife I am even busier, how does that even work?..... Really, I should be relaxing excessively......and eating cake. A lot of cake.


Of course, it's our house, which means I don't seem to have a 'normal' or even 'regular' week.  Mr F had to go into the loft to retrieve the Christmas decorations, we have been visited apparently by an army of rats.  Who left a whole lot of  fecal evidence.  The unpacking of the decorations was met with a whack-a-mole approach and genuine terror.  Edit; the exterminator came round the next day, only because it was £50 cheaper and I'm tight, he confirmed there has been an infestation of rats *clutches chest in a Scarlett O'Hara manner*  he also informs us that mice can get through a hole the size of a pencil and kindly leaves lots of deadly poison.

I'm still wearing clothes though, and remembering to photograph them
Happy Dress
(there is a slight possibility the camera is on it's last legs,  of course it is haha!)

left over material created a little sister
I'm a little obsessed with skirts at the moment and have decided to make them
they are all MASSIVE and very full
I like it! 

This one is fully elasticated and could fit me and a football team in it

this one (like happy's little sister) has a front waistband and elasticated back
I haven't made a waistband before
or an elasticated back
or a skirt for that matter

But then I haven't even posed with a mahoosive pom-pom before

more skirt fabric
Littlest has claimed the middle, I have already made the left

I'm still in the chazza's
a cashmere jumper for under £4!
table sale gloves and pretty earrings

mastering the art of appalling hair and fuzzy photo's whilst showing absurd amounts of dust on the almost broken record player

The unthinkable happened

Our bedroom carpet was replaced
which meant everything bar the emptied wardrobes had to be evicted from the bedroom
Dear Readers...................
emptying it was truly awful
(Mr F politely informs me he did most/all of the work, I'd like to add that occasional supervising is a very difficult and exhausting task)

But on the positive side
we re-arranged the room
to make it more me-friendly

I bought a onesie 
and currently like  a couple of 1 Direction songs too
who am I?
Mr F does says I look like a ribena berry in it though

the kittens favourite place

Our wonky tree

Cookie loves Papa bear
Mama bear is not happy whatsoever

I'm laundering Santa's outfit 
*fingers crossed, I hope he visits*
excited squeal 

I mounted Santa on Rudolph

I still have to return my books to the library, I already owe a £6 fine! what's even worse is I haven't read the books, I realise Proust isn't my bag at all (if I have to re-read a sentence in anything I'm not a fan, it's taught me if anything that being as shallow as a puddle isn't a bad thing, my family who are all avid readers accept me for who a I am *wink*)
I'm still not smoking.
And still exercising 5 days a week.  My backside is like steel! Ha!

Joining in with Sacramento and Share-in-Style - Free 
and Anne: Crazy legs

see you soon Lovely People 



  1. Hi There, Think I told you that you would be much busier in retirement than you were when working outside the home... That always seems to happen. But---at least you are doing some of the things you didn't have time to do while working... You are certainly doing alot of work on your home... That takes time and energy...

    AND--you are busy sewing.. Love your skirts.. Lots of pretty colors...

    Sorry about the infestation of rats... Hope you got rid of them... Yipes--that is NO FUN.

    Merry Christmas.

  2. Love the skirts, especially the gold one- so pretty! I don't mind rats and mice, but finding them in with the Christmas decs? No thanks! xx

  3. EEeeek on the rats!

    Your tree is adorable! Charlie Brown look out.


  4. You've been busy alright, with all that sewing! What marvelous skirts! :)

  5. How clever are you with all your sewing!! Those skirts are divine, favs are the black and white spots of course, and that fabulously bold colourful bugger. If you can fit an entire football team in one of those skirts with you make sure it is a team of HOT YOUNG FIT blokes, you may aswell enjoy yourself!!! Hope Santa is enjoying mounting Rudolph by the way. Oh and I am very proud of you with your no smoking and your buns of steel!!!

  6. What are your lazy cats doing lounging by the fire! Stick em in the roof to catch the rats! We did that and then realised he was probably going to the loo up there too, so stopped it rather quickly. I love to picture the whack a mole style of Chrissie decorating:-D
    You have perfected the blog writing of warts and all, and I LOVE it! Especially the dust!! Sooo nice to feel a kindred spirit.
    I'm sewing too at the mo, but dresses or rather, dress so far. Looove your skirts. They're all happy skirts! Cant remember anything else, but happy to chat with you again. Thanks for your lovely comments on my me a warm glow! xo JJ

  7. I am seriously impressed with all your sewing, and posing, and organising, and shopping, and Xmas decorating, and cat wrangling ... you clearly have no time left to go to work ... none at all.
    PS. I hope you bought Santa a drink first.

  8. Lovely new skirts, well done! And daily excercise too, go you! But rats! eek! I like the nice clean pet type rat and even the wild park-living rats (who keep themselves clean in the ponds) but not so much the attic-dwelling vermin type who eat all your stuff and poo everywhere.

  9. Love, love LOVE the skirts. Good grief the horror of finding rats in the roof!!! I hope they are now long gone. x x

  10. Time flies when you discover sewing, doesn't it? Those skirts are fabulous especially the crazy printed one. is that Ikea fabric?
    The kitties are getting huge. The rats, although I'm fond of them, I don't think I'd want as house mates! xxxx

    1. Hi Vix! it is Ikea fabric, it's cheap and good quality, I'm quite impressed with it and starts at £3 a metre too (although it's highly likely I'm wearing curtain/upholstery material, ha! it's all good!) hope you are have a good weekend! x x x

  11. Well hello again Mrs Buns of Steel. Those kittens are not daft. Great skirts, love the fullness of them, maybe you should get some Lycra to make a clingy skirt to show off your fabularse derrière xx

  12. I love Santa on the reindeer!
    Your skirts are absolutely beautiful. I like the extra feature of being able to fit a football team in there with you. Ha. And what a nice man to leave you all that Christmas poison. Yes, that would be a freaky thing to happen. Is this what they mean by, "not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse." Hurrah for new carpets, kitties in front of the fire, and chazza bargains!

  13. Hello Sandra , great blog post , love your skirts ! and your kittens are gorgeous , thank you for your lovely comments you leave me on my little blog , have a great weekend Sandra best wishes xxx

  14. I love your fantastic skirts dear! Kisses.

  15. cake! cake! CAKE!! How is that tree still standing???

  16. You look beautiful in your vibrant dress and skirts, Sandra! I just adore both the polka dots and the flowery colorful designs. It's so good to see you blogging again! Rat business is yucky (we had a little problem in our basement - our landlord is dealing with it), you did well calling the experts. I love how you organized your bedroom - you can see all the adorable shoes, you inspire me to get one of the Ikea shelves from the garage and make it my shoe display! :) You look absolutely charming, my dear, and I love your style - feminine, fun and so chic! I adore the long gloves and the earrings, great finds. Your kittens grew so much!!
    Much love xxxx

  17. Whether it is you who are absent or I, I miss you. You are so fun and adorable. Your skirts are amazing! So you-so fun and flirty! I really love the polka dots on you! Your bedroom re-do looks fantastic. I love it and I will now imagine you swanning around it in your berry-onsie. The kittens have gotten so big! Hugs and kisses for all of you!

  18. Hello :)

    I haven't been blogging at all lately, but still find time to read a few from time tot time.
    Loving your new makes, but the rat infestation... not so much!

    Great charity shop finds too!

    Have a wonderful weekend Sandra xx

  19. I love your commentary - makes me laugh, especially the part about you looking like a ribena berry although I have no idea what that is, but it sure sounds funny!) LOL

    Have a great weekend, Sandra ... keep getting your blog on woman! :)

  20. Oh man, I'm quite partial to the idea of a rat as a pet, but not a bunch of freeloaders living in the attic! Well done on the skirt making, that wild floral print is stunning, and you can't go wrong with giant polka dots, can you? Gorgeous kitties (they grow up so fast!) but Sandra - a onesie? Nooooo! Step away, step away! xxx

  21. Dear Sandra, I see a lot has been going on! Oh rats I'm horrified. Think of disinfestation men, isn't it a crappy job with all due respect? I love the skirts you've been making, and I think you would look great in a turban hat! Missy should show us her polka dot skirt ;-) hope you are having a great weekend darling!
    Coco et La vie en rose - Valeria Arizzi

  22. I'm not a fan of rats, but I am a fan of these wonderful skirts you have been making and of your precious kitties. Exercising every day? You're a goddess!! xxxxx

  23. Sorry to be late to the party! I love the Happy Dress and skirt! Great fabric! The long gloves are marvelous and seriously, who can turn down a cashmere sweater at that price? It would have been a crime not to bring it home. Or at least that's what I tell myself to justify the drawer-full I have. The kittens in front of the fireplace is absolutely darling. Serious warn fuzzies!

  24. Posts like this make me want to sew!


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