Friday, 8 August 2014

Hyacinth goes to the gym

It seems when you put me in unusual-for-me clothing (gym stuff), an unusual environment (the gym) and an introduction by a professional to gym equipment I turn into Hyacinth Bucket.

Hyacinth Bucket
Keeping up Appearances

For Example; the instructor
1.'this piece of machinery is very good for the bum, it works larger muscles and burns more calories'
2.'women find this hard to do as they don't have great upper body strength'
3.'this is great for bingo wings'

me, replying
1. I'm not prepared to run
2. really? *tries equipment*, I think this is actually quite easy (I'm a contrary mare)
3. gives haughty/appalled look to instructor and watches while he uncomfortably looks for me to smile, I didn't

I couldn't help it, the poor man probably has a very successful banter with women of a certain age coming to the gym for the first time in a while (*cough* decades for me) and I just stood there stiffly, not amused, my bingo wings are not to be discussed in public! where is the decorum here? and where was my sense of humour? pah!
Nonetheless, I have been back and with a sense of humour, you need one, it's brutal!

Mr F's top
Sassy B's leggings 
Sassy B's trainers
I'm lunging

it turns out flying a kite is an extreme sport
poor Little Miss ran backwards, fell and broke her arm
it's a buckle fracture and doesn't require a cast, she has a kick ass splint instead

with a glamorous sling

We're off to Gretna soon
I needed something to wear for breakfast

I used binding on the neckline.......binding!!
Me and Ms Hand crank are bonding, she likes binding

I'm making my headpiece

Belated birthday shoes from Sassy B

Charity shopping

And this happened

In a charity shop, I spotted 2 actual vintage dresses
too small
Mr F picked this up, how did I miss it?
Off I trotted expecting it to be too small
it's a vintage size 16
and how this fits I don't know!! 
but it does
it was £5.50!
vintage does fit all sizes

it has 3 seam tears, which is so easily repaired

these cardi's were chazzed
the top one is M&S for £4.99
my dress was 51p more, crazy!

we are at home
Missy has a vomitting bug
this is the summer holidays with children
broken arms and sickness

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!
and thank you for all of your gorgeous comments on my last post too!!

and for Mr F - the finder of fabulous
Kate Bush - running up that hill
he's very, very, very fond of Ms Bush
.........Kate, that is


  1. Hello Sandra,

    A gym........even the word makes us both tremble at the knees and beyond. Instantly we are transported back to the school gymnasia of our youths when punishment was the name of the game, running and jumping were the orders of the day and communal showers were the only thing to look forward to! You are a brave woman.

    Gosh you must be getting very excited about your plans and the little glimpses you give us of your outfit are so delicious. We just know that you are going to look absolutely fabulous. Of course, you have the best accessory......a beautiful smile. If even broken arms and vomiting cannot stop you from grinning then your special day is going to see a smile from ear to ear. Lovely!

  2. Hi there, Hope you have had a good week. We are home after spending several days in the mountains of North Carolina celebrating my big 72nd birthday!!!! Yipes!!! I'll blog about it on Monday!

    I'm so proud of you for going to the gym... That is SUCH good exercise ---and you will be glad you did it since it will make you healthier.

    Sorry about your daughters situations (illness and broken arm)... That's NO fun during Summer Vacation time..... Speaking of Summer, many schools are already starting back in this area... Seems as if Summer is almost over for many!!!

    Beautiful outfit..

  3. The gym...i will never go back if i can help it - I prefer by far my yoga, but good for you and keep it up!
    So sorry for your daughter but like you she has that shinning smile no matter what!
    That dress is wonderful tks to Mr F, isn't great when someone finds something that fabulous for you!
    I can't wait to see the headpiece

    Have a fabulous weekend


  4. Good luck with the gym, I myself work out at home. I use exercise dvd's and I really love them. I don't really love to exercise, but at the same time it does give me energy and a better attitude! Hope your kids recuperate quickly! :)

  5. Beautiful dress, poor girls, high five for going to the gym and errm.... You do know that you might be a little chilly in Gretna...? Tis in Scotland y'know!!

  6. Binding! Well done you -- your new scarf caftan thingy is faboo. Broken arms less so -- last time I tried kite flying I got a serious rope burn, that put me off.

    I really hate the phrase "bingo wings" -- because it's only used to be detrimental to women (because men are never accused of having them), and there's a nasty class bias underlying it (because women who play bingo are usually represented as working class). It's a horrible phrase, and I'd have given him a filthy look too! Good for going back, I hate gyms.

  7. Ooooh! I love the dress you made, what a clever thing you are! And your vintage dress looks fab too.
    Your poor little girl, she looks so happy considering she has a fracture. She's so cute :)

    Well done for getting to the gym. I'm not a fan of those places myself.

    Have a wonderful weekend with your family Mrs Bucket xx

  8. Looking good in the Frank Usher Hyacinth. Well done to Mr F for finding a Frank Usher for 51p!! Who knew kite flying was so dangerous. Hope the arm is on the mend soon. Love the you-made kaftan. xx

  9. Yes, I am the one sniggering at Mr F's fondness for Ms Bush. Sorry. (I adore La Bush too - and my tickets to see her are on their way, yippee!!!! Just had to say that...)
    Back to you. I hope you fixed the Gym Man with a Very Hard Stare. Why don't people learn to keep their mouths shut? I hate all those phrases which denigrate women's appearance. Why not just say "this exercise is great for toning the arms"? That's all that needs to be said. Anyway, I like your lunging, love!
    Uh oh, buckle fractures and vomiting, that's not so good. Poor girlies! You, on the other hand, are on fire - breakfast kaftans with binding, headpieces, and vintage Frank Usher frocks? Wonderful!
    Have a great weekend, Sandra! xxx

  10. Great photos and cute dress Sandra! Kisses.

  11. Who knew kite flying could be so dangerous! Hope her arm heals well. You look sensational in that vintage dress, sexy bint :D Gretna! Are ya eloping? :D

  12. Poor Miss! Hugs to her! You know what, I don't go to the gym because I don't like the Neandertal environment. I jump on my cyclette or go running with hubby. So great job Iron arms ;-) that vintage dress is so hot!!! And the pink shoes, oh my cuteness! I can't wait to see how your head piece turns out! Sending you tons of love my friend!!!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  13. Seriously how AMAZING is that Frank Usher dress????? You look absolutely gorgeous in it!

    Oh boo to the broken arm and well done you on the bingo wings 'look' I would have unleashed my librarian stare for that comment. I may no longer be one but it's a skill once gained you never lose.

  14. Even with all those little disasters you don't lose the smile !! Dear friend, you are my hero !! Many loving kisses for your little princess from Canary Islands. I used to go to the gym some years ago ... it's like a distant memory in my mind. You look great wearing sportswear and your vintage dress is pure wonder!

  15. I wouldn't have been amused by the gym instructor, either. Body shaming and sexism? Is that really how to encourage people?? I hope your daughters are okay, poor things. And I love your vintage find, it really suits you! xx

  16. Still laughing over your parting comment there...

    Amazing make-over of the scarf! I've noticed that most of my favorite bloggers are sewing now - all the time! And doing amazing things. I also am impressed by your lucky find (take Mr. F with you to charity shops all the time!). It's perfect on you.

    Healing thoughts to Little Miss, and good luck at the gym. I hate gyms, but don't let me deter you!

  17. Excuse me but I don't see any bat wings, did you slap him?? Probably has a small you know what! I really wanted to see you in the dress/top you and Mrs Handcrank made. So kite flying is an extreme sport, who knew? Dangerous that being active isn't it. Great shopping scores, the frock loos amazeballs on you. Hope the vomiting bug doesn't get passed around the family. It really is the gift that keeps on giving, the old vomiting bug!!

  18. I'm dying! I love the image of hyacinth bucket at the gym! The pink shoes are adorable and the vintage dress is perfect. Hubby has a good eye.

  19. Oo I love your breakfast dress. You really have this hand crank thing nailed! And your vintage one, with the tie and neck detail. Win! XO JJ

  20. Wow … you're just getting so crafty … there's no stopping you now!!
    Poor Little Miss … but at least there's no plaster … plaster in the summer is the work of the devil!!
    Well done Mr F … for sniffing out that fabulous find … you need to encourage such behaviour … so best reward him with a little play with the bush … Kate Bush … of course … whatever else could you have meant??? ;0)

  21. Yay! vintage dress win! BOOO!! broken arms and sick! Boo again!

  22. That rank Usher dress is amazing, it fits you like a dream. Good show Mr Foxy!
    Not such great news about the fractured arm (but she wears it very stylishly) or the vomiting, though. xxxx

  23. Yay, girl! You rock in this fit mood! And I love how you did the sewing! That's my favourite Kate Bush song, by the way! What a nice, joyful post:)

    PS. Those flat shoes are just gorgeous!

  24. Oh no, right after I replied to your comment that I hoped all was well with your family, I find out that there's broken arms and stomach bugs! I hope everybody feels better soon. It's true, summer holidays never seem to go by without a few mishaps, do they?

    Great charity shop dress, BTW! And I don't know what you call the thing you made with the binding but I love it! :D

  25. Oh how I love Hyacinth Bucket AND Kate Bush!

  26. Poor little miss! All the exciting and fun things to do are never that safe are they. Who hoo to you for your divine vintage frock and a big woo hoo for the gym experience (I have broken up with my gym. It was either the gym or sleep and sleep won). Can't wait to see the headpiece in all its glory. XXX


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