Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Stop!........... Mama time.......

I do adore my family, I'm actually very fond of them but yesterday I informed Mr F I needed some Mama time (also known as sitting down with a cup of tea/coffee and catching up with you all in Blogland)
(if my children do read this of course I love you all very, very much, I lub oo, love you Te'rever, love you forever)
As it get's very busy in the Summer holidays with the kids insisting we 'do stuff', uniform shopping (which can be a wholly unbearable experience) blah blah blah, I can get a little stroppy and demand some time by myself, it's absolutely necessary! at times I need quiet like I need oxygen (oh, the drama!)

That's one of the Anthony Gormley 'Another Place' sculptures on the right
quite eerie but brilliant
and Wales, also in the distance
Liverpool is about 40 minutes away 
Wales is like a second home

The Brilliant London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony

Our version

I give you the cheapest Olympics in anyone's back garden
thrilling games such as the 'apple and spoon race',
'throw the ball in a bucket'
'throw the hoop on the umbrella stand'
and many other thrilling games

we sneer at danger

the 'lash the mallet' was a roaring success
(Disclaimer; first aid should have attended, unfortunately my First Aid certificate ran out years ago and was unable to provide medical assistance to Mr F who pulled a muscle however Little Miss who put her hands in prickly weeds was given piriton, allergy medicine)

Missy was the winner
Little Miss and Mr F joint second
I was the judge (I had a whistle and everything!)

Only because they are the cutest socks

Continuing the 'Cheap' theme
this whole outfit cost very little
a £1 skirt and a top made from an old dress (the bottom is now an underskirt)

I'm way into being festooned with flowers

and for Sue
my hand-cranked dress/top creation, which is now an undergarment for windy days
which technically means I am flaunting myself in my scanties
 it's scandalous

I had to adorn it though
the very idea of being unadorned made me feel positively faint

Sassy B taking the youngest to a fancy, swanky burger place
it's her turn,
the younger ones are growing at a rate of knots 
both their feet have grown 1 size in the last few weeks

Thank you for your concern and sweet comments regarding Little Miss's broken arm
she has been a trouper and is doing marvellously, Missy's tummy bug was a 24 hour one,
my maniacal bleaching of bathrooms may have prevented further outbreaks

I do hope you are all having a wonderful start to the week
.....hang on, it's Wednesday!
where is the time going??
Have fun and I'll see you soon, you delicious bunch! 


  1. Oh yes yes yes - we all need our mama time!
    Love the beach photos, and your Garden Olympics. I think they should include "lash the mallet" in the real thing.
    Gorgeous skirt (£1! Brilliant!) and that white top has a sexy milkmaid vibe going on, how lovely! And yes, being festooned in flowers is always a good thing.
    Good to know the sick and injured ones are recovering well. You don't need to tell me about alarming growth spurts - Claudia's gone from age 12 to size 12 clothes in the blink of an eye! xxx

  2. You always make me chuckle :)

    Yourself and your daughters look absolutely gorgeous and your photographs are beautiful.

    I hope the girls enjoyed at the swanky burger place.

    Have a wonderful Wednesday xx

  3. God yeah..we all need a bit of mama time. You and your girls are so gorgeous. Growing kids used to grow going from one room to another, usually via the fridge mind you. I'd love to see Another Place. 'Tis on my list. I'm off home to Wales next week though. I'm most impressed by your Olympics and glad to hear that everyone is on the

  4. You and your daughter's look fabulous! My girl is growing like crazy now, she can even wear some of my shoes! :)

  5. Beautiful fhotos and great looks Sandra! Kisses dear.

  6. And now even Wednesday is becoming a distant memory - did I blink?

    I love Missy's leggings!!! And what an athletic bunch you are, and you with a whistle and everything. Are you ready for Rio?

  7. Well done on the home Olympics! I do so love anything that will wear out my little blighters so they'll not harangue me with food requests and such. Your skirt is so beautiful, funny but I bought a similar one from a fab cheap vintage shop that opened locally on Monday - I must wear it in your honour! I'm a great believer in wearing my smalls on the outside. xoxoxo

  8. Backyard Olympics sound like so much fun!

  9. Next time the backyard Olympics are on I am coming over to represent my country, I want a whistle too, maybe we could have a whistle off?. I shall start my training now, goes without saying. My gym of choice will be the op shops, be prepared, I shall be very good at the dash and grab, pay and go! I used to enjoy the odd bit of mama time when the lads were all at home. Now I have Sue time! All mums need time out, and not for being bad!!

  10. I love your backyard Olympics - Canada would have done pretty good in your backyard Olympics!
    I remember Mama time, my ex-husband was pretty good at giving some mama time and taking the kids out -
    I still need my time- I love to have my time alone - I'm enjoying my time at home and since i'm fully recovered it's pure pleasure -
    Happy that little Miss is doing well -

    Take care


  11. Oh Sandra this post was one of the most exhilarating!! You play dangerously, don't you? Mama time is needed for me with one kid, make it three and I need a long drink! Missies if you are reading this, I think you are the coolest daughters ever, not to mention so beautiful and stylish! Sassy B you are a blast with the "new" hairstyle. Sandra thank you for your lovely comments :-) I'm spending some time with my family as in August our employers close the company for holidays for two weeks :-) tons of hugs my friend, see you on Monday with shareinstyle?
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  12. Those backyard Olympics look great fun. With all your fun and games I'm not surprised you want a bit of me time. You certainly give parenting your all! That beach looks incredible. I'll definitely try and get there if we do Speke Hall next year, I love those Gormley statues.
    Your girls are beauties which is only to be expected, look at you! xxxx

  13. Of course you need mama time! I'm sitting here wondering how anyone can handle having more than one kid at a time! And as always: You look fab!

  14. Mama time is definitely in order if you have been bleaching bathrooms! I love the idea of garden olympics you should have a blogging one we could all represent a region. :-D

  15. Hi There, Glad both of your girls are doing fine now. They are both so pretty and growing up SO fast....

    Love your idea of 'cheap' fun for the family. I'd choose to be the one with the whistle also!!!!

    Beautiful outfits. I love them both --but the black on called my name.

    We all need time to ourselves... Glad you can tell that family that ---so that you can get some time for YOU.

  16. Time to yourself is every bit as necessary oxygen … though hard to come by at times.
    Be sure to keep yourself adorned … we don't want you coming over all faint … unadorned and no time to yourself is very detrimental to your health :0)

  17. Lawd don't we all need some mama time! Glad you could take a moment for just you in amongst all the craziness that is life. And how great that you enjoyed your own "games". So much fun and only a little drama by the sounds of it. XXX

  18. Nowt wrong with a bit of peace. Makes looking after the brood a lot easier if you get time to recharge! I've got to say, you have a lovely face missus - such sparkly eyes! x

  19. Great post and gorgeous girls xxx

  20. So glad that you can have your mama time (Or just Sandra time)- it's good for our spirit, we all need it! Hugs to you and your pretty girls! xxx


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