Friday, 6 September 2013

Training, Father Dougal and me

So, the dress code seems pretty casual and the training was tiring.
When I am in situations where I am on my very best behaviour for long periods of time I have a tendency to get the giggles.  I didn't, however 2 of my new co-workers  nearly did, 1 after a role play where I was a disgruntled customer called Tom, Tom Jones, I have to say I got a little enthusiastic.
The other co-worker got the giggles because of my face during 'difficult and challenging' bits because....

I looked like this...........
a lot

and, yes, yes I understand exactly what's going on.......
'Why are you on the wrong page?'
Question 'Give me an example of an obstruction in the street?'
Me 'a drunk man'
cue withering look
and in training, trying to be all smart and stuff
 it's all I had

(I looked like this as well)

and on it went, I must say I was completely cacking it,
I will just have to see how I do, I don't think I will break things, cause an international incident or ruin the reputation of a well-established company *fingers crossed* but I will endeavor to dress nicely and press buttons and stuff
First day training, finished at 10pm hence bizarre face

2nd day training, finished at 10pm - I have now hit the bottle

back 2 days later, finished at 9pm
am doing the hokey cokey
Cookie is offended

the least happy/impressed kitten

she is such a princess

I am back on Sunday, where I will be flying solo
answering calls from actual people with actual questions
not wearing casual clothes

see you all soon
you are all quite awesome and wonderful and
it's an absolute delight to have your company

P.S. credit to Mr Foxy for showing me how to copy and paste Father Dougal
he was so patient, bless him, he has cleaned up and has done a better job than me
and I demand photo's and technology things
he's a hottie indeed


  1. Mr Foxy, we salute you!
    And Ms McGinty, we also salute you - such long hours of arduous training, trying not to laugh, doing hideous role play, dressing beautifully, and learning stuff. You rock!
    Cats are never impressed. With anything, or anyone. They are Far Too Cool.
    Good luck with your real live actual people! You'll be ace! xxxx

    1. I can't even begin to tell you how puffed chest Mr Foxy was when I told him of your salute! he got all chuffed! cats are Too Cool, Cookie is offended when i disturb her sleep, so I tiptoe around her - honestly, these cats! x

  2. LOL ... So glad you survived the training ... Now time for the REAL world ... EEEK!!!
    One thing is for sure ... however it goes ... you'll look fabulous while doing it.

    1. EEEK!! serious eeek-ing going on!, and the occasional WTF! x I am just a lazy sod really!!! x

  3. Bahahahaaaaaaa, I am sure I have both those expressions regularly upon my dial!
    Ugh, role play.Cacking it is the only way to survive it!!! With your sense of humour, you are going to be a winner, darling!

    1. thank you dearest Helga, and role play is beyond frightful!! x

  4. I am an inappropriate giggler, too. But congrats! You're going to be amazing in your new job!

    1. it's not just me! thank goodness!! thanks Connie for your support! x

  5. Those are crazy long hours of training - but it seems worth it.
    Your outfits all look amazeballs!
    And Cookie is such a cutie : )

    I hope you're enjoying your weekend xx

    1. Cookie knows she's a fine young thing! hehe, such a little poser normally, weekend is good! hope yours is too x

  6. Yay for a fun training......oh and hard work to I am sure.
    Wow they were late nights.
    Loving the pussy cat polka-dot outfit.
    All the best for the real peeps on the phone.
    Love v

    1. Thanks Miss V, I am all blushy you like on of my frocks! I crush all over yours!!! x

  7. Ooooh! I'm hoping the real thing goes ever so smoothly for you. At least you'll look awesome whoever scary it gets.
    Cookie is a beaut and so are you,. xxx

    1. my brooches have been my little amulets of luck! nice words make me giddy!!! thanks so much, means a lot to me!x


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