Monday, 16 September 2013

An Aunt of Magnificence

I have technology again and it is good, the 'Lappy man' (original name) saved the day.

Saturday was a busy one, a works day out hosted by Mr Foxy's work, free booze (5 drinks only), free food, free fun, free stuff, free, free, free..................for a small minimal charge of £15 per adult

days out with tummy bug (me)
free booze entitlement, except it wasn't really free
the most evil twister in the world
I normally love this ride
but. this. was. evil.
 the girls went on again and I couldn't look
It had a point of genuine terror
or maybe I'm a wuss
I once stopped a fairground ride because I screamed and wailed so much 'help me' 'I can't breathe' etc etc - I was 15
the girls are so cool and relaxed, Mr Foxy described the fear as all-consuming
The 'free' drinks came home with me
Saturday night was my Aunt and Uncle's 40th wedding anniversary, I have no pic's, but it was an amazing night for the 2 and a half hours we were there (I now work on a Sunday, yay, ahem)
My Great Aunt is awesome
tiny little thing, fuschia pink lippie HUGE hair and dressed fabulously and 84
She told us recently someone knocked at the door attempting to sell things
she didn't want them and asked him to leave
he stepped forward and began to be intimidating
and she got her Bitch on
arguing started
she kneed him and landed on top of him
he ran away
she also said she doesn't want to act her age
she rocks
Sunday I now work 11-8, this with a stomach bug
you know it's bad when you take air freshener in your bag to work
Today I took it easy, I seem to have infected everyone
so I made this
cake makes everything better
my boots and new/old faux fur tippet
'borrowed' by the eldest
I like my mantelpiece, it has a didgeridoo, a small granite pyramid  and non-matching things and flowers from my Mum, she knows I love them
I feel up-to date now
I hope you amazing lovelies are just wonderful
your comments are awesome and often hilarious
and all make me feel all warm and well
thank you


  1. How tidy is your front room? (And no, that isn't some sort of vagina euphemism.) I am seriously impressed. Also by the use of the word tippet, which I think I last read in Beatrix Potter. Top marks, Mrs McGinty!
    Ugh, fairground rides make me feel ill just looking at them. Kids love 'em, me - not so much.
    How did you manage a day out, looking gorgeous, AND a day at work, AND baking, all with a stomach bug? I laughed at the air freshener - yes, that's bad! But very thoughtful. You're a Lady. Hope the belly has recovered now! xxxx

    1. it was a remarkable moment, a tidy bit of the room! fairground rides are quite hideous, I seem to think I should have another go, just in case I might like it....daft, my tippet and I thank you! x x

  2. What a cool, awesome lady your Aunt sounds like! I almost peed myself at the image of her kicking and launching herself at the awful salesman. You go girl! Hope that stomach bug has nicked off, but what a trooper you are to still go to work (and make cake!)I have issues with fairground rides and learnt the hard way that I do not respond well to being spun and hurtled around at breakneck speeds. (And perhaps everyone on the ride will remember me forever as well unfortunately)XXX

    1. oh no! your poor thing, fairground rides seem to have direct access to the stomach and vocal chords! my Great Aunt is hilarious x x

  3. Hi Cutie.... Can't believe you even got on that scary RIDE... Maybe you needed some of those free drinks in order to make it through that!!!!! ha ha

    Your Great Aunt sounds awesome. I hope that I'm that active and spunky when I'm 84...... Neat!!!!

    The 40th anniversary celebration must have been nice. Congrats to them...

    Glad you are feeling better after the tummy bug.

    1. Betsy, I have no doubt you will be active and spunky when you are 84, you are just fabulous as it is! x x

  4. Your eldest looks brilliant in her mum's boots and fur : )

    Your family all sound as fun as yourself - especially your great aunt - good for her!

    I hope you're feeling better now after that particularly delicious looking cake.

    No need for another 'take your air freshener to work day'

    Enjoy your week xx

    1. hehe! I found my secret air freshener extremely funny/mortifying
      my kids always look better in my stuff and my family are an interesting bunch! thank you for your concern x x

  5. I want to be like your great aunt when I grow old. :)

  6. Free day out ... only 15 pounds each ... LMAO!!
    Your Aunt is my hero!
    Hope you are feeling better ... though if that's the sign of a tummy bug ... then my boys must have constant, never ending tummy bugs ;0)

    1. I know! 'free' and they would charge extra if you didn't turn up (once confirmed)grrr! got my wine though! x x

  7. Your Great Aunt sounds like an awesome lady! I bet the guy at her door wasn't expecting what he got! Sorry you've not been feeling well. Stomach bugs are the worst. Cake makes everything better, though! And it looks delicious!

    1. cake! life is good with cake! I am such a moaner though x x thanks Louise x x

  8. Look at your cute little girl. She has inherited her mommy's style. Of course you have a feisty aunt. I can only imagine you in your 80's! So true. Cake does make everything better.

    1. you are right! mmmmm, cake! my youngest ear marks clothes she likes too 'yeah, keep that' I don't stand a chance! x x

  9. Tee hee your Aunt sounds like an amazing go get them Great Aunt!!!!
    Oh sweet I hope you feel better soon......cake is like a cure for anything....that's my story and I am sticking to it....oh chocolate helps to.
    Love v

    1. it's true! chocolate and cake have special powers! x x thank you Miss V x x

  10. I love the sound of your Auntie! She could be on that fabulous Fashionistas programme on Channel 4 later! Your girl is so much like you.
    I'm with Curtise, fairground rides have the same effect on me as IV lines...eeek! xxx

    1. I hope everything went well for you and you are resting, my Auntie is a minx and I am all over that programme, can't wait for it, - the eldest is like me (poor thing hehe) x x

  11. I cannot deal with roller coasters or rides of any sort!

  12. Picnic basket straining under the weight of all those 'free' drinks, eh? It's true that cake makes everything better, but so does alcohol so you were on to a winner either way!

  13. Mmmm look at the cake. Love your leather gear too. Thanks for posting the photos and feel free to drop by me anytime.


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