Friday, 20 September 2013

My mojo seems to be a collar

Maybe it was the realisation that wine no longer agrees with me that affected my mojo this week.  I have broken up with wine.  We are no longer an item.  It's over.
Obviously being a resilient type I am going to dally with another, I haven't decided yet, but tonight I will be having a few squiffies, it's Friday and the civilised thing to do.

It's getting colder too and I have been squirreling away marvellous chazza functional knitwear in anticipation of this.  As useful as they are they were a little plain, and I was most un-inspired.  I felt like Dolly Parton without her sequins or Joan Collins without her wigs.

Inspiration was scarce.

Wednesday Addams was my goal for work
this was 11.30pm
I am not impressed (or photogenic)

I had a plan
to tart up all the useful knitwear

I made something
it's a practise one
but I'm fecking chuffed
and got carried away

(my sign in the kitchen, my Dad liked it and said 'Bon Spaghetti', that's good!, he refuses to wear his glasses)

I found faux fur - I have spare faux fur!!!
It's from a fancy dress costume I made years ago
and it makes a mess

It was everywhere

I made this too!

Victorian? Elizabethan? don't know but I like it
I need to secure it though
The ribbon has has a previous life as the gusset of my straw bag

This frightened Cookie (our kitten)
This will be a turban
I have never made one but I think I know what to do

This is all scraps around the house, I have re-buttoned an old cardigan
and tomorrow me and Little Miss-ette are having a Mummy/Daughter day
we are going to the fabric shop
she wants to make 'Adventure Time' (cartoon) pillows
I am buying maribou to trim a jumper
, broderie anglaise to make a collar
 and angora wool to make a collar/cape thingy with pompoms

I feel at one with my inner craft self

I hope all of you wonderful people have an amazing weekend
may your mojo be at it's fill level and beyond


  1. If you have the skills, you may as well use them. Your handiwork so far is fantastic. I anticipate everything from scarves to lampshades to new windows to be handmade by you from now on

  2. Hi Sandra, I'd say WEAR them ALL ---depending upon the occasion... I do love the little green knitted one in the 3rd photo.... That would be my favorite... Amazing how collars can 'fancy' up your blouse/dress.

    Have a great weekend.

    1. Thanks Betsy! I'm definitely inspired at the moment x x

  3. Look at you ... whipping up collars here, there and everywhere. It's the sign of a true artist ... to be able to create fabulous things from scraps around the house. Looking forward to seeing the turban :0)

    1. hehe, an 'artist' that's going to keep me warm and fuzzy for months! thanks Jo x x

  4. Oh wow, you have been a busy bee! I love the green collar, and the fur looks fabulous! We used to sell so many faux fur accessories at work, and they costed a fortune- you've got yourself an awesome bargain accessory there! I love visiting craft stores, though it's very hard to leave without buying everything. I still need to repair a few things, and add my toucan buttons to something xx

    1. I think once you get on a roll you can't stop!, craft stores and haberdasheries are wonderful places, thanks Louise x x

  5. So clever you crafty minx, you! Those collars are fab and can really spruce up anything. I am so sorry to hear that you and wine are no longer an item. It is always so terribly sad when a love affair end. I myself am rather infatuated by the debonair and suave Mr Vodka. I'm pretty sure we will be together forever.

    1. Mr Vodka is a suave temptress I agree, long live your love affair! I can't even look at wine *weep*, thank you for your lovliness Brooke x x

  6. You're on fire with your making and shaking. I used to have a pattern for a turban, I bet you'd find a free tute somewhere on the net.
    I stick to beer most of the time, red wine makes me mental and white wine gets me pissed too quick.
    Happy weekend! x

    1. Thanks Vix, good call on the free tute, beer definitely has it's charms! x x

  7. The Wednesday Addams look works : )

    Losing your wine mojo is never a good thing!
    I hope you discover a new love soon enough.

    I didn't realise you were such a crafty little lady.
    I love all your new makes, especially the faux fur - very nice indeed!

    I adore mother/daughter days.
    Ours used to be spent crafting or adventuring, but now my daughter's
    older, we tend to have pyjama days with plenty of snacks and old movies.

    Enjoy your weekend xx

    1. Thanks Yvonne, my craftiness is better photographed than up close! it's lovely to spend special days with the girls, I like the ides of a movie day though, must mention that one x x

  8. Ooh, you are all crafty and gorgeous in your collars! And every time I see them, I love your glasses more and more.
    I feel like that about wine sometimes, but I have never gone for the full-on break up. Perhaps you just need some time apart, see other people/booze. Let us know how the dating/drinking goes! xxxxx

    1. Thanks Curtise, I'm an obsessed woman, the house has gone to rack and ruin while I knit - I'm off wine and watching Bargain Hunt too, I think I should be worried!! x x

  9. First of all, you look gorgeous -- so retro-fabulous. Second of all, breaking up with wine sounds like a really sad thing, but sometimes it has to be done!

  10. I do believe I'm blushing! thank you! and break ups suck x x

  11. My dear Ms. McGinty. I love your collars. Genius. Wednesday Adams is the perfect style icon. Love.


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