Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Tennessee, Jim and bleach

Meet my new chum, I predict lot's of fascinating adventures and good times (as long as he is on offer)
Rather than spend time and money choosing suitable partners I look for bargains or I eliminate a partner ruthlessly, based on previous bad experiences (dark rum 1989, never touched it since)
I rather like Jim
We have dallied before

my crafting quest continues
I found an old long sleeved 't' - I whipped off the sleeves and added a trim
'wunder-webb' is a 'wunder' indeed, it sorted the sleeves in seconds
I'm on a roll despite having the children take the mickey out of my fabulous creations
though 2 of the cheeky monkeys want a knitted headband with a bow
and the eldest wants a faux fur collar/cuff combo
the little blighters
Sunday, after a 9 hour shift
although I had left the house in a dreadful condition
Mr Foxy and children cleaned up, cooked and did everything
all I had to do was iron the uniforms
I look all graceful, which is  most unusual as I lack any finesse
 we have books everywhere
I found a book and took it to work, Mr Foxy gave it to me 16 years ago
Katherine Mansfield Short Stories (never got round to reading it, ahem)
I really tried
and she is a literary legend apparently
but it depressed me no end

I love 'A Streetcar named Desire'
blinking good read
 my literary choices are ridiculous most of the time
Ha! he doesn't advocate bleach so I thought screw that
Its a Q&A book, I am endlessly fascinated by the questions
'Do you know how to deal with a dirty acoustic tile ceiling?'
'Is there a line between clean enough and too clean?
'how can I develop a positive attitude to housework? the author would rather clean than ski, fish, play darts or eat.  Really, feck that
'what are the best clothes to clean in? apparently wear white and wear plimsolls
Stepford wife
 but I like my pretty vintage apron, it has pockets!
I gave this book to Missy
I thought it looked like a fun book
I didn't read anything other than the back
Rule 3 was cute
BIG mistake, big mistake.... huge
(I do like a 'Pretty Woman' quote)
 I flicked through it, I am an idiot
turns out it wasn't an appropriate read for a 12 year old
She didn't read it all (Thank heavens) and breezily said 'It's ok, I didn't read those bits' 
 I got a little stressed
after reading the chapter myself
 Oh. My. Gah.
I can't even begin to tell you.
Lesson learned though
I'm off to tackle the upstairs bathroom
see you soon
stay awesome!
I do like the word 'awesome'
au revoir


  1. Look at wonderful you at the ironing board, wowwwwwwwwwwwww.

    1. thank you! I should iron more elegantly! x x

  2. Oh come on, you tease - give us some gems from Chapter 6! My 11 year old has NO interest in anything to do with sex, I keep trying to talk to her about stuff and she sticks her fingers in her ears and says "Muuuuum...." in a horrified tone. I hope she'll ask when she's ready.
    Yes, Katherine Mansfield is good, but downbeat. Books about housework? Oh no. I have been trying for years to develop a positive attitude to it, and failed miserably, largely because it is a Waste of Time. My friend (the intending-to-have-the-sex-at-her-wedding friend) dusts and polished her whole house EVERY WEEK. I last dusted about 5 years ago.
    Now - I hope things go well with Jim (though he's not my type); love your t-shirt revamp, and the elegant ironing pose, the apron is far too nice to sully with dust and grime, and anyway, you are too busy with your crafty projects to be bothered, I reckon. Leave it to the Mr and the girls, they can cope! xxxx

    1. the chapter covers all bases, from kissing, dry humping and onwards, I didn't mind that, it was the extra's haha! I have covered the sex talk, basic stuff but they are quite cool, I like their attitude to periods, it's all very nonchalant these days, much better than me piling san. towels on top of each other for fear someone may know, dreadful! I do try and avoid housework but our house turns to squalor in the bat of an eye!
      the housework book is a squeal, most hilarious! x x

  3. We never have Jim in the house, Jon maintains it's for wannabe rock stars and he's been there, done that.
    You look adorable in your house working clothes but I'm thoroughly in Curtise's camp, waste of time. Much better ignoring it until you drunkenly invite all your mates around for a party and then you have to do it.
    That crating looks ace but I'm feeling very inadequate as a girl - never done any of those things. Is it too late now? xxx

    1. Jon is too cool! unlike me hehe, dear Lord Vix, you are the clothing making legend! I am always astounded by your creations, you do proper sowing, with patterns and I cheat with wunder web and guesses! x x

  4. I am a Katherine Mansfield fan!
    Ha, I've dallied with Jim myself in the past, but I have sworn off him, he's no good for me!!!
    Finesse?! Babes, you're dripping with finesse! Housework is tedious, we simply don't have time to spare for it-being FABULARSE takes up EVERY spare second! Don't you forget that!

    1. Katherine Manfield is a literary legend and I am a philistine! Jim and I are going steady though, I rather like the fabularse approach to life and must spout it more, housework is loathsome I agree, most dreadful x x

  5. Jim and I are sworn enemies! There was a night I'd rather not talk about that still gives me cold sweats and flashbacks. Uuugghhh! What are you doing woman? Ironing after work? Are you bloody mad? You do look fetching and very demure in your pinny though so full points for that. XXX

    1. I completely understand, the memories from dark rum make me twitch! ironing, I know! I clearly need to sort my self out immediately! I do have a soft spot for pinnies though x x

  6. I'll gladly join you for a Jim and coke ... if you're offering.
    You look extremely glamorous for ironing ... and I do admire your apron.
    How to win at housework? GAH ... there is no winning ... no sooner do you clean something and someone or something messes it back up again. I have decided that there is simply no point in it whatsoever!!
    I'm rather taken with Rule Number 2. I'm pretty sure I put that one into practise ... it was a severe dose of wishful thinking.
    Good luck with the bathroom.
    Au revoir :0)

    1. one Jim and coke coming up! the housework is a flaming nuisance, and rule 2 was a nightmare, I wore my first bra with a vest over it! I was mortified by it all, I was 13 too haha x x

  7. Oh wow - say hi to old Jim, he and I go back a long way : )

    And if you fancy coming to do my ironing too, just say the word.

    Your apron is gorgeous and yes, pockets are a must!

    A Streetcar Named Desire is a bloody good read.

    Your posts are always so much fun.

    Enjoy your day xx

    1. hehe I will say hi! - my ironing is a little ropey though, I'd be sacked - pockets are always good, I would love pockets in all my clothes, but I tend to stuff them with rubbish! thank you for the nice words too! have a lovely day x x

  8. I'm totally laughing that you gave your daughter that book:). You are a whirlwind lil mama Jim beam and all brown booze scare me I'm more of a vodka gal:).

  9. ahh the lovely vodka! I should do exerts of the book, it's a little shocker in places! x x

  10. Oh I have been absent. How I've missed you. I am quite guilty of corrupting my children with inappropriate art and literature. I'm usually just not paying attention. Damn those beautiful collars!

  11. I hope you and Jim have a beautiful relationship! And I love Tennessee Williams!

  12. No Jim for me he is too strong. Lol, at you handing that book over to your daughter.


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