Saturday, 27 July 2013

oooooh I do like a good charity shop

I do................., today we went to Prescot town centre, its 7 miles away from Liverpool.

the journey begins (i'm a little excited despite my surly face)

I dyed my hair purple last night, I'm not sure exactly where the purple is, I then decided as I was a darker colour to style my hair like Hedy Lamarr - that didn't work either!

Charity shops!!
Missy wanted 5 inch wedges, luckily there were no diva demands (as if!), she was happy with a book and some thread art, my youngest couldn't find anything.

we found historical stuff
   apparently Prescot had the only documented free standing Elizabethan theatre outside of London, the local nobles were patrons of Shakespeare
built 1614 

the charity shop here were good to us, I got 1 cardi and 2 jumpers for £4.50, a yellow 1980's Binatone phone for £2.99, 2 vinyl LP's for £1 (Dolly Parton and 'songs of the islands' by Kana Kapiolani & his Hawaiins) happy mama!

I leave you with these images
we looked, there wasn't any around, so so disappointed

I loved this 
I have an immature/smutty sense of humour (long may it continue!!)

I also discovered a book, I didn't photograph it
apparently as I am getting on a bit I have a fight on my hands
I have to fight ageing 

it was a miserable book,  although I then imagined myself in a Zena outfit for general day to day wear and felt much better, I'm off now to hula dance, I am wearing a kaftan and am ready to roll.

Have an amazing day, you lovelies
see you soon


  1. Unicorns are hard to find in my experience. Better luck next time

  2. He does his swinging at home?! Bahahaaaa!!!
    Nothing like a spot of chazza shopping, and grand to see little Missy is going for the big wedges!!! As long as it's not a wedgie, what the hell?! X

    1. I belly laughed all over the shop! he's fab x

  3. Sounds like a fun day! You never know what you're doing to discover when exploring among past artifacts. BTW, your sense of humor and whimsy is very appealing. Reading your blog is fun.

    1. I love that!! I'm so happy you like it :) (that is a smiley, I am learning so much)

  4. I do my swinging at home too, don't you?
    Always good to take the kids on a charity shop run, but stay away from the heels, girls! Mine like to try them on

  5. haha! even the word 'swinging' makes me giggle x it's always the highest heels too x

  6. Sounds like the perfect day!

  7. It's a shame the purple didn't take. Have you tried any of the permanent Schwarzkopf Live XXL range? The red ones make my hair rather vibrant (when I can regularly dye my hair) without bleaching it, and I have naturally dark brown hair. Also have to say, your kids are very stylishly dressed! :) x


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