Sunday, 28 July 2013

The Gentle Sounds of Bill McGuffie a real LP, it was advertised on the back of my Hawaiian LP I bought yesterday....I had to share

I was hanging out with Dolly (Parton), having a hula when the eldest wanted to put her hair extensions in my hair, fake hair makes me happy - when I'm older my ambition is to have a cupboard full of wigs, I can't think of anything more exciting!



I had a great night with hubs, we drank mango absolut vodka and we had too much fun (and too 
much vodka)
my arch of twinkles
twinkles makes me happy too!

today I look like this, grim, I decided me and mango vodka can no longer hang out socially anymore

the weather looked like this, naturally we went out for a BBQ

I'm very fond of these people

this is at Otterspool Prom, I like being by the sea

when it rains, play in it!! my eldest is about to body surf here, she's nearly 19! she knows how to enjoy herself, Missy and the youngest Miss-ette were rain dancing

It has been a wonderful day

I'm off now to actually do real cleaning........ think of me :(

see you soon my lovelies


  1. Maybe you and the mango vodka just need some time apart... You'll be back together again before long, I'm sure!
    I love me a wig, I haven't done a dress-up-in-a-wig post for ages, must rectify that. You are cute as anything in a mini kaftan, and of course you BBQ-ed amid the storm clouds and danced in the rain, that's what Brits do in the summer! xxxxx

  2. oooh I look forward your wig post, you are right about Brits and the weather, we are quite adaptable, and thank you for your nice words x

  3. Great pics. It's so nice to see how enjoyable your life is.

    1. thanks Ally, my family tolerate me very well!! x

  4. "Undisciplined domestic slattern"? No wonder I'm visiting your blog!! I'm sorry about your breakup with Mr. M. Vodka. Hair extensions - best thing since canned soup. Great pics, yes.

    1. thank you for your sweet words, it was a brief yet passionate fling with Mr M but essential x

  5. Some day you'll need a join me/follow me/worship me link on your sidebar so we can keep up with you.

  6. Such a wonderful and full life. You are truly blessed!

  7. thanks Georgette, I count my blessings a lot! x


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