Friday, 14 February 2014

Lets get cosy

It's cold, fire on, a hot cup of tea, let's go! (and thank you for all being lovely!)

It's Valentines Day
This is inspired by Yvonne's 'Cupids Arrow' (Yvonne's were lovely!) 
They all got 2 tickets to redeem
mainly food based and a hug, which is unlimited

Art Friday
The Walker Art Gallery
I think it's Minerva sitting majestically atop the gallery

I do love a fancy staircase
you couldn't slide down that
it's got those ruddy brass 'slide stoppers' 
your nether regions would be in bits

'Amity' Bernard Fleetwood-Walker
apparently the models didn't really speak to each other which is interesting as it's about innocence of youth and the start of awakenings

Interior at Paddington - Lucien Freud
Took 6 months with near daily sittings
the subject is Harry Diamond (what a fab name!), a London Photographer
he complained that Freud made his legs too short
Freud said they were

Peonies by Charles Edward Perugini
Aesthetic Painting
Painting beautiful compositions rather than a story

couldn't find any information
but I rather like him

Elegant bathroom shots

Winter? appropriately dressed? Moi!

I concede I may need a hat more often

Chocolate getting dried, with snacks
she's like a teeny nativity donkey

Shiner will not come in

I am finding the style of paintings I like
I'm not fond of landscape's, as beautiful as they are
I like people

On the wrong bus home I heard a young girl share her mobile conversation with us all
A Mum and daughter finding it all hilarious
A woman in a mint beret, with brooch and navy wool coat
An elderly gentleman, his eyes worn and tired, a dirty overcoat
I wonder about their stories

I get off the bus at the wrong stop and walk in the gusts and piercing rain
wearing a circle skirt is tricky
I gave up tugging it down in the end
I listened to my music
The Beatles - Dear Prudence
Pavarotti - Nessum Dorma
The Specials - Too much to young
Nicki Minaj - Starships

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend
stay safe in the weather
See you next week!



  1. Peonies is a glorious picture. Also, you look stunning as usual! And Chocolate it sooooo cute!!! As are donkeys. ; }
    I often wonder about people's stories, too. No one is ordinary, I believe. Hope you're having a nice day! It snowed yesterday so we're in again today (2 days in a row!) with no school or work. This has been a brutal winter. Let's hope Spring arrives tout suite!

  2. Gorgeous shots and stories on the bus.
    Happy day, every day.

  3. Hello Sandra , isn't this weather dreadful !, great post loved all the art , keep safe and have a good weekend love and best wishes Les.
    Ps; love the bunnies x.

  4. Ooh, no, don't slide down that banister, your nethers would never get over it! Love "Amity", aren't they lovely, in an aloof kind of way?
    Oh this weather, I am sick to death of it. I bet your skirt was doing a great Marilyn Monroe Seven Year Itch impression! You look gorgeous in polka dots and leopard print. I always like people watching and eavesdropping; everyone has a story, don't they?
    Just catching up, read your previous post - are you all better now? Have a great weekend!
    PS. A nativity bunny - genius! xxx

  5. I clocked that Lucien Freud straightaway, there's a couple in Walsall Art Gallery, his style was wonderfully distinctive.
    You look lovely, its a real struggle in this weather not to succomb to "practical" attire, who wants to be sensible, not us!
    What do we call a donkey bunny, a dunny or a bunkey? I reckon bunky! xxx

  6. Lovely post Sandra and happy day! Kisses.

  7. I love your outfit; the polka dot skirt is gorgeous! The weather really doesn't make wearing circle skirts or dresses very easy, though. I've been tugging at my skirts for the last two months because I just can't dress appropriately! Haha. The banisters and stair case is making me think of Phantom of the Opera and the Phantom's entrance at the masquerade ball. My old bunny Tigerlily always used to get soaked when it rained from sitting in the chicken-wired areas of the pen; she seemed to love the rain... or maybe she was just a bit stupid. Lol. I was constantly towel-dying her furry stripes. xx

  8. HA ... I love that anecdote about the Freud painting ... after I drew Hubby's portrait he complained that I had drawn him out of proportion ... to which I replied "you are out of proportion".
    I love chocolate ... oh and Chocolate the nativity donkey ... he looks the part all right. Next Christmas bring him inside and get him to spend December as your table centrepiece ;0)

  9. Your bunny is so cute & I like the polka dot skirt.....I see your weather is the same as here! Have a great weekend.

  10. I'm drooling. I like pictures of people, too. In fact, you painted a really good one there describing your bus ride!

  11. I love Peonies! And what does it mean when the snake is wrapped 'round a male instead of a female, do you suppose? ;o)

  12. I rather like stairs too and those were impressive. If I slid down the handrail I would more than likely go arse over tip and land over the side where the stairs aren't!!! Gorgeous art again that you shared, totally loving Art Friday, more more more please!!!

  13. Oh I love that you made some Valentine's Arrows, they look lovely :)

    Ha ha - Damn that staicase for having slide stoppers and spoiling your fun! (glad you didn't find out the hard way)

    I hope Shiner's in and dry now.

    I imagine there were plenty of admirers when the wind caught your circle skirt :o

    I love Dear Prudence : Siouxie Sioux's cover for me :)

    Have a warm and cosy weekend xx

  14. Oh my your bunny is the CUTEST! So fluffy! I want to take him in my arms and squeeze. Plus right now here he would make a good little living hot water bottle agains the cold.

    I love the works of Lucien Freud. Bit of a bastard and quite the ladies man, (who knew?) but I think that is what makes his works interesting.


  15. Your rabbits are so cute! Lovely art photos. I think I prefer people paintings to landscapes too as you can think of a story behind the people. I really like your outfit, especially the polka dots :).

  16. Looks like you had a lovely time at he art gallery! Thank you for sharing those paintings. I also think people paintings are more fascinating. You look so cute in your dotty skirt and love the brooches too. Hope you had a lovely Valentines day :) PS. I want Chocolate, your bunny.

  17. Love "Peonies" - I think I love art about people too, and am always wondering about the story behind the art. But then I am a sticky beak and love to imagine the back stories of everyone I see. I love to eaves drop conversations. How adorable is Chocolate? So very cute and cuddly. Love the Valentines Day idea too - lovely! XXX

  18. lovely!
    i miss my fireplace!
    have a lovely day,

  19. Oooo, a teensy nativity donkey! YES!!!! Tee hee!
    Love the Freud portrait of Harry Diamond, love your stories about all the paintings best though!!!
    Your wee cape is too adorable and IS weather appropriate,a nd pretty damned styley too!

  20. Lend me some of your contagious positivity!! Mwah*

  21. Paintings speak to us. All your pictures are wonderful...

  22. aaaah, i hat to go to more exhibitions ... and art galleries. since i stoped working in arts i'm a little shy to go to see arts ... but i miss it.

  23. I love the Nativity Bunny. Also did you see some of the disturbing photographs in The Walker?

    I like people in art, far better than landscapes!

    Loved the Valentines Day tokens! xx


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